Gilthunder or Howzer, in seven deadly sins | Who is stronger

Gilthunder seven deadly sins

Who’s stronger, Gilthunder or Howzer, in seven deadly sins?

It is difficult to accurately gauge their power levels by scaling Gilthunder and Howzer’s initial battles. Meliodas “fights” Gilthunder, but Meliodas reacts to his attacks and Gilthunder is thrown halfway across the country. There is no way to measure his power accurately. The same goes for Howzer. He can withstand attacks from Diane’s “Heavy Metal” enhanced human size, which is great. However, Howzer notes that Diane only used a fraction of her true power after watching Meliodas fight. We can see some real, non-speculative feats in the Kingdom Infiltration arc. Fortunately, the results favor Gilthunder.

Attack Potency (AP)

Let’s start with Attack Potency (AP). With “Thunderbolt Execution”, Gilthunder is capable of dealing clean damage to Giant Form Diane.

This Diane is much stronger than her normal size. She can pretty much take out Howzer while remaining extremely suppressed. Although technically, it isn’t a durable feat because Howzer did such a terrible job with Diane. It was even with his Super Cyclone, which he explicitly noted to be his strongest attack. It does show that Gilthunder’s AP belongs to a higher tier.

Further proving this is possible, a full-power human-sized Diane can later box with Base Meliodas and has more raw power than The Sin of Wrath. Later, she becomes stronger by having Gideon (her Sacred Jewel) and still suffers damage from Gilthunder even in her more durable Giant Form.

Howzer’s greatest feat in the arc was holding Dreyfus, who is known to be the strongest Holy Knights Captain. Or, in other words, superior to Hendrickson), and Helbram using his Cyclone. However, this was done with Guila’s “Explosion”, and neither Dreyfus nor Helbram were affected by his attacks.

Gilthunder can inflict damage on Meliodas several times during their fight. However, this Meliodas has access to Liz’s sword. The sword of Liz is an enormous amp for Meli. He used it to one-shot the Armor Giant, who was already easily dominating him with the sword. Gilthunder can match this Meliodas in equal measure, even though he was able to counter him blow for blow. This display of power is far more impressive than Diane from the Byzel Festival Arc, who bodied Howzer.

Gilthunder = Base Meliodas (w Liz’s sword)>Base Meliodas (Byzel Festival)<~human sized Diane>Howzer. (AP).

Gilthunder also has speed in her favor. Howzer didn’t react to Diane’s dropkick. Base Meliodas was able to keep up with her speed (Byzel Arc). Gilthunder was faster than Meliodas and could be even faster considering that he forced Meliodas into accessing his demon mark for a short time.

Later, Gilthunder becomes furious and tries to stop Hendrickson from attacking him. He even takes his arm.

Hendrickson, a Captain, was able to dominate Arthur. This feat is superior to Howzer’s, and his feats further evidence Gilthunder’s claim that he was “Captain Class”.

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However, Howzer appears to have had a slight power boost between these two arcs because he could react to Gilthunders speed in just one panel.

Gilthunder might be able to go faster due to his enhancements but not enough to the point where Howzer would be unable to keep up.

Even the power level ratings confirm that. Gilthunder (1970) is 60 points better than Howzer (1910).

The biggest difference is Gilthunder’s superior power feats. He also has a greater range. Compare Howzer’s Cyclone (left) to Gilthunder’s Lightning (right). These houses aren’t reduced to specks to accommodate Howzer’s attack on one panel.

In the end, Gilthunder would defeat Howzer in a fight after training in Ishtar.

Who is Gilthunder

Gilthunder is a Holy Knight with a Diamond rank and the son Zaratras the former Great Holy Knight. He is part of the trio called The Three Brats.

Gilthunder is a tall, handsome young man who has pink-coloured, slightly curled hair. He also has blue eyes and bangs.

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 21-32 ( post timeskip)
Status Alive
Birthday 26 August
Height 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight 73 kg (161 Ibs)
Hair Color Salmon
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type A


Gilthunder is clad in dark-coloured knight armor with no helmet. He also wields the one-hand sword. The upper body armor has several crosses and the Holy Knights symbol. A leather belt is fastened to his waist.


At the beginning of the story, Gilthunder appeared cold and cruel. He destroyed a town’s source of income by threatening to kill its children. He is still honourable, and he made Meliodas the last request as he believed he was about to die. He is determined to kill the Seven Deadly Sins because his father allegedly killed him. He attempts to kill and hunt the Seven Deadly Sins to prove that he has surpassed his father.

Gilthunder was a kind and loving child in his childhood. He especially liked the Seven Deadly Sins. Particularly Meliodas, who taught him swordsmanship after the Seven Deadly Sins killed his father. Later in the story, it became clear that Gilthunder had been ruthless as Margaret. His beloved was being held captive and used against him to join Holy Knights. Gilthunder was freed by Meliodas and returned to his old, kinder self.


Gilthunder used to play with Howzer, Veronica Liones and Elizabeth Liones back in the day. Meliodas taught Gilthunder the basics of swordsmanship and “The Way of the Knight” at one point. The Seven Deadly Sins inspired Gilthunder. He aspired to be like them. Gilthunder was the personal knight for Margaret Liones during one of his training sessions. He had a crush upon her as a child. Gilthunder became upset during one of his Meliodas training sessions, believing he would never be as strong as his father or the Deadly Sins. Meliodas advised him to change his negative outlook. Margaret arrived and explained to him the ‘The Way of the Knight’ creed. Margaret advised Gilthunder to be himself and not be like his father or the Deadly Sins. She believes Gilthunder will become the strongest and kindest Holy Knight one day. That puts Gilthunder into a better mood. Gilthunder then runs towards Meliodas the next day and tells him to go with the rest. Meliodas is confused and asks Gilthunder for clarification. Gilthunder replied that something horrible was about to happen and that if he told anyone, terrible things would happen. Gilthunder didn’t know what to do.

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Meliodas asked Gilthunder to relax, hitting him on the head and asking him what he wanted to do. Gilthunder replied that he had to protect Margaret but didn’t know-how. Meliodas gives Gilthunder a charm that he can use to calm himself when he feels trapped or needs assistance. Meliodas would be there for Gilthunder in times of trouble if he said the charm. It would be a charm to claim that he was stronger than any of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gilthunder, ten years later, was forced to join the Holy Knights for Margaret’s safety. He somehow knew his father’s true killer.


Like all Holy, Knights Gilthunder has magic that transcends human understanding. He is one of the strongest Britannia and can match entire armies. He is extremely strong and agile. His skill matches Meliodas’s, and he remains unharmed even after being thrown from great heights and crashes into a building, causing it to collapse. According to King, he is a Great Holy Knight class. His power level rises from 1,970 up to 2,330. 

It was after he has completed his training in the sacred Land of the Druids. Gilthunder survived two powerful Demon attacks during the raid on Zeldris’ castle. He was also fast enough to place himself between Zeldris, Ludociel and capture them both by surprise. That suggests that his power has increased even more. Ludociel dismissed him and Hendrickson, claiming that they had low battle power compared to the rest of the battlefield.


Thunderbolt: Gilthunder is a master at lightning magic and can use it both offensively as well as defensively. His magic can be used to increase his physical abilities, giving him exceptional strength and agility.


Gilthunder wields an enormous sword through which he can channel his lightning powers. The blade’s tip is curved and wider, with the ends pointed.

Relationship of Gilthunder with other characters of Seven Deadly Sins

Holy Knights


Zaratras’s child, Gilthunder. Although it is unknown what type of relationship they had, Gilthunder believes they had a great father-son relationship.


Dreyfus’ nephew, Gilthunder. Even though his uncle was responsible for his father’s death 10 years ago, Gilthunder shows loyalty and devotion to Dreyfus. Hendrickson is most likely his uncle. He seems to despise his uncle for his involvement in the death of his father. Still, he appears to view him as a lesser evil when he provides information about Hendrickson.


Although they have very different personalities, Gilthunder and Howzer seem to work well together. Meliodas released Gilthunder, and Gilthunder seemed lighter and more human to Howzer. He considered Gilthunder a dear friend and couldn’t fault him for not seeing Gilthunder in trouble.


Hendrickson was mostly correct, and Gilthunder followed his orders. However, he did give Dreyfus details about his movements. Gilthunder stopped Meliodas from killing Margaret by cutting off his right hand after killing the creature that threatened Margaret. Hendrickson asked Gilthunder about his betrayal, and Gilthunder quickly replied that he wasn’t on his side. He then began to fight him, declaring his desire for revenge.


Vivian has been obsessed with Gilthunder for many years, while Gilthunder isn’t the same. Vivian has become so obsessed with Margaret that she holds her hostage for years to get him to listen to her every word. She disguises herself as “Gilfrost” in an attempt to get nearer to him. Vivian will still take Gilthunder’s passion over her, even under the Cursed Engagement curse.

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Later, her love for Gilthunder is replaced by a man who cries for her dying body and begs her to be saved. Much to Gilthunder’s relief, she was more than happy to forgive him finally.



Gilthunder treated Elizabeth in the past as a little sister. Though his priority is to protect Elizabeth, he claims that he doesn’t care about her. He also says that Elizabeth is “a grain of sand on the path to Holy Knight’s rule”. It was later revealed that he didn’t hate Elizabeth, but it was an act. He likely still cares about her.


Gilthunder has been in love with Margaret for over ten years and has made it his sworn responsibility to protect her. For her safety, Gilthunder had to join the Holy Knights. He took on a cold and brutal persona. After Meliodas defeated the invisible creature that threatened her, he immediately dropped the act and hugged her. She returned the embrace after defeating Hendrickson.

Seven Deadly Sins


Gilthunder used to admire Meliodas, the Seven Deadly Sins and even want to be one. He wanted revenge on his father and to prove that they had killed his father. Later, the act was a ruse, and Gilthunder still loved Meliodas and considered him his hero. Even though Meliodas was related to the Demon Clan’s, Gilthunder still regards Meliodas as a great knight, and Meliodas is his hero. He would likely give his life to get revenge on him.

How strong is Gilthunder’s hold on The Seven Deadly Sins?

  • His power level is 2,330. However, the power level is not a way to measure his strength.
  • It’s not terrible in terms of what he could do. He was able to block water from a whole village. His enemies can be struck with lightning. He can control lightning.
  • He is strong compared to the other characters in The Seven Deadly Sins. He is not quite as strong as the Sins, but he is still very strong.
  • The second season begins with the Ten Commandments, and suddenly everyone is weak.
  • Meliodas is then given this massive powerup. Escanor continues to bumble along, super OP. Merlin can scare two of the Ten Commandments with her name. Before you know it, half of the Ten Commandments are gone or out of sight.
Power Level Total Magic Strength Spirit
Power Level Before Training in Istar 1,970
Power Level After Training in Istar 2,330 1,130 670 530

If you’re not familiar with the manga, I will be cautious. But let’s say Gilthunder doesn’t get any powerups following the Istar arc. He’s down there with the Holy Knights and can’t even takeout one of the demon soldiers.

What is the speed of Gilthunder (Nanatsu no Taizai) in terms of both travel and reaction?

Gillthunder’s magic is lightning magic, just like his father, Zaratross. He can use this magic to access lightning techniques, most notably to move at lightning speed to slash the opponent. This magic allows him to access various lightning techniques, which entails moving at lightning speed to slash his opponent.