What is a Huge titan? Rod Reiss titan size explained AOT

What is a Huge titan? Rod Reiss titan size explained AOT

Rod Reiss titan size of 120 metres explained. What is a Huge titan in AOT?

Colossal Titan is a different term used to describe Huge Titan. The strongest and largest type of Titan, not including Rod’s unique 120-meter form. It’s 60 meters tall. It is thought to be the most potent titanic form. However, Zeke Yeager is the strongest Warrior and is the primary weapon used by Marley against its foes. The Rod Riess Titan form was a huge Titan ever known at 120m tall. However, because it was dragging itself on its belly, it was 40m in height, but being twice the size of the Colossus Titan, which is the huge Titan poking its head above Wall Maria in the Fall of Shiganishima Arc.

What gave Rod Reiss a huge Titan form? Why haven’t Marleyans utilized this form to create an army of Colossal Titans?

It could be a mix of different things. The serum Reiss consumed was made designed explicitly for Historia. He licked the serum out of the floor instead of injecting it into his bloodstream. He wasn’t taking in the total dose of the serum, only a tiny portion of it. He’s part of the Reiss Royal Family, which means some bloodline related to them could result in distinctive Titans.

Huge titan

In the Manga, Armin said that Rod Reiss was a huge Titan because of its enormous size. In addition, it appeared to be disregarding them and moving straight towards Orvud District and Wall Sina. Erwin was the person who made this mention in the animation.

A theory suggests that abnormal titans, like the one found in Thomas from the Trost Arc and others. They were created because they failed to ingest the correct amount of Titan serum correctly. The titans who have abnormally formed due to this display different traits than regular titans. For instance, they are speeding up strangely or even ignoring humans and simply focusing on others. It is possible that Rod Reiss didn’t ingest the serum correctly. It made him into an unusual Titan who was not aware of his Survey Corps and was much larger and more deformed when compared with other titans.

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One of the reasons Reiss was so famous was because he was huge. I believe that the main reason Abnormals are born because they have the right goal in mind. Reiss was determined to take back the role of the Founding Titan, and the Founding Titan was formidable. He transformed into one of the Abnormal Titans twice as big as his Colossal Titan.


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Titan Shifters

He was given his Colossal Titan serum. In the Manga and the anime, it was stated that the serum could transform Historia into the “strong titan.” Now what kind of Titan is the strongest? Of course, shifters. But if they are not conscious, they might become Pure Titans except for the Colossal. Being the dumbass he is, Rod Reiss thought it wouldn’t be ideal to have a 60-meter class titan appear in the cave.

So, I hypothesize that Rod turned into the Abnormal colossal Titan.

Then why did Marley create additional 120-meter titans? They’d be essentially making the Rumbling. Think about it that having hundreds of these things circulating without being checked would most likely kill the human race.

What made Rod Reiss turn into a Huge Titan instead of being a standard-sized Titan?

Many believe that it is due to how the man ingested, but I’ve got a different view. The first thing to note is that it was not the method Rod consumed it, but rather what rod swallowed. He was the most potent titan serum. From one perspective, it would appear that the Colossus titan would be the best since it’s most destructive, and that’s probably true.

Second, the bulk of the story revolves around the notion of goals and willpower. I’m convinced that Rod had a solid enough desire to transform him into something that could accomplish the objective. However, he was a titan in the true sense that he grew in size because of his aim, no matter what goal he had.

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Trond, Rod came from a family of royals. We already know that the royal family has some influence over the people of Ymir by how Frida Reiss erased Historias memories despite not being the founder titan as of yet. We are also aware that the foundation titan can decide how large and how small the Titan gets. I suggest that the royals that do not have the founder titan possess some of the Titan’s power due to their closeness to Ymir and other elders. Therefore, Rod may have subconsciously convinced Ymir to create him to be that powerful.

Can Levi Ackerman turn into a Huge Titan?

Huge Titan Levi

Ackermans were created due to the experiments conducted by Eldian Emperors on subjects of Ymir. The aim was to create a race that had high fighting skills that could defend the Emperor. That resulted in people who have the following abilities such as:

They can experience the powers of Titans as humans, but without becoming the Titan or inheriting one or all of the nine Titans (Zeke Yeager previously mentioned it at some point in the Manga). The Ackermans are Subjects of Ymir. However, they are invulnerable to the ability of the Founding Titan to change the memory of Subjects Ymir. From the very beginning, it is evident that they are innately capable of Titans. However, to answer the discussion, let’s see if they can obtain a Titan body.


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Manga Spoilers for Huge Titan

To clarify things, Let’s look at the clue that we can get about making Titan bodies are constructed. That is following Zeke’s lower body was hit with a blast. If I tell you what that means, it’s a massive spoiler to those who have gathered their courage and read on after the warning about spoilers. We see here an adorable girl Ymir reconstructing the body of Zeke using sand. Perhaps in a different dimension where time is flowing much quicker, the girl creates bodies made of Titans or heals the damaged body components that belong to Titans and Titan shifters. Zeke can recall this, while other people can’t be due to his bloodline royal.

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The main takeaway of this incident is that we understand the process by which Titan bodies are made. Another exciting aspect is that Ackerman does not heal as other Titan shifters that we’ve learned from the Mikasa case. Therefore, if I had to guess the mechanism for changing to Titan operates, it could be something like It’s like this:

In the beginning, let the serum in your body. The serum, into the contact of Eldian blood, sends signals to Ymir. Then she builds her Titan body. For Titan shifters, things are simpler since they are direct descendants from Titan, the Founding Titan.

At the end, the solution to this issue lies dependent on The author Isayama. He did not provide any specific explanation of how the transformation principle operates. The description above is merely my speculation basing it on the evidence at the table) and also, more importantly, what differences in biology Ackermans possess.

Final Conclusion

The Ackermans are Subjects of Ymir. However, they are invulnerable to the ability of the Founding Titan to change the memory of Subjects Ymir. If I were to come to an accurate conclusion, it is basing it on the assertion in the Manga. Suppose Ackermans are not able to resist the foundational Titan control. In that case, likely, Ymir will not be capable of creating Titan body parts for them. Therefore, as far as my logic is concerned, Ackermans cannot transform into Huge Titan.

Titan Shifters

Rod absorbed liquid from the colossal Titan and became huge. Regular titans are human beings injected with normal titan fluid, which makes them average in size. In essence, when you inject titan fluid, you can gain specific capabilities. Rod was more significant over the colossal Titan because it was an unusual one, which means he had a goal in mind to reclaim the Titan that was founded. Since he was motivated by his dream, he was massive to accomplish his goal.