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Who are the Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins?

Who are the The Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins

Ten Commandments, a powerful group of elite warriors that are the most powerful among the Demon Clan, are made up of the Ten Commandments. Each member is hand-picked by the Demon Kings, and each one possesses a Commandment. This unique Power gives them a curse that can be used to curse anyone who breaks any rule.

No one except its wielder can resist this Power. However, members of the Ten Commandments have immunity to all other Commandments except their own. The curses can only be lifted by the victim defeating its wielder or at the victim’s death. If the victim gives consent or is left powerless and unable to fight or die, the Commandments can be taken from the wielder.

The official dissolution of the Ten Commandments follows Zeldris’s departure with Gelda and the defeat of the Demon King.

The Ten Commandments are the highest-ranking demons. They are made up of 10 members.

  1. Zeldris, the Commandment of Piety
  2. Estarossa, the Commandment of Love
  3. Derieri, the Commandment for Purity
  4. The Commandment of Reticence: Monspeet
  5. Grayroad, the Commandment for Pacifism
  6. Gloxinia, the Commandment of Repose
  7. The Commandment of Faith: Melascula
  8. Galand, the Commandment for Truth
  9. Fraudrin, the Commandment for Selflessness
  10. Do not ignore the Commandment of Patience

These high-ups received a commandment from the Demon King.

The Demon King has given the commandments as curses to the elite demons. The Demon King used to have too much power in the past, so he divided it into 10 groups. He could have divided it in half, but the person who gave him the Commandment would have had more power than him.

Every Commandment contains a specific rule that can result in a curse for the victim if broken or not followed. Your Commandment determines the severity of the curse.

A demon can only use a commandment. A member of the goddess clan who absorbs a commandment will die.

These commandments are not to be replaced:

  • Estarossa (“Commandment of Love”)
  • Gloxinia (Commandment to Repose)
  • Drole (Commandment to Patience).
  • Zeldris (Commandment to Piety)
  • Fraudrin (Commandment to Selflessness)

The original Commandments of Giftedness were:

  • Meliodas (Commandment of Love).
  • Zeno (Unknown Commandment).
  • Aranak (Unknown Commandment)
  • Calmadios (Commandant of Piety).
  • Gowther (Commandment to Selflessness)

Zeldris was not an original, which surprised me. Zeldris was known only as “Zeldris, the Executioner”.

Fraudrin of Selflessness: Big Purple Spiky man that has possessed Dreyfus. His Commandment causes Selfless People to lose their senses and become sore husk. His primary Ability is Full Size, which allows him to increase in size and strength.

Derieri of Purity: Her Private parts are now self-censored by her Demon Marks. However, her Commandment ability is yet to be seen. Her Power is called Combo Star, and each punch it hits increases in Power so long as they are not interrupted.

Melascula, Faith: She looks very young, floating in the air, surrounded by dark spirals at times. Ban almost kills her, and she reverts to nothing but a shadowy silhouette. Her Commandment of Faith states that whenever someone loses faith, their eyes are set ablaze. She also has 2 abilities. If they have any regrets in life, the person brought back can create Portals or bring them back from the dead.

Grayroad of Pacifism – Tons of grey Demon Faces covering the Big Black Blob of Evil? She incubates the bodies of organic creatures in large gooey blobs of sludge until they become Grey Demons. You can either die according to her Commandment or wait until your friends turn into Demons so they can kill you. Or you could die from a disease, which doesn’t affect you. She was defeated by Merlin, who was later discovered to be immortal. (Ban could have done something too, but I don’t think he was).

Galand of Truth: Galand wears red armour and has silver-spangled side blades on his head. He also has a big as hell Scythe. That is the only demon that looks like a normal person. Galand is defeated because it was an option of getting turned to Stone or Death.

Gloxinia, the Fairy King: He was first seen in this giant thorny vine huddle until it was revealed that he was the First Fairy King. Because he is the first Fairy King, he wields the same Spirit Spear weapon as King.

Monspeet Of Reticence: He is a gentleman who likes Derieri. His Commandment forbids anyone from speaking their innermost thoughts and emotions. Trick Star, his special Ability, allows him to swap positions of 2 objects, including sentient beings. This Ability allows him to save Derieri for his own life.

Drole of Patience: A large blue Giant with 4 arms and a big white rag covering his head. His Commandment has never been revealed. However, he is a great Giant and can create and control earth golems as well as pillars. He also created the Drole Dance that is used to support the dancer by many.

Zeldris, the Piety: He looks just like Meliodas. He has his mark on one side of his forehead. His hair is black sleeked and not Meliodas’s shabby blonde. His Commandment forbids anyone from betraying the Demon king. Anyone who does so will be made a Despondent Mindless slave to the Demon King. His main Ability is that no magical attacks can have any effect on him.

Mael/Estarossa Of Love: A white-haired man with red eyes. He is the brother of Zeldris and Meliodas. Because of his Commandment of Love, he is so powerful that anyone holding any anger towards him will be completely powerless.

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The Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins Power Levels & Abilities

Seven Deadly Sins Ten Commandments curses

  • Derieri the Purity: Combo Star (52,000).
  • Ground (54 000): Drole the Patience
  • Estarossa, the Love: Full Counter (60,000).
  • Fraudrin the Selflessness: Full Size (31,000).
  • Galand the Truth: Critical over (27,000)
  • Gloxinia: Disaster (50,000).
  • Grayroad the Pacifism’s Curse (39,000).
  • Melascula, the Faith: Hell Gate (34,000).
  • Monspeet The Reticence: Trick Star (53,000).
  • Zeldris, the Piety: Ominous Nebula; God (61,000).

It was 3,000 years ago

  • Aranak the Repose: Unknown
  • Calmadios, the Piety: Unknown
  • Gowther The Selflessness: Invasion (Unknown).
  • Meliodas The Love: Full Counter (142,000).
  • Zeno the Patience: Unknown

Background story of the Ten Commandments of Seven Deadly Sins

After the Demon King had taken control of the Demon Realm, he planned to give half his power to his servants. That would enable him to take over all existence at once. The Demon King divided half his power into ten pieces to avoid giving too much power to one person and putting his position at risk. He gave them ten elite warriors as Commandments.
The Ten Commandments fought for the survival of their race three thousand years ago against four other races (goddesses, giants, fairies and humans) during the great, ancient Holy War. Meliodas, who was leading the Ten Commandments, ended up betraying them and killing two of their members, Aranak and Zeno. Drole and Gloxinia would follow that. Gowther, another member of the group, escaped from the Demon Realm prison and died. Fraudrin took his place. Gowther manipulated the identity of the Archangel Mael to make it “Estarossa”. Meliodas’ Commandment was given to him, and he was replaced in the group. Calmadios was also removed from the group and replaced by Zeldris.

Together with the Demon Clan, the group was defeated and sealed by Hendrickson’s Coffin of Eternal Darkness. Fraudrin, who was previously sealed separately, managed to escape and search for ways to free his people. Hendrickson eventually allowed Fraudrin to free the remaining nine members of the seal. Still, he didn’t have enough Elizabeth blood to break it completely.

The aftereffect of the seal had completely stripped them of all their magical powers, so the Ten Commandments decided to travel towards Edinburgh and leave behind Hendrickson. They arrived at their destination to be surprised to discover a castle in ruin and a huge hole dug into the ground. Zeldris concludes that Meliodas made the hole, but Escanor had no idea.

Their presence in Britannia awakened two Demon Clan’s Albion, one at Camelot and one at Fairy King’s Forest. Both were destroyed by Meliodas & King. Galand, sensing the destruction of the Albions, was thrilled to discover that there were still powerful people in this age. He decided to act even though they still have not recovered their full power. Galand jumped 72 times high on his way to Camelot and met three of the Seven Deadly Sins. He quickly overwhelmed them, annihilating almost half of Camelot’s citizens and killing its Holy Knights in battle. Galand was deceived by Gowther’s Invasion of power that he claimed to have killed Meliodas and Diane, Slader and Merlin.

Later, the Commandments rested and reclaimed their magic power by eating the souls and bodies of the humans they ate. They were stunned when Meliodas’ full demonic powers were regained at Istar.

Meliodas suddenly appeared from nowhere using Merlin’s Teleportation. He casually greeted all Ten Commandments, who were shocked by his sudden appearance. Galand warned them all to avoid Meliodas, as he is his prey to die. Zeldris & Fraudrin threatened to attack him. Meliodas defeated Galand in ten seconds. Galand warned Zeldris that they would defeat the Ten Commandments using the Seven Deadly Sins. Galand also warned them of their doom if any of them strayed too far.

Zeldris, Fraudrin tried to attack Meliodas on both sides but were stopped by Istar. Galand was angry and embarrassed by the defeat at the hands of the “Accursed Demon”.

Galand complains to Melascula about Meliodas, and Zeldris cuts him off. Zeldris tells Galand and the other demons their goal is to doom Britannia. He orders the rest to get out in groups of two or more to retrieve their magic power and use any other methods necessary to eliminate the other four races. Fraudrin asks Zeldris if this was a declaration against Meliodas. He replies that it is extermination, not war.

Galand, still angry at his defeat and thinking that Meliodas was “beyond”, attempts to claim that he could have defeated Meliodas whenever he wanted. Galand is interrupted and warned by Drole about lying. He asks if he forgot that the Ten Commandments would bring curses upon themselves if they violate their laws. Galand raises his head to respond but still curses Meliodas. The Ten Commandments are then broken up, but Zeldris, Estarossa and others remain.

Monspeet and Derieri arrive in Bellford, where they quickly eat the souls of many people. Gloxinia and Drole arrive at Vaizel to inspect the construction site for a “brawl colosseum”. Gloxinia finds it and the activities around it fascinating. Fraudrin arrives in Ferson and is quickly attacked by the Pleiades members of the Azure Sky. Grayroad watches as Grayroad takes Fraudrin to Zeldon’s research tower. Galand and Melascula team up to revive the dead across Britannia to wipe out all the living.

Galand and Melascula arrive at the scene to find out what’s happening after they notice that one of her zombies resists her magic. Fox’s Sin of Greed defeats them, and then Lion’s Sin of Pride Escanor. Drole is aware of this and Fraudrin’s fate. He relays it to his partner as they wait for the uninvited prey to arrive at their “Fight Festival”. That will allow them to recover their magic power more efficiently.

Fraudrin is held captive by the Pleiades, who want to prove that humanity can defeat the ancient demons and even destroy a member of the legendary Ten Commandments. Fraudrin then confesses that he is not a member of the Ten Commandments but a replacement for Gowther. Grayroad, disguised as Dogedo, appears to rescue Fraudrin. Denzel Liones is the leader of the Pleiades and allows them to leave. Still, they must be careful about Grayroad’s Commandment. Fraudrin and Grayroad walk out of the building, with Fraudrin stabbing Deldry in his gut as an act of vengeance for their last battle. Fraudrin asks Fraudrin why he’s leaving them alive. He blames his time as a human for making him soft. Fraudrin then decides to kill all of them and destroy their base. Fraudrin and Grayroad depart, determined to carry on their mission. Later, they are seen in a cave.

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Drole, Gloxinia and Gloxinia organize a Great Fight Festival to bring together strong people. Monspeet and Derieri have now destroyed the population of nine towns and cities in northern Britannia. Estarossa, Zeldris and Monspeet split up at times. Zeldris then went on to take Camelot’s capital royally.

Drole and Gloxinia can only enjoy the festival for a short time. Still, they are suddenly attacked by a participant who has suddenly increased his power. After the festival, Meliodas attacks Drole and Gloxinia, and it appears he intends to kill them. However, all of the Commandments, except Galand, arrive to help him. After a long battle in which Ban unexpectedly incapacitated Melascula, Estarossa appears to have killed Meliodas. The eight remaining Commandments then set out to consolidate their conquest over Britannia.

The Ten Commandments now have Britannia under their control a month after Meliodas’ defeat. They send out smaller demons to terrorize people and to crush any resistance. It is a common practice to sacrifice Holy Knights or other strong souls in the act of appeasement. While some do it to protect their families, others do it because they truly love the Ten Commandments.

They eventually set their sights on conquering Liones. However, members of the Seven Deadly Sins defeat them one after another. Escanor sends Estarossa, Zeldris flying, and Fraudrin is later dealt with by a revived Meliodas, who finally kills Fraudrin. Merlin captures Grayroad. Drole, Gloxinia and others are not found during this great battle. They attend to other matters and decide to abandon the Commandments to return to their clans. Merlin also captures Melascula, who is defeated by all the Sins.

Estarossa, Zeldris and Monspeet are the only remaining members. Derieri and Monspeet chose not to heed Zeldris’ call to gather Commandments and live peacefully after Meliodas defeated them.

Later, Meliodas, who is determined to be the Demon King to end Elizabeth’s curse, declares that he must have the same power and abilities as the Demon Kings. He can do this by absorbing all ten Commandments within himself. Meliodas had already destroyed Grayroad’s Commandment and allied himself with Estarossa, Zeldris and Gloxinia, who possessed Gowther and Drole Commandments. He instructed them to retrieve the remaining Commandments.

Estarossa can locate and kill a petrified Galand to obtain his Commandment. Zeldris has now surrendered his Commandment to Meliodas, allowing him to be the new Demon King. He is similar in appearance to Gowther Grayroad Gloxinia, Gloxinia, Gloxinia, and Drole, which absorbs them all.

Estarossa was also looking for the rest. He discovers Monspeet, Derieri and attempts to take their decrees forcefully. But they resist him. Monspeet gives his life to save Estarossa, and Derieri is freed. Estarossa was not injured and flew after Derieri to kill him for his Commandment. However, he found an “even greater reward” after finding Elizabeth far from Meliodas. He is attacked by Tarmiel and Sariel of Four Archangels and forced to learn the Commandments of Truth and Silence to defeat them. Elizabeth agrees with him to fly with him, keeping him from killing everyone.

Estarossa believes that he is Meliodas because he has three Commandments simultaneously. Elizabeth tries to remind him about his true identity, but he falls to Heaven’s Theater. Elizabeth remembers how Meliodas used to go there in secret. Estarossa soon chokes her from the power.

Estarossa believes Meliodas will take Elizabeth back. But soon, Tarmiel, King, Tarmiel, and Derieri all arrive and start to attack him. Soon, their memories of Estarossa, Mael, and their memories of Estarossa begin to warp around. Gowther’s forbidden spell starts to break, and everyone who knew Mael begins to realize the truth. The Estarossa from the Ten Commandments was never real, and his true identity is Mael of the Four Archangels. While the others attempt to stop him, Mael kills Derieri and absorbs her Commandment Purity. He almost swallowed the four Commandments. With the help of Gowther, Mael released them and is now back to normal.

The Assault Force has already broken through Meliodas’ wall at Camelot Castle to enter the exterior. They are met by Zeldris, Zeldris and the transform Cusack and Chandler, who oppose Merlin, Escanor, and Ludociel.

The efforts of Merlin, Escanor, and Ludociel defeat the demons. It also allows Zeldris and Chandler to heal their wounds. Chandler and Cusack see their chances of winning and decide to merge into the original Demon.

The Original Demon defeats Escanor. Escanor is gradually weakening because it is past noon. King’s Chastiefol flies at him, but Zeldris stops the fight. Zeldris explains to King that they’re not the only ones headed to Camelot. King then realizes that the four Commandments Mael expelled are now joined, heading towards Camelot.

Melascula’s Commandment forcibly leaves Melascula. She joins the four Commandments as Meliodas dives into Meliodas’ cocoon with the other five Commandments. Merlin resists stopping it as she tries to stop the time in the cocoon from Zeldris’ displeasure. The Original Demons attempt to attack Merlin but are stopped by Escanor, King’s weapon and are quickly dealt with. Ludociel fights Zeldris in Escanor’s spot as Mael emerges. Zeldris loses his composure when they realize that Gelda’s defeat will ensure that Gelda’s fate will be sealed forever before he dies.

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Everyone is in shock and fear, while Zeldris weakly laughs as he says that the “Demon Kings” should keep his word. Meliodas, who has successfully absorbed all the Commandments, appears as the new Demon Kings.

Meliodas starts to congratulate Elizabeth and the Sins on their efforts. Elizabeth then points out that Zeldris is not Meliodas. Zeldris tells Meliodas that he will keep his word by telling Meliodas where Gelda’s seal resides. Meliodas is shocked to learn that Zeldris tells Meliodas that the Demon Kings wanted Meliodas as his successor. Zeldris then informs Meliodas that the Commandments are fragments and that his power.

Zeldris, with Elizabeth, Hawk and Ludociel facing the Demon Kings, decides that he will go against his father. He claims that his business was with Meliodas, and Zeldris asks his father. The Demon King replies that he knew. Zeldris then says that he is not aware of Zeldris’ relationship with Gelda. Zeldris creates a “Fleeting Hermit” entity to help his son. Zeldris falls to the floor defeated, but before silently cheering Meliodas win.

Later, when the Demon Kings was expelled from Meliodas by Ban, Cusack, Chandler, and others regain consciousness. They notice that the Commandments have been removed from Meliodas. Cusack is shocked to see Zeldris on the ground, dying.

Chandler tells Cusack that he is worthless and that they should concentrate on Meliodas. Cusack then kills his half-brother to stop him from saving Zeldris. He grabs his pupil, the Commandments, and flees to a cave. Cusack imbues Zeldris the Commandments, and he awakens. Realizing that his father will take control of his body, Cusack emerges from a cocoon and takes Zeldris.

The Sins discover that Elizabeth’s curse is being reactivated. Meliodas, Elizabeth, and the Demon King immediately notice that Zeldris is the only person who can take in all the Commandments. However, the Demon King has already noticed the portal to the Demon Realm that Merlin opened. And he opened again to unleash an Indura to distract the Sins for long enough to allow him to regain his magic and fully assimilate Zeldris’ body.

Others deal with the Indura, while Meliodas remains behind with Elizabeth because his power is equal to his father’s. He can only protect Elizabeth from the curse, but he also knows that Zeldris will be at the mercy of their father if they don’t help him. Elizabeth, however, decides to risk her own life to save Meliodas’ younger brother. She claims him as her family. They immediately head for Lake Salisbury, where the Demon King will attempt to recover his magic as quickly as possible.

Meliodas, Elizabeth, and the Demon Kings arrive at the lake to meet them. A terrible storm strikes as they land at the shore. The Demon King informs Meliodas that it doesn’t need two gods of the dark. But Meliodas counters that it doesn’t need any god before telling him that Britannia has been devastated by the petty rivalry between himself and the Supreme Deity.

The father and son clash, but the Demon Kings notices that Meliodas does not use his godly power out of fear of accidentally killing Zeldris. To this end, the Demon Kingdom creates a fake Gelda in Zeldris’ Brainscape to make Zeldris give up on the real world. That allows the Demonking to assimilate with Zeldris’ body quicker than Meliodas realizes, much to his horror, that his younger brother has died.

The Demon Kings reaches a mature age and explains Zeldris’s death. Meliodas, however, refuses to accept that his brother died and is being attacked again. Ban and the other Chimera Indura sends the remains to Meliodas to fight his father. Meliodas tries to convince them to leave, believing he doesn’t deserve their assistance. Ban reminds Meliodas that they are the Seven Deadly sins, and they vow to defeat the Demonking once and end to the seven.

Gowther and Meliodas can use their magic to transport them into Zeldris’ headscape. There they find Meliodas, still alive but taken captive by the fake Gelda. Meliodas calls to him, and Zeldris initially is sceptical about Meliodas’ actions. However, he soon admits that he is here to rescue him. Zeldris cut her off when he said that he had killed Meliodas, but Zeldris countered by saying that he knew she wasn’t the real Gelda. That forced the Demon King into extreme measures to stop Zeldris from regaining control of his body. Zeldris created an illusion that he cannot see.

The Demon King has the upper hand in the world. However, the real Gelda intervenes and ingests some of Zeldris’ blood. It connects her with his mindscape. He finally realizes that he must fight Meliodas to free himself from his grasp. Meliodas creates illusions that make Meliodas look like a traitor. Zeldris accepts that he also carries some guilt and desires the same thing: to be free from their father.

Zeldris then begins to force the Commandments from his body, and the Demon King, with them. Ban grabs Zeldris before he can reclaim his body.

However, the Sins do not retreat and combine their power with Meliodas’ Full Counter to make an attack that no one can resist. Due to his false pleas, he is decimated by Meliodas’ attack. He then tells Meliodas what destroying him would do to the balance. Still, Meliodas agrees to face whatever comes up next, before the Demon Kings vanishes.

The Demon King is defeated, but the other comrades are surprised to discover that the Commandments were not destroyed. Merlin asserts that the Demon Kings cannot be truly destroyed because he is a god and can’t be annihilated by any power greater than Meliodas’.

Meliodas taps into his hidden power and plans on throwing it at the Commandments. They will cancel each other out, thus ending the Demon King’s reign forever. Zeldris suggests to Meliodas that he could replace their father. Meliodas disagrees, but they quickly realize that power is not needed before Meliodas gives up his godly power to end the Holy War.

The Demon King has been defeated, Zeldris is heading off with Gelda, and the Ten Commandments have been disbanded. It is all about the curses and details of the Ten Commandments from Seven Deadly Sins.