Is EyeZy Legit? Can It Track Someone’s Location Online?

Is EyeZy Legit? Can It Track Someone's Location Online?

Is EyeZy Legit? Can It Track Someone’s Location Online?

The eyeZy app works by running in the background, so the target device will not even know that it’s being spied on. However, it’s essential that you have physical access to the target device to install it and allow the necessary permissions. Moreover, the software is quite expensive, especially if you want to use it on multiple devices.


The features of eyezy are many and diverse. One of the most notable is its ability to track messages and conversations across platforms. This includes SMS, emails, and even private servers. Moreover, the app allows you to block access to specific Wi-Fi networks and websites. This feature is quite useful if you’re worried that your child may be texting some unapproved friends.

EyeZy comes with a number of plans that vary in price and license duration. After purchasing a plan, you’ll receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on how to install the app. The installation process is easy and fast with the eyeZy Friendly Installer feature. This installation wizard requires only a few clicks to get your device up and running.

EyeZy also comes with a number of advanced features that make it an ideal choice for monitoring your kids’ activities. Its tracking feature combines GPS location tracking with Wi-Fi network analysis. This way, the application can pinpoint a kid’s exact location. In addition, eyeZy offers various options for synchronizing with your iCloud account.

Another major advantage of eyeZy is its ability to record all screen activity. It can record media and text messages. It also allows you to block websites. The app also helps you track the usage of specific apps and messages on the target phone. As a result, you can monitor the activities of the person using the phone from a remote location.

Another great feature of eyeZy is its ability to view deleted messages and media. This is especially useful if you want to spy on someone who likes to hide their activities. It’s also compatible with most social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. In addition, eyeZy can search emails, multimedia library, and browser data.

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Another impressive feature of eyeZy is that it doesn’t require technical skills to install. Installing eyeZy on your target iPhone is simple and intuitive, thanks to its Friendly Installer. If you’re unsure about your technical skills, you can use the step-by-step instructions provided by the app.


The EyeZy app is an effective tool for parents who are worried about their children’s internet activities. Its dashboard allows you to see all the files stored on your child’s device in one place. This includes videos, pictures, documents, and apps your child may have installed. You can view these files online or offline for a complete picture of what your child is up to.

The EyeZy app requires an internet connection to work properly. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. If you have an iOS device, you can download the app for free and install it on the phone. If you have an Android phone, you’ll need to root it first. Once installed, the software syncs with your local Wi-Fi network. You’ll also receive regular software updates and live chat customer support.

To install EyeZy, first go to the official website of the eyeZy app. Next, you’ll need to enter your email address. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be sent a page with instructions on how to install the app. You’ll also need to add the device you’re trying to spy on, and then choose the subscription plan you want.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 14 days. The refund policy only applies to the first payment. It also doesn’t cover devices that don’t meet the EyeZy compatibility policy. There is no guarantee that EyeZy will work with your device, but the company has a full, trained support staff to help you resolve any issues you may have.

The eyeZy app is easy to install and has plenty of features for both business and private use. It’s compatible with many popular social networks, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder. It also has the ability to monitor employee activities. You can even remotely lock a device using the app. This feature can be beneficial if you want to keep an eye on an employee or child.

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The EyeZy app can also help you trace your child wherever they go. It uses GPS location tracking and network analysis through Wi-Fi. EyeZy also has a magic alert feature, which can help you find your kid.


EyeZy is an Instagram activity tracker that works with almost any Android or iOS device. It works on iPhones older than 4 and Android phones running Android 4.4 and later. Moreover, it offers unlimited tracking options, including open mode and stealth mode. So, you can monitor the activities of your children without them knowing it!

EyeZy works with most social networking applications, including Facebook and Instagram. The app also allows you to monitor messages sent or received using various messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Tinder. The eyeZy dashboard shows all the applications used by your target. It also shows the contents of the messages and photos sent and received by them. It also allows you to see the history of social media accounts and calendars on the target device.

You must have an internet connection to install eyeZy. This application requires a lot of permissions in order to work properly. However, the company provides video demonstrations and step-by-step guides to help you get started with the app. Besides, eyeZy customer support is well-trained and can assist you with any technical problems.

The eyeZy app also helps parents monitor their kids’ activities by letting them block websites. In addition to the blocked sites, eyeZy allows you to keep a tab on what apps your child is using. The app also lets you see who is messaging your child, allowing you to monitor their activities. It also shows their contact list, which can be useful for identifying unknown numbers.

Another benefit of eyeZy is its ability to track a person’s GPS location. It lets you track them even if they don’t turn on their GPS. It also shows their WiFi locations, which are useful for keeping tabs on them. With EyeZy, you can even see their calendar events and see the details of their activity.

EyeZy is a great tool for monitoring children and teens. It can track their activities on social media sites like Instagram. This feature is especially useful for parents who want to protect their children from predators. It can also track phone calls and text messages.

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Customer support

Customer support for eyeZy is available around the clock. You can contact the team through email or live chat. You can also purchase a VIP support package that promises 24×7 ongoing support. Although it is not free, it is well worth the price. The support staff is well trained and willing to help.

The eyeZy application is easy to install. After purchasing a subscription, you can select a plan and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, the official eyeZy app will appear on your phone’s home screen or app drawer. You must first sign up for an account on the eyeZy website. In order to register with the service, you need to enter your email address.

EyeZy is compatible with iPhones and Android devices. You can check the compatibility of your device on the EyeZy website. For iPhones, you’ll need iOS 7 or higher. For Android devices, you’ll need Android 4.0 or higher. You’ll also need physical access to the target device.

The software is easy to use and organized into groups, making it easy to navigate. Once installed, the software is free and works with your iCloud account. You can use your dashboard to review your data, as well as follow your target’s activities. You can also keep track of your eyeZy account and track your software.

The EyeZy software also has a parental control feature, so you can keep an eye on what your kids are doing on their phones. EyeZy allows parents to block specific websites from their children, or you can set a time limit for certain apps. This feature helps prevent your kids from downloading inappropriate apps.

If you have any problems with installing the EyeZy application, you can contact the EyeZy tech support team. Customer support for eyezy is available 24 hours a day, and will help you solve any issues that may arise. You can also find a step-by-step walkthrough guide on the EyeZy website or watch video demonstrations.

If you want to track someone without their knowledge, you can use the EyeZy PinPoint feature. This feature can help you find your target person’s location with GPS enabled or turned off. You can even share your target person’s location with your target via WiFi.