Do I need PS Plus to play Minecraft? Play station Plus

Do I need PS Plus to play Minecraft?

Do I need PS Plus to play Minecraft?

If you love and like to spend your gaming time playing Minecraft with friends then you need to own a PS plus. By having it, you will be able to explore other different games too so it comes with additional advantages. It may also be okay if you don’t have it, you don’t need to stress because we are going to discuss several games that you can play without necessary owing to the PS plus. A question you might ask is “ if I’m to purchase the console, does Minecraft come as a free game? “ Well, chances are that if you buy it could be free of cost. There is an option that gives you a preview of whether it is worth buying. And in case you need to buy it, your subscription will be about $20 which is worth it. The advantage that Minecraft comes with is the ability for it to go on and on, the gamer can build and create for a long period and by that I mean years. If you want to try it out, you might want to look at the points below on whether to have it or not, it all depends on you.

●     Price-

Some games get expensive with time and subscriptions may change and this puts a gamer in a dilemma on which gamer to choose that won’t waste his money. In this case, Minecraft comes in with being one of the games that have fairly good price and some people choose to go for the hacked versions of it to save money but that is illegal. Just purchase it.

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●     Multiplayer

This is your chance to play with your friends and family. With the way everything is digital and people switching to playing games online, it’s no surprise that developers and creators have introduced the multi-player mode to allow a huge number of people to battle each other in any kind of game. And with people being many playing, you get to communicate and learn about different tactics of different gamers.

●     Multi-Platform

Don’t worry if you can’t play it on PS plus because you don’t have one. Minecraft is available on so multiple platforms which I will mention but a few of them. Microsoft windows, android, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, you name it. So get rid of your disappointed emotions and just switch to any of these.

●     Friendly and safe to play

Games have changed and by that I mean, there is more blood and battles than a game where you can just concentrate without worrying that a body will come falling from nowhere or maybe your brains will be blown out by your opponent. If you are one to be irked by such scenes then switch to Minecraft. Even the setup of the game is not complicated and for first-timers, it is very easy to catch and know how to play well.

Games you can play without using PS plus.

Yes, all the games that are loved by gamers are on the PS plus. Let’s look at the topic at hand.

●       Fortnite.

Developed by Epic Games, it has a survival, battle kind of genre. It was released in 2017 and in case you are wondering, it is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S. In two weeks of its release, about 10 million gamers had played the mode. It has a total of three different modes and that is Fortnite: save the world, this mode is between the player and the environment, and accommodates four players who work together towards the same objective on multiple missions. Fortnite Battle Royale is between a player and player and it could range to over 100 players. and finally, Fortnite Creative, this mode is a sandbox game and it takes similarities with Minecraft. Players have the freedom to release everything that is existing in the game on the island. The player can also create games like racecourses and battle arenas.

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●     Call of duty warzone.

It takes the position of being on the list of most popular games for an appropriate amount of time. It will interest people who love gear and it could be complicated for first-timers but don’t give up soon. It was developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software and released in 2020. It has a battle Royale and first-person shooter kind of genre. It’s available on Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5 Xbox series X/S. It has three different modes just like Fortnite. Plunder, Resurgence and Battle Royale. One thing you must know about it, it allows online multi-player combat between 150 players.

Final Fantasy XIV.

Taking its place at the table of being one of the most expensive games on the market sold at $59.99 which is $60. Not many people would want to pay that amount of money for a game and just in case you own a PS plus, you will be at a disadvantage because you are losing money on both sides. Keep in mind, it charges a subscription fee which is an additional issue for you so think twice before making your pockets lighter because it fee continues to go up with time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t do anything. You could see from the features it has for it to be that pricey. For example, a gamer will have a lot of exploring which is infinite, and it continues to exist and develop even when there is no existence of people and communication is also present.


Now that you have read the article, your mind should be on a rollercoaster on what to choose. It has to decide which is best for you and your gaming experience and mostly for those who use playing games as their source of incoming in terms of streaming on platforms like Twitch. Looking through, you will also see which game is available on what kind of platform.

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