Is Madcap 5e same as Redcap 5e in dnd?

Madcap 5e

Madcap 5e dnd

A madcap 5e is a redcap that merged its hat in demon ichor instead of the customary blood. This fey exhibits a more extreme version of its more common counterparts’ temperament. Rather than falling numb, suppose a madcap gets damaged to the point that it can’t fight anymore. It dies in an explosion of fire that renders all but its weapons and boots into ash.

So a madcap is a redcap who soaks its hat in demon ichor instead of blood.

Suppose a madcap drop to 0 hit points. Its hateful existence reaches an end spectacularly as it bursts into flames, reducing itself, its ichor-soaked hat. It can also be noted that the pants to ashes instantly while leaving behind their weapon and smoldering iron boots. As the end of the madcap immolates itself, just not its boots, it is apparent that the boots are not a physical part of its being.

Whether they can’t or won’t, they don’t take them off
The lore explanation of the redcap 5e indicates that they would not take off their boots if they could as they prefer slaughter to stealth. Still, it is also possible that they physically cannot remove them.

Look at section on redcaps in Volo’s Guide to Monsters, p. 188 (emphases mine):

A redcap craves only murder and carnage from the moment it awakes, and it sets out to accomplish these cravings. Redcaps lack elegance. They live for battle and the mayhem of mortal combat. Even if a redcap wanted to be stealthy, its iron boots force it to take indifferent, thunderous steps.

“Moreover, if it wanted to be stealthy,” suggests that they do not want to be stealthy. “Its iron boots fix it” might indicate that they are not physically competent in taking them off.

Tight leather boots may be slipped on and of. It may be because of the leather’s natural yield, stretch, and give. The versatility of the shape enables them to change and provide the more vital parts like the ankles and the breadth of the balls’ feet. Suppose the inherently rigid iron boots fit a redcap’s feet snugly. In that case, it may be impossible to remove them since the narrower parts of the boots cannot slip past the broader parts of the feet.

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Summary: Mapcap 5e

Size Small
Type Fey
Alignment Chaotic evil
Challenge rating 4
Vision Darkvision