18 facts You never knew about The Beast Titan | Attack on Titan

Beast Titan

The Beast Titan in Attack on Titan

One of the Nine Titans was the Beast Titan. It was usually slightly larger than other Titans and had an animal-like appearance. The Beast Titan, unlike most other Titans that retained a human appearance, displayed animal-like traits. These traits may have been different for each holder. Previous holders of the Beast Titan showed a variety of animal appearances, including monkeys. Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan resembled an ape, and Tom Ksaver had traits similar to bighorn sheep. Falco Grice also testified that there was once a Beast Titan with wings. Zeke’s spinal fluid, which contained the power of Beast Titan, was used to transform Falco into a Titan. It gave him Jaw Titan-like characteristics that are similar to Beast Titan.

Histories: Clash of the Titans is an arc

Ragako is devastated by the Beast Titan

In the year 851, Zeke Yeager invades Wall Rose. He uses the power from his Beast Titan to transform Ragako’s residents into Titans. Squad Leader Mike Zacharias then spots the Titans and begins a mission to spread the word about a Wall Rose invasion. Zeke kills five Ragako Titans and then throws Mike’s horse at him, causing him to fall into the jaws of a Titan. Zeke’s Beast Titan prevents the Titans from attacking. At the same time, he questions Mike about the weapon that the Eldians have against the Titans. Mike is too scared to answer. The Beast Titan gives up on Mike’s vertical manoeuvring gear and then leaves, leaving behind his control over the Titans, which allows them to eat Mike.

Later that night, the Beast Titan climbs Wall Rose and tears down pieces of Wall Rose to be used as projectiles against a team of Survey Corps soldiers at Utgard Castle. Henning and Lynne were both killed. The Beast Titan then leaves Wall Rose and is not seen again for a while.

Attack On Titan’s Nine Titans is an essential group of characters, one being the Beast Titan. Fans have learned much about the Beast Titan’s inheritors through the Manga. Although they know much, it can be hard to keep track of everything throughout the series.

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Mike and Beast Titan tried to have a conversation.

Many of the characters are unable to speak. So fans and characters have been surprised to discover that some can talk. Mike, Paradis’ second-strengthens soldier, met the Beast Titan the first time fans saw it. The Beast Titan tried to speak with Mike while an average titan was eating Mike. He inquired about his vertical manoeuvring gear.

Mike was terrified to answer, so he remained silent and allowed the Beast Titan to seize the equipment. The surrounding titans ate Mike, and Mike heard his agony. He knew that the soldier could understand him. The Beast Titan’s inheritors spoke other times in their titan forms.

It was one of the seven Titans under Marley’s control

The titans were first seen under Eldia’s command as Ymir, the first Titan, loyal to King Fritz. Marley, Eldia’s greatest enemy and the Great Titan War’s most successful battle, was able to take seven of Eldia’s Nine Titans. The Beast Titan was one of them.

Six other Titans have included: the Colossal Titan (the Armored Titan), the Female Titan and the Jaw Titan. Marley made Eldian children titans enable them to use the most potent weapons of their age.

Tom Inherited the Beast Titan after the death of his wife and son.

Tom Ksaver was among the two inheritors of Beast Titan. His Marleyan wife discovered that he was an Eldian, and she committed suicide along with their son. He was devastated and decided to take his life by inheriting the Beast Titan. That gave him only thirteen years to live. He studied the titans and did not participate in the battle. He wished that he had never been born.

Can the Beast Titan defeat the Colossus Titan?

Yes. The Beast Titan can use range, and it never needs to be too close to dying from being steamed or exploded.

The Colossal is slow and degrading. It steams constantly and has a limit to how long it can stay in play. The Colossal shifter can’t remain in Colossal form for as long as the shifters of 7 (not counting the Founder Titan), extraordinary titans. The Colossal has a high stamina drain and a time limit that can vary from explosions or enhanced steam, unlike the Beast, which doesn’t seem to have a limit. The Beast will likely outlast the Colossal for hours, if not days if it has a time limit.

The Beast Titan should be capable of throwing objects such as rocks but stay within its range, so it doesn’t get hurt or damaged. The Colossal would be damaged by the things it throws. It could also pierce its body with the objects thrown unless the Colossal uses enhanced steam or explosives. Beast Titan can continue throwing rocks, boulders and lumber from nearby buildings, trees, or other entities. The Colossal is slowing down and can’t move fast enough for the Beast to be damaged.

Either the Colossal will run out of time, or the shifter will be forced to leave the Titan in human form. The Colossal can’t produce enough steam or explode enough to stop projectiles from the Beast. A fastball-pitch object is then used to pierce and destroy the area around the shifters’ bodies. Zeek’s Beast Titan should be able to beat the Colossal Titan within a reasonable time. It will be tedious but not difficult.

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Tom met Zeke, his Successor. Zeke would eventually take over the Beast Titan.

Meeting Zeke Yeager, his successor, was the best thing that happened in Tom’s entire life. Grisha and Dina forced Zeke to join the Warrior Unit. His parents were also leaders of the Eldian Restorationists.

Tom recognized that Zeke was not a fighter and saw himself in him. He hoped to regain the friendship he had with his son. They enjoyed playing catch together and formed a strong bond. Zeke eventually referred to Tom as his father and not Grisha.

Tom talked Zeke into betraying his parents to save Zeke’s life

Zeke knew his parents would be found when he heard the Marleyan government speak about Eldian Restorationists. He revealed the truth to Tom about his parents. Zeke was saved by his father, telling him to go to the police if he wants them to kill him. Grisha and Dina were sent to Paradis with the rest of their group.

Tom and Zeke Find Out How The Beast Titan Could Help Save the World

As they grew older, Zeke knew Tom would soon be taking the Beast Titan from Tom. They had a conversation that made them both realize the things they needed to do to save Tom. Tom shared with Zeke how he discovered that the Founding Titan had the power to alter the bodies of all Eldians.

Zeke wanted to know if the Founding Titan could make it so that no Eldian can have children. That would allow the race to cease to exist in fear and ensure that no Eldians live miserable lives. Zeke decided to take the Founding Titan and save humanity.

Is Eren’s father the Beast Titan?

Zeke Jaeger, the Beast Titan. Grisha Jaeger was Eren’s father and the first Attack Titan. Grisha, Eren’s father, presented himself to the Reiss families and asked them to stop Paradis’s titans. He transformed into the Attack Titan, killing the majority of the Reiss families, including Freida Reiss.

Grisha was nearing the end of 13 years of life, and he knew that he needed to pass on his titan powers. Grisha found Eren and took him to a forest to inject the titan serum. Eren was transformed into a pure titan, and so became the Founding and Attack titans.

Who is Zeke Yeagar?

 Grisha lived on the Marley continent before he was deported to Paradis. He was there with a small Eldians, who the 145th Fritz Kings did not take to Paradis. Grisha’s son Zeke betrayed him.

Grisha was the only member who became regular titans, while Marley inherited the Attack Titan. Marley witnessed Zeke’s loyalty and allowed him to inherit the Beast Titan.

Zeke discovers that his Beast Titan has powers no other version of the Beast had

Zeke is unique, unlike Tom and other Beast Titan predecessors. Zeke can turn Eldians into titans if they consume his spinal fluid.

He used the power to attack Ragako’s citizens, the small village where Connie was born when he travelled to Paradis. His comrades killed his brothers and sisters. His mother, however, was made a titan by his comrades and was unable to move. She remained on top of her house for many years. Zeke used this power to turn Levi against soldiers, and when Marley invaded Paradis.

Is the Beast Titan able to coordinate with others?

No. Two factors are responsible for Zeke’s (Beast Titan’s) control over Titan: Because his mother, Dina Fritz was his mother, he is a Fritz. To control the Titan, he injects his spinal fluid into the Titan serum. We must remember that he can only control the Titans he converted with his Spinal Fluid. His ability to control Titans he has transformed using his Spinal Fluid is therefore very limited. These restrictions do not apply to the Coordinate ability, which also has a few other incredible skills. Read Manga if you must.

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Fun fact: Zeke could be a distant relative to Krista/Historia

Who was the Beast titan’s commander before Zeke Yeager died?

Although it has been confirmed, it was only mentioned in the Manga. That is beyond the point of the anime, so that I won’t spoil it too much. The Beast Titan before Zeke used a man called Tom Ksaver.

What is the Beast Titan’s transformation from one person to another?

It can change depending on the person’s interests. As some may be aware, the Beast Titan is a feral beast. However, it’s not clear what animal determines which beast Titans animal. My best guess is that the animal best represents the owner of the Beast Titan or their favorite animal. We can see that Zekes Beast Titan looks a lot like an orangutan. Indirectly, the Manga explains how the animal of beast titan was decided. That was the last time Zeke was a normal kid, and Zeke then goes to warrior training. Zeke holds a soft toy monkey or orangutan in his hand. It was likely the last childhood memory Zeke had before he went off for the brutal training. That is how his beast titan turned into a giant monkey or something else.

How can the Titan-beast control other Titans, you ask?

Zeke, the beast titan, can control other titans because there were titans within the walls. Zeke’s spinal fluid is transformed into a vapour to create the titans. If humans inhale it, they will become a titan that Zeke can control if they are not already shifters.

Is the Beast Titan possible to be another animal?

As we saw in Season 2, Beast Titan does not have to be Ape. It can be any animal. That was also evident when Ymir summoned the past titan users. We see other types of titans (I mean various kinds of animal titans and Zeke’s Beast Titan).

Levi Was One Of The Beast Titan’s Most Enemies in The Battle At Shiganshina

Zeke had many enemies in the Survey Corps when he travelled to Paradis. They gained an advantage when they fought at Shiganshina. The Beast Titan and the Armored Titan or Colossal Titan blocked their escape routes, giving them the edge. Erwin Smith, at the time commander of Survey Corps, knew they would die.

Zeke was distracted by his soldiers, so he led them to their deaths while Captain Levi navigated around them. Zeke’s rocks hurled at the soldiers killed Erwin and most other soldiers. After failing to kill the Beast Titan, Levi promised revenge and has wanted Zeke killed ever since. There were many other enemies he made in Paradis, but these two were his most formidable.

Why is Beast Titan so weak at AOT?

Tom mentioned that the Beast Titan wasn’t a combat-skilled specialist, which is why he was always at the lab while other titans fought. It may have served as a support unit during wars, depending on the users.

Tom’s Beast Titan, a ram-like titan that was relatively ineffective in combat if you had the armored Titan by your side. A beast titan’s only strength is its ability to appear like a Beast. Although it would be more efficient than the female Titan in modern warfare, it was still less effective than the Jaws Armor and Colossal on the battlefield. Zeke’s Beast Titan, however, was quite wealthy. Zeke was a money sucker, so his Titan was also an ape. That was brilliant, considering his orangutan-like structure and long arms.

Zeke used the pitching technique he learned with Tom Ksaver and the Beast Titan’s long hands to make it worthwhile for melee.

Zeke’s royal blood enhanced its capabilities further: it allowed him to transform Eldians into titans (after consuming his spinal fluid) and even control them. He was so strong that it could have even taken down the colossal (minus the transformation). That was Marley’s most valuable Titan in wars.