Nail biting facts about Levi vs. Beast Titan | Attack on Titan Season 3

Levi vs. Beast Titan

Levi vs. Beast Titan

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: Levi vs. Beast Titan was the most exciting fight. The Beast Titan and Levi were the two most powerful people on the battlefield, leading to an epic clash. This fight was a spectacle of cinematography, animation, and madness. Let’s take a look at the background to Levi and the Beast Titan before we get into the fight. We have separate articles on Captain Levi Ackerman & Beast Titan, which describe their power and background. Still, we will add few highlights here in this article.

Background of Levi vs. Beast Titan Fight

The battle begins with Beast Titan and his titans facing Levi and Erwin, and the rest of their scouts. The Beast Titan unleashes a barrage against the scouts and crushes most of their houses. Levi and Erwin move the scouts to the Wall’s base, where they take cover. Beast Titan continues his attack and throws more stones. That leads to more casualties. The situation is dire for Levi, Erwin, as well as the rest of the scouts.

Erwin suggests that they counter-attack, which would also cost him his life and the lives of the remaining Scouts. It is planned that Erwin and the Scouts lead a suicide attack and distract Beast Titan with their flares. At the same time, Levi uses smoke and diversion as a weapon to defeat the titans surrounding Beast Titan. Then Levi will take down the Beast Titan one-on-one.

Erwin delivers an amazing speech to the Scouts. He convinces them that it’s better to die fighting than to be killed hiding from flying rocks. Then, Erwin leads the charge towards Beast Titan through the torrent of rocks.

He sees the soldiers as pitiful, not learning from past mistakes, and rushes towards the Beast Titan. He is irritated at the extent to which the soldiers will go, but he soon calms down after realizing he is like his father.

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Instead, the Beast Titan enjoys killing soldiers while they charge at it.

Beast Titan manages to eliminate all the soldiers and enjoys changing his throwing style to do so. Beast Titan regards killing soldiers as a game.

Even though the landscape is covered in smoke, Levi manages to defeat the Beast Titan’s titans without consciousness. Levi uses his hooks to grab the Beast Titan, and it is an epic battle.

Beast’s First Appearance

After Wall Rose was breached, Beast Titan appeared for the first time. There were many titans around, and Beast Titan was the first to be spotted by Miche Zigaris, who is second in skill behind Levi. Beast Titan was initially believed to be an unusual titan. An abnormal titan is a titan that may possess unusual intelligence or may behave unpredictably. However, he can show human-level intelligence by grabbing a horse and throwing it directly at Miche. He can also speak.

Beast Titan Skills and Abilities

Beast Titan can speak, which is one of its abilities. Ex. Reiner, Annie, and Eren are not capable of doing this in titan form. Beast Titan is also strong and was able to beat Reiner in combat as the Armored Titan. Beast Titan can use his long arms to swing projectiles. Amazing accuracy. Beast Titan’s ability to control pure Titans is one of his most impressive abilities. Beast Titan can use pure Titans to deceive and defend. Even at night, he can control them.

Who is Levi?

Levi is the formidable squad captain of the Special Operations Squad in Survey Corps. He is the Survey Corps’ most skilled fighter and one of humanity’s greatest weapons against the titans.

He was born in an underground society called the Underground District. That is where people rarely see the sun. Levi survived in the underground district, a poor area. Kenny, the Ripper, taught Levi how to survive and fight.

Levi’s Abilities and Skills

Levi is a superhuman fighter with incredible speed. Levi is an Ackerman. The Ackermans were once a clan of warriors who protected the Reiss royal family. He is a rare breed because of his family’s bloodline. Ackermans experience an “awakening” moment when they feel an overwhelming surge of strength rush through them. That triggers their fighting instincts.

Thatis is why Mikasa, Levi, and Levi are so powerful. Levi experienced when two of his closest friends, Isabel Church and Furlan Church, brutally killed an abnormal Titan. Levi already demonstrated that he could compete with someone who has the power of a Titan. Annie, the Female Titan, was severely injured by Levi’s speed and his lack of hardening ability.

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Which EP is Levi vs. the Beast Titan?

Attack on Titan gives Levi another top-tier fight as Zeke the Beast Titan in the penultimate episode. Zeke and I will never forget their memorable fight in Season 3, Episode 54, “Hero.”

Attack on Titan is nearing its end, and more answers to our most pressing questions are in the manga. Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan, has been kind enough to solve some difficult mysteries. The artist also solved one unfulfilled promise. Attack on Titan fans got to see Levi fulfill a vow he made Erwin and are sure that he is beaming with pride because of his friend.

Levi had promised Erwin that he would kill the Beast Titan. Levi lifted some of Erwin’s burden when he was at the edge, worried about his ability to incite frightened recruits to rush directly into the Beast Titans’ paths. However, Levi’s inability to take Zeke down has weighed on him since then.

Chapter 137 changes everything as Zeke decides at the last minute to make a change. Zeke was working with Eren to use The Founding Titan’s power to destroy the rest of the planet with the Rumbling. A heart-to-heart conversation with Armin had helped him see the error in his ways. Armin had seen the truth of his nihilism, and Zeke was able to see himself in Eren’s lean body.

He reveals himself fully and shouts to Levi. Levi quickly sees him, and he instantly zips to Zeke’s side and kills him. Levi fulfilled his final promise to Erwin by killing the Beast Titan. That means that Levi has fulfilled his emotional burden and is free to move on with his life.

Levi vs. Beast Titan

Levi takes on the Beast Titan, doing what he is best at. Levi slices his entire arm in a flash. Beast Titan recalls Reiner’s warning him about a soldier he should be cautious of and that it was Captain Levi.

Levi is behind Beast Titan when he realizes that his arm has been cut. Beast Titan loses his vision when he realizes Levi is behind. He realizes that Levi is behind him and has lost his eyesight. He is already aware that something has happened, and Levi is approaching from above. That leaves him with no time to defend himself or harden. Levi reaches for Beast Titan’s neck and slices his entire hand.

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The battle sequence is very detailed. Levi can acrobatically maneuver so that the gas from his ODM gear switches left to right, allowing him to cut the Beast Titan’s hand.

He is always one step ahead of the Beast Titan and completely defeats him. He tells him how much he had fun earlier and reminds him. Levi completely shaves Beast Titan’s neck and removes Zeke Yeager.

Zeke is screaming in pain, but Levi holds his sword to his mouth and tells Zeke to be more civil while he asks questions.

Levi does not kill Zeke because he hopes to inject the serum into someone to make him a titan. It would enable the Titan to take the Beast Titan’s power away from Zeke when they eat him.

But, Zeke can snatch Zeke’s mouth from the Cart Titan, the ally of the Beast Titan, and run away while Zeke orders all the Titans to attack Levi.

It is very satisfying to watch the Beast Titan get diced, considering his enjoyment in killing the Survey Corps as a game.

The aftermath of Levi Vs. Beast Titan Fight

Zeke, resting on top of the Cart Titan’s Cart Titan, manages escape and heads towards Eren. Eren appears to Zeke, and he realizes that it is Eren Yeager. He informs him that he doesn’t look like his father. He tells them that they were both victims of Grisha Yeager’s father and promises to rescue him as soon as possible.

Levi defeats all the Beast Titan titans sent to him, and he stands upon the Wall, intent to kill Beast Titan and fulfill Erwin’s promise to the scouts.

Zeke is shocked to see Levi chase after him so far and flees in terror with Cart Titan. Levi uses the gas left to reach Eren and then asks Eren to give him his ODM gear to help him pursue Cart Titan or Beast Titan. They managed to escape along with Reiner, who was injured.


  • By completely dominating Beast Titan, Levi shows why he is to be respected and feared. It is very satisfying to see Levi defeat the Beast Titan, who was quite arrogant.
  • Manga fans waited patiently for years for this animation to be made. It looks like the wait was well worth it. The animated fight between Levi and Beast was a stunning, spectacular piece of animation.
  • Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 is the most impressive arc so far. There was plenty of action and answers to some of the most pressing questions.
  • Attack on Titan Season 3: Part 2 was highlighted by Levi vs. Beast Titan.