Is Leetcode Premium Worth the Money?

Is Leetcode Premium Worth the Money?

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Is Leetcode Premium Worth the Money?

If you’re not sure whether Leetcode premium is worth it, here are three good reasons to give it a try:


If you’re new to machine learning, you might wonder whether Leetcode Premium and AlgoExpert are worth the money. Both are designed to teach students how to solve algorithmic problems, but which is better? The answer is a mixed bag. Many users argue that AlgoExpert is not worth its price, while others praise its user-friendly interface and extensive videos. It’s worth considering if you’re more visual than aural, or if you want to learn how to build algorithms in the first place.

AlgoExpert and Leetcode are both popular educational platforms for software engineers. AlgoExpert has a more comprehensive database of questions than Leetcode, while the former concentrates on in-depth explanations of the algorithms and problems. The two are popular in the tech industry, though, and AlgoExpert has a particularly focused problem set that may be harder to get on your own. As a result, Leetcode Premium and AlgoExpert both have many similarities and disadvantages.

While AlgoExpert and LeetCode are both great for algorithm training, both offer different benefits. LeetCode Premium offers more advanced algorithms, and it’s more difficult to pass the tests. In addition, it has a community hub that users can use to ask questions and learn from others. In addition to providing helpful answers, both programs feature a Leaderboard for users to compare their skills against others and see which one is more effective.

While LeetCode is more user-friendly for beginners, AlgoExpert is designed for experienced programmers and software engineers. It offers a variety of problems and explanation videos. The platform includes a Data Structures Crash Course and mock coding interviews. The latter is great for advancing your coding skills and practice with other AlgoExpert users. The free version also has a large community. With over one thousand questions, it is a great way to improve your coding interview skills and ace the interview.


When it comes to coding interviews, LeetCode is an invaluable resource. The online community provides hundreds of questions and solutions in several programming languages, and it has been rated Easy, Medium, and Hard by its users. LeetCode is also worth a premium subscription for video solutions. Users can post their solutions in the forum, and they are often helpful. However, if you can’t afford the subscription, you may want to try the free version first.

While the free version of LeetCode isn’t a substitute for a paid subscription, it still gives you access to a variety of resources and tools to help you get ahead in your career. You can dive deep into individual topics by checking out the “Explore” section. You can also find solutions by looking through the “Discussions” tab. Regardless of whether or not Leetcode Premium is worth the money, you’ll find its benefits invaluable.

While LeetCode has several premium features, none of them is enough to justify the price. Besides the video content, LeetCode offers a simulation of an interview. The simulator is an extremely useful tool for those undergoing a job interview, while the debugger and autocomplete tools can be a distraction. And since some interviews require candidates to code with plain text editors, LeetCode Premium is probably not necessary.

Another great feature of LeetCode Premium is the question database. You can sort problems by company, so for example, if you are applying to work at Apple, you can use LeetCode to answer questions about algorithmic programming. You can also access solutions for each question and learn from them. As a result, you can prepare yourself better for interview questions by following the algorithmic patterns of companies. But be sure to pay the premium subscription as the refund policy is strict.

Tech Interview Pro

The LeetCode simulator is a great way to ace a software interview. You can practice with different types of questions and even compare them against real questions from a specific company. LeetCode also includes algorithmic problems and company specific issues, so you can find the one that fits your interview needs best. The premium version comes with a no refund policy, but they occasionally run Black Friday deals that are $30 off yearly subscriptions.

If you have no programming experience, the LeetCode simulator is an excellent way to polish your skills before a job interview. However, big tech recruiters know that everyone uses LeetCode. Although you can master all of LeetCode’s problems, it’s unlikely that you’ll land the job that you want if you rely solely on the LeetCode simulation. For this reason, it’s worth considering whether Tech Interview Pro is worth the premium price.

The LeetCode interview simulator offers more than 200 coding challenges in 14 languages and other programming languages. It has helpful resources and stats that measure your code speed. The Premium version of LeetCode is also worth the money if you’re budget-minded and want to learn more about the technology. You’ll learn how to code in a fraction of the time, which will make you stand out among other applicants.

In addition to the question-answer generator, Tech Interview Pro also provides company-specific interview questions. For example, if you’re applying for a job at Google, LeetCode Premium provides you with 30 questions specific to Google engineers. While knowing the answers to these questions will help you nail your interview, you have to know that interviewers are looking for more than a code-based solution. You can also read reviews from users on Glassdoor to see if the questions are commonly asked at interviews for different companies.

AlgoExpert Crash Course

The Leetcode Premium AlgoExpert Crash course is an interactive coding tutorial. The course uses nine different programming languages and offers solutions from former Google and Facebook software engineers. The course is also supported by video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and question and answer sessions. The course also features an interactive code editor, where you can customize the font size and syntax highlighting to meet your individual needs. You can even view the solution and output on the video.

The AlgoExpert course is broken up into several modules. The first section covers the fundamentals of memory and Big O notation, and the second section explores the complexity of data structures. The course also breaks down popular data structures, including hash sets, arrays, and linked lists. The course also features a simulation feature, which lets you practice interviewing skills with real people before you give the real thing.

AlgoExpert provides answers to the top coding interview questions. It features two-part video explanations for every question, including a conceptual explanation of algorithms and a walkthrough of Python code. Regardless of your programming language, AlgoExpert will provide you with everything you need to nail your coding interview. And, it’s all delivered in a convenient platform. So, if you’re looking for a quality crash course, this is it.

The AlgoExpert Crash Course is designed for software engineers looking to advance their careers. With 160 types of questions in 15 categories, this course will help you get an edge over the competition. The Crash Course also provides practice interview questions and a community of fellow students. It will also give you valuable advice on how to approach interview questions in the real world. It is a worthwhile investment, as it will prepare you for the work force.


As a developer, you may wonder whether or not you should buy HackerRank on LeetCode premium. The answer is a resounding yes! This platform is geared towards data scientists and covers an extensive range of topics relevant to the industry. Its different tracks cover everything from regular expressions to data structures to mathematics to language-specific topics. All tracks progress from simple to more advanced and have a progressive difficulty level.

Most of the reviews for LeetCode are positive, with praise for the organization, tagging of questions, comprehensive solution articles, and robust discussion boards. Unlike LeetCode, HackerRank has a comparatively large community of users who enjoy solving problems and practicing for interviews. However, some users have found the problems too narrow and find the solution methods too simplistic. To address this, many users have suggested using easy and medium questions, but others find the questions too challenging or frustrating.

Although HackerRank has not yet achieved the recognition that it claims to have, it is an excellent resource for developing software skills. Premium subscribers receive additional features, such as instant solutions to problems, and company-specific skill test examples. While this is not as effective as a real-life interview, the questions and solutions are universally accepted as good practice for skills tests. While the premium version is definitely better than the free version, you can use it for free as well.

AlgoExpert is an algorithm question platform founded by Clement Mihailescu. It offers a 25% bundle discount on one year access and comes with a community. While AlgoExpert has a more active community than LeetCode, it lacks the community that HackerRank has. While LeetCode premium is a better option for algorithm training, AlgoExpert is a more affordable option. You can get access to over 160 coding interview questions in fifteen categories.