Meliodas sword in Seven deadly sins | Lostvayne & Dragon Handle

Meliodas sword

Meliodas sword in Seven deadly sins | Lostvayne

The Demon Sword Lostvayne, a Sacred Treasure belonged to the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath Meliodas. Lostvayne is a curved shortsword that features the Dragon tattoo emblem in its hilt. It has five holes at the centre of the blade and five half-moon holes on the opposite side. The edge can be split into two colors. The sharp end is silver, while the opposite side is dark green moss. The blade of Lostvayne turns completely red when Meliodas uses Assault Mode. It was serrated.

Is the serrated Meliodas Sword capable of doing the same damage as a plain edge sword?

Serrated blades are less effective than straight edges. You will be able to tell if you’ve ever tried to cut something softer than wood with a saw. It is easier to cut through flesh and fabrics with a serrated blade than with a regular saw because the teeth get caught in the cut material. A serrated blade edge can be weaker than a sword edge and is more fragile. It is also complicated to sharpen outside of a workshop. Combat is dangerous because your sword can get stuck in your opponent’s clothing/armour or body. Your sword will become stuck, and you will be disarmed temporarily. It is much more likely that a serrated blade will get stuck.

Histories of Meliodas sword

Lostvayne was given to Meliodas in King Bartra’s care. It remained in Meliodas’ hands until Meliodas sold it to make money for the Boar Hat. Merlin bought it later from Camelot’s pawnshop and held onto it until Meliodas returned it to him during Albion’s attack on Camelot.


Albion arc

Arthur is saved from Albion’s attacks by Meliodas, who was given his sword as a gift from Liz. He loses his weapon. Merlin is compelled to bring Lostvayne back to him to fight the giant monster.

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Meliodas can activate Lostvayne’s abilities by saying “Sacred Treasure Activate”.

Jitsuzo Bunshin is Lostvayne’s unique ability which allows Meliodas up to four clones. One clone has half the power of the original. Each additional clone gets half of the halved power level. Each Physical Clone can still use Full Counter to its full extent. The attack focuses more on the enemy’s attack than the one using Full Counter. That allows Meliodas the ability to use Full Counter multiple times on the same attack. Meliodas can use his clones against the enemy, deal and take damage, depending on Meliodas power level.


  • Lostvayne is the fourth Sacred Treasure that will be revealed in this series.
  • When Meliodas sold Lostvayne in Camelot, it was worth a thousand pieces of gold.
  • Meliodas created six clones in the movie.

Meliodas sword in Seven deadly sins | Dragon Handle

The Coffin of Eternal Darkness contains a fragment of Dragon Handle. It was kept by Meliodas ever since Danafor fell. He used it as his primary weapon, and he also used Full Counter to supplement it.


The sword’s blade is broken and attached to the hilt, which has a dragon-like green appearance. Two handles form the grip of a twisted dragon. Each handle has three spikes at its head and back. The handle with the longer length has the dragon’s head at its end, while the shorter handle appears to have a claw.

How did Meliodas break his sword?

It is possible that the sword was broken in a fight against an immense power. This sword may have belonged to Liz. It could have been Liz’s weapon. Liz was a holy knight. You can use the sword to counter all. Liz could have been a knight that used full counter to stop the power(s), which decimated Danafor. The entire counter was not sufficient to protect Danafor but enough to safeguard Elisabeth. The sword was broken because of the greater power than the whole counter.

As Liz was to Meliodas, the sword is important to him. He might have passed the sword down to Liz.

Background of Dragon Handle

The Coffin of Eternal Darkness fragment that forms the hilt of this sword is part of the key to the revival of Demon Clan, which was sealed away during the Holy War 3,000 years ago. Therefore, it is part of Hendrickson’s plot to revive the Demon Clan, a Great Holy Knight for Liones.

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In an attempt to break the seal of Demon Clan, the demon Fraudrin assembled the Handle and other pieces of Coffin of Eternal Darkness in Danafor.

Meliodas had the sword after Danafor was destroyed. Ban claims that Meliodas never lost the broken sword since joining Seven Deadly Sins. Ban was intrigued that Zaratras’ captain had never given up the weapon and asked him about it. Meliodas gave Ban a permanent wound after he tried to steal the weapon.


Baste Dungeon arc

Meliodas suddenly regains consciousness after being fatally poisoned earlier by Dr Dana. Golgius, of the Weird Fangs, tries to grab his sword. Meliodas releases an aura strong enough to scare Golgius of the Weird Fangs. He declares that he will not give up the sword even if it is his last and that this is the only way that he can atone. His forehead is covered in a demon mark, and his eyes are jet black.

Capital of the Dead arc (Manga Only)

Oslo blocks the way to the Capital of the Dead’s entrance, Meliodas stops Ban from killing Oslo. He slightly unsheathes his blade and creates an enormous, ethereal dragon-like creature that resembles the dragon on the sword’s edge. That scares the beast away. It is also visible to the Black Hound.

Vaizel Fight Festival arc

The sword is thrown to the ground when Veronica seals Meliodas with the goddess amber after the attack of the Holy Knights from Vaizel. Elizabeth grabs the sword and goddess amber and shouts at Veronica for Meliodas’ return. Veronica tells Griamore that he will trap Elizabeth using his magic power, Wall. He obliges. Ban grabs Veronica, and threatens her with harm if Griamore doesn’t release Elizabeth. Jericho attacks Ban from behind and frees Veronica. Guila, who arrived with Jericho, declares that they have achieved their goals and asks that Griamore let his magical ability go. Guila calls Elizabeth to her feet and asks for her hand. However, Veronica pushes Guila away and says that she will take Elizabeth back to the kingdom and that Hendrickson has only two goals: Meliodas’ sword and Elizabeth’s return to the kingdom. Guila threatens Veronica with a handshake, but Jericho saves Elizabeth in Griamore’s Wall. Veronica follows Elizabeth as she runs. Elizabeth steps on a Guila-planted mine, but Veronica gives up her own life to help push Elizabeth away.

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Griamore loses his focus and can use his magical ability because of Veronica’s fatal injury. Guila confronts Griamore, picking up the sword that Elizabeth dropped and asking her to help. Meliodas pleads with Elizabeth to help her. He breaks free from the goddess amber with black marks across his body as well as dark eyes and a demonic presence. Guila gives him the sword, and he takes her hand. She expresses shock and pain, and Meliodas throws her hand. The sword is waved at her, causing a massive explosion. Meliodas flew to the place where King and Helbram were fighting and attacked. Hendrickson and Helbram defeat Meliodas. Helbram takes the sword while Meliodas is defeated. Helbram takes the broken blade from its hilt and throws it aside. Helbram reveals that the blade’s hilt is key to the revival of the Demon Clan.

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Helbram gives the handle of the dragon to Hendrickson. He places it in the middle of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. The Coffin of Eternal Darkness is now complete, except for the blood of an apostle of goddesses.

Sistana arc

Sixteen years after the sealing was broken, the Holy Knight Ironside managed the Coffin’s pieces, including the Dragon Handle, to be reunited. Percival finds the last part missing in Sistana. Ironside begins the ritual to activate his Coffin, pretending that all the people of the town will be sacrificed after his familiar has managed to get the last piece. Percival and his comrades confront him to stop him. Donny uses his telekinetic abilities to lift the Coffin from Ironside at the end of the battle. Percival can then re-divide the Coffin. Donny can retrieve the Dragon Handle while Mortlach collects the rest of the pieces, convincing Ironside to retreat.


The Coffin of Eternal Darkness fragment, which was the hilt of this sword, had the power to create an enormous ethereal dragon-like creature. It looks like the dragon on the opposite side of its handle and is visible only to the victim.

What happened to the big Meliodas sword?

Giant Broad Sword: Meliodas also used this sword during the Holy War 3,000 years ago. He also used it as a leader of the Ten Commandments. It is twice as large as Meliodas. It was broken during the battle Meliodas fought against the Supreme Deity and the Demon King.