Can Xbox one play DVDs? Gaming tips & tricks

Can Xbox one play DVDs?

Can Xbox one play DVDs?

Today’s article is going to show how to play DVDs with your Xbox One. It is no doubt one of the most popular home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. Since it evolved from Xbox 360, it possesses an optical drive that is used to not only playback Blu-rays but also DVDs.

Many people still find it hard to play DVDs because they think the playback of a DVD movie is as easy as inserting a DVD into the disc tray of Xbox one but the truth is that you need to turn on a separate app to do the playback function.

The other reason as to why Xbox one won’t play discs is because of the region hence you should first convert the DVDs to  Xbox one  compatible video formats.

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How to play DVDs on Xbox One?

  • Fix Xbox One not Reading Disc by converting DVDs to Xbox One Formats.

For one to avoid Xbox One problems, it’s wise to convert  DVDs to Xbox One compatible video formats and play them on Xbox one directly through a USB stick or your network-attached storage this is because when you play DVD on Xbox one, there may be some DVD copy protections present like region code, Disney copy Protection which could stop you from the causes  Xbox one not reading disc while the other reason, Xbox one S and Xbox One X can play DVDs safely in a  vertical position, while 2013 Xbox One can only horizontally play DVDs hence you might be at risk of damaging your DVD if you find a disc stuck in Xbox one directly.

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One way of fixing Xbox One from not reading is to utilize the DVD ripper to convert DVD to Xbox one digital format to successfully play DVD videos on Xbox One. It takes a few minutes to remove a DVD to Xbox supported formats with free DVD ripping software. Or the advanced hardware acceleration technology may help. Hence this DVD to  Xbox one digital converter  can realise videos of the high-quality standard at a lightning-fast speed which is 10 times faster than the other free DVD rippers. Thus if you want to edit a DVD video, built-in video editors are available like ‘Advanced settings’ and ‘Video Edit’

You can as well convert the DVD to mp4 and play the DVD on Xbox one without difficulties. Below we will discuss how to watch DVD on Xbox one by converting DVD to Xbox One supported video formats such as mp4 and are as follow;

  • Download and install DVDFab, DVD Ripper on computer

The free DVD to Xbox one digital converter is present on windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.10-11.3. DVDFab and DVD ripper are safe and free from virus hence with the usage of the software, it can help fix Xbox one not reading discs easily

  • Click ‘choose other profile’

To watch DVD on Xbox one is to convert DVD to Xbox One supported video formats in a format you want either mp4 or others with the help of DVDFab, DVD ripper.

There are two other ways to convert, DVD to Xbox one digital formats ;

  1. Click ‘ choose other profile’ > Format > video and select mp4
  2. Click ‘ choose other profile’>Device> Microsoft and select your desired output device – Xbox one. You can as well select > Format >video>filter >4k to select a 4k format that you want.
  • Customize your DVD video

Since the main movie title has been selected by default, next is to click on ‘ choose other titles’ to select the title you want. One can also change the title name and select audio tracks and subtitles of your choice.

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An ‘ Advanced Settings Panel’ is present for you to tweak your settings like codec, frame rate, resolution etc and ‘ video edit’ tool to trim or crop videos or add watermarks, subtitles or adjusting the picture values etc

  • Set the output destination and start to convert the DVD to Xbox one digital.

Move to the very bottom of the main interface and click the ‘ folder’ icon to choose a directory to save the output video to click the ‘start button to start the process of ripping the DVD to Xbox one.

This conversion may take a few minutes to finish after which you can now play the video on Xbox one using a USB stick or network-attached storage.

How to play DVDs on Xbox One with a dedicated Blu-ray player.

Below are the steps on how to watch DVD on Xbox one and they include;

  • Switch on your Xbox one and click on the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide
  • Select Home to go to Microsoft store
  • Type in ‘ Blu-ray player’ into the input field and search for it
  • After selecting the ‘ Blu-ray player to open the store page
  • Click the ‘ install’ button to download install the Blu-ray player to your Xbox one
  • Select the Xbox button to return to the main dashboard.
  • Insert your DVD, and then click the ‘ play disc’ title to play the DVD movie

You can as well install the Blu- ray player by inserting a DVD into the optical drive and the steps are as follows;

  • Insert a DVD into the disc tray of your Xbox one console
  • The Blu-ray player app will show up on the screen
  • Tap it to open the app page and hit ‘ install’ to download it to your Xbox one
  • Return to the dashboard to click the ‘play disc’ option to watch the DVD movie.
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As much as you can play DVDs on Xbox one, there’s a higher chance that you might encounter some issues so it is advisable to convert your DVD to video formats that Xbox support to play DVDs on Xbox one. Additionally with the help of DVDFab, a DVD ripper it is a lot easier to convert DVD to digital in any format you desire and play it on whatever device you like.