Is Zeldris more powerful than Meliodas in Seven Deadly Sins?


Really? Is Zeldris more powerful than Meliodas in Seven Deadly Sins?

Zeldris, an elite warrior of Demon Clan serving under the Demon King as leader and Piety for the Ten Commandments, is Zeldris. Zeldris is the younger brother to Meliodas and the youngest son of Demon King. Zeldris serves as both representative and executor. Zeldris is a demon who has many complex skills, including Hellblaze, God, Ominous Nebula, and God. These abilities give Zeldris an incredible destructive power that makes him difficult to beat, even Meliodas. That is one of the surprises in the Seven deadly sins. Let’s learn more about Zeldris.

Zeldris is a young, muscular man. Although he is very similar to his brother Meliodas in some ways, Zeldris is still quite athletic. His spikey black hair grows counterclockwise to Meliodas. They both have the same demon marks, but he is located over Meliodas’ left eye. Zeldris can change his Demon Mark to be similar to his older brother, who has full demon marks.

His bodysuit is crimson and features a white emblem. The suit’s open collar exposes his chest. He carries his sword on his hip with a strap and silver gauntlets.

Seven Deadly Sins Characters
Seven Deadly Sins Characters

Relationship of Zeldris with the Seven Deadly Sins Characters


Zeldris was once a fan of Meliodas when he was the leader and commander of the Ten Commandments. He was also trained in combat by Zeldris. Zeldris confronted Meliodas as he abandoned the Ten Commandments and Demon Clan to be with Elizabeth. The final straw was when the Vampire Clan attempted to revolt against the Demon Kings. Zeldris was forced to seal them away by Zeldris as Zeldris couldn’t execute them as Gelda was one of the Vampires. Zeldris began to resent Meliodas and was forced to leave his lover because of his betrayal.

Zeldris was unforgiving of Meliodas’ actions, despite the fact that he knew Meliodas is guilty and refused to negotiate. Zeldris has stated that Meliodas’ anger towards him is one of his last things. It shows how much Zeldris hates Meliodas. He didn’t care about Meliodas being killed by Estarossa, probably because he was happy that Gelda was not an obstacle to his plans. Although it’s unknown if he knew that Meliodas had killed Gelda, he likely knew that Meliodas would return.

Zeldris seems to think Meliodas is in pain around Elizabeth and blames her for his brother’s betrayal. It suggests that he has some doubts about their strangeness. However, their bond has been broken even though Zeldris appears to have doubts about his brother’s antagonism. And he considers his actions towards the Demon Clan and his decision to take Gelda away as unacceptable and unforgivable.

Zeldris was also outraged at The Demon Kings’ order to crown Meliodas, the New Demon king. He attacked Estarossa with furious anger and continued to attack Meliodas when Meliodas subdued Meliodas, still trying to rise despite the overwhelming power Meliodas used to pin him down. Meliodas informs Zeldris quietly that Gelda is still in existence but has been sealed away.

Meliodas then assure Zeldris that he will remove the seal he placed on Gelda once he becomes the Demon King. Zeldris reluctantly agrees to work with Meliodas. Zeldris still works well together in combat against Arthur, though Zeldris mocks Meliodas during Elizabeth’s escape. Zeldris still trusts Meliodas to fulfill his promise, suggesting that he has some faith in his elder brother.

Meliodas would later apologize for Meliodas to Zeldris and ask for forgiveness for being such an older brother. Zeldris remains silent but seems to be contemplating Meliodas’ words. That could indicate that they did want to reconcile and subconsciously care about each other.

Zeldris still doesn’t forgive Meliodas, but he admires him for his ability to make the world his enemy. He made the world his enemy, making the world his enemy for those he loves. Zeldris believes Meliodas has the power to change everything and even trusts the future of his elder brother. Meliodas invites Zeldris along with the rest to a party after defeating the Demon King. Zeldris declines but says that if it were just him and Meliodas, he would be open to the idea. It is a sign that Zeldris still cares about his older brother.


Zeldris, the Goddess who had turned Meliodas towards the Demon Clan, was naturally angry at her. He had tried to get Meliodas to abandon his feelings for her and to return to the Demons. This anger intensified greatly when Meliodas’s actions. It leads to him being forced to seal away Gelda. It took him to where it seems his hatred of her far exceeds his anger towards Meliodas. It is shown by how he greeted her incarnation mockingly when they met in the mindscape. That was where Zeldris cursed Merlin before quickly losing his usual calm composure and showing his rage at Elizabeth for turning Meliodas against the Demon Clan. And it was capable of making him suffer continuously and seeming to relish in the idea of Elizabeth regaining her memories, activating her curse, and dying in 3 days. Later, he expressed his complete contempt for Meliodas’s desire to seize the power that their father had given him to end Elizabeth’s curse. He only agreed to help Meliodas when he promised to reunite him and Gelda.

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Elizabeth, on the other side, doesn’t hate Zeldris despite his callous treatment of Elizabeth. She instead sympathizes and feels guilty for the loss in his relationship with Gelda. Zeldris seemed to have lost his hatred for Elizabeth after reuniting with Gelda and visiting Meliodas and her.


Zeldris pointed out that Mael was Estarossa. He never looked up to Estarossa as an older brother. However, Estarossa seemed to care about Estarossa as a comrade in the Ten Commandments. Estarossa risked his life to save Estarossa. Estarossa then awoke to find him resting as he was still hurt. He warned Estarossa not to try to absorb any Commandments he would retrieve. However, this was a ploy by Zeldris. They wanted Estarossa to take in as many Commandments as possible to ensure that Melascula’s Commandment could be forcibly retrieved to allow Meliodas to become Demon King.

Zeldris was apathetic when he remembered all and expressed his disdain towards Estarossa. He showed no reaction to Mael returning to Mael. Zeldris was quick to fight Zeldris and seemed even eager to fight with him. Zeldris laughed as Mael attempted to reach Zeldris through the memories of their past as brothers. Zeldris became increasingly angry and frustrated when Mael overpowered him in combat. When Mael pointed to Zeldris’s potential doom for Meliodas, turning him into the Demon Kings, Zeldris lost his temper and eventually defeated him. Zeldris was hostile towards Mael even after saving him against the Seven Deadly Sins attack on the Demon Kings.


Zeldris fell in love with Vampire Gelda during the conflict with the Goddess Clan. According to Meliodas’s account, Zeldris became the cold-hearted and ruthless executioner of Demon King. Meliodas says that Zeldris was so desperate and worked so hard that he doesn’t understand why he met Elizabeth. Zeldris was forced to kill Elizabeth, the woman he loved when it came time to execute the Vampire Clan. That was what ended Zeldris’s relationship with Meliodas. Zeldris was so obsessed with the role of Demon King that he learned of Gelda’s apparent death and promised to bring her back when he became Demon King. When Meliodas revealed her sealed condition and promised to open it, Zeldris accepted and worked diligently to ensure Meliodas would become Demon King. That was just to free Gelda. When Meliodas finally took in all Ten Commandments, Zeldris smiled even when they seemed so close.


Cusack is Zeldris’ old mentor, and he is very attached to him. Zeldris seems to regard him highly, as he believes Chandler and Cusack can fill in the empty spots of the Ten Commandments. However, he is frustrated by Cusack’s affection for him. Cusack’s advice and tea were also regarded as disgusting by Zeldris. He does, however, show some compassion for him by telling him not to charge Meliodas after his elder brother had already pinned him down.


Zeldris unlike Meliodas in Seven Deadly Sins, seems to be calm and collected. He is not easily angered. Zeldris, like his brother Meliodas, has good commanding and leadership abilities.

Zeldris is hugely confident in his abilities. In the past, Zeldris fought Meliodas, his brother. He was a formidable opponent and is not afraid to do it again. He is confident in his abilities and tends to be arrogant towards those less powerful than him. He also doubts Fraudrin’s ability to wipe out a nation of people. Zeldris believes that he alone can deal with the Seven Deadly Sins. He smiles as he says so, thinking that he is more robust than Meliodas, making him more worthy of being the Demon King. Zeldris, also unafraid, takes on Estarossa, his brother, now entirely in control.

Even though he can enjoy fights, he also showed that he could do so by giving a taunting smile at his opponents. It was evident when releasing his full power, leaving them powerless. He even seemed to have no fear when Mael arrived, who was just as powerful as his older brother. Zeldris has stated that Meliodas was Zeldris’s former self. Zeldris described Meliodas as a person who underestimates his opponents and tends to play with them. Zeldris doesn’t take opponents lightly. He uses all his power, no matter what his foe.

Zeldris is not patient and has his limits. He can be a bit irritable and often mock and respond negatively to those with whom he had a bad relationship. He showed this by repeatedly taking the time to slam Meliodas and Elizabeth in their brief conversation. He also displayed a great deal of anger at Elizabeth for his brother’s betrayal. Zeldris was also visibly upset by Drole’s and Gloxinia’s betrayal. He stated openly that a Giant or Fairy King could not work well with the Demon Clan. After learning Meliodas was to become the new Demon King, Zeldris became furious. They were quickly subdued and defeated by his elder brother.

Zeldris was seen reverting to his cool-headed personality when it came to Gelda. He showed excitement at his reunion with Gelda getting closer but became desperate and angry when Merlin tried to stop Meliodas from becoming Demon King. It prevented Zeldris from reunited with his lover.

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Zeldris, despite appearing ruthless and cold-hearted, was once much more. Meliodas stated that Zeldris was a great idol of Meliodas when he was still the leader of the Ten Commandments. He was always smiling when he was around Meliodas. Zeldris, he said, was honest and sincere, almost to the point of being a fraud. Zeldris was coldhearted because he had fallen for the Vampiress Gelda. And unlike most demons, he wanted to protect her and not be interested in winning over the Goddess Clan.

After being told by his father to kill Vampire Clan members, Zeldris was overcome by indescribable pain and cried. Gelda saved them all, showing how much he loved Gelda and the importance of his past romantic relationship. Zeldris became a demon because of the pain of being betrayed and the suffering he suffered from losing his lover. Meliodas is not willing to negotiate, and Zeldris displays his bitterness towards Meliodas.

His anger towards Elizabeth is even more evident. He openly mocks her when she arrives and says she doesn’t know him. Then he lashes out at her coldly by saying how Meliodas made her suffer. Zeldris then screams at her and tells her to recall everything and what she did wrong. It is possible that he planned to activate the curse of Meliodas from their conversation to enjoy Meliodas’s suffering. That would have been cruel to make his brother feel what he felt after he lost Gelda.

It has been shown that Zeldris retains a small amount of his good side. He shows that he believes Meliodas is in pain because he betrayed his clan following Elizabeth’s death. It indicates that Zeldris has some doubts about their relationship. Later, he seemed to contemplate forgiving Meliodas after Meliodas had apologized to him. Zeldris is ruthless against traitors, but he also shows loyalty to his comrades. He later said that Estarossa never called him his brother. Cusack was also asked to refrain from helping Zeldris after Meliodas had pinned him down.


Ludociel also called Zeldris out for slashing the face of a woman. Zeldris replied that he and his brother wouldn’t take over a woman’s body. Zeldris was not opposed to violence. Despite being ruthless towards enemies, even women, it implied that he disliked unnecessary violence. Zeldris wanted to be the Demon King because he wanted to revive Gelda.

When Meliodas revealed that he had only re-sealed Gelda to make it easier for him to claim the title, Zeldris immediately abandoned his desire to hold it. He even went so far as to help Meliodas recover the Commandments and give them to him. He quickly turned against his father when he realized he wouldn’t allow him to reunite with Gelda. Zeldris, according to the Demon King, still desired to bring peace and harmony into the underworld. That showed that despite all his changes, he was still the excellent demon he was before he lost Gelda.


It was 3,000 years ago

Zeldris was trained in combat by Meliodas and Cusack before he finished his training. He then stopped studying under his master’s. When he was the leader of the Ten Commandments, Zeldris idolized his elder brother and fell in love with the vampire Gelda.

Zeldris confronted Meliodas after he revealed that he intended to leave the Demon Clan. Meliodas says he does it because he loves the person he is protecting. Zeldris was shocked to discover the truth about Meliodas’ relationship with Elizabeth. Meliodas offered to go with them along with Gelda. Zeldris refused to accept it, stating that he would not consider Meliodas his brother from that point on, something he would regret later.

Zeldris was assigned to execute the Vampire Clan that tried to overthrow Demon King during the great war. Gelda was saved by Zeldris, sealing them away instead of killing them. He claimed that he had likely met Elizabeth during the Holy War and probably fought for her.

Memories of Holy War arc in seven deadly sins

He was sent to capture or murder the Gowther who had just escaped. He defeated the Giant King Drole and offered the Fairy King and his positions in the Ten Commandments.

The forbidden spell that Gowther used led Zeldris’ memories to be altered so that they believed the Archangel Mael was “Estarossa,” his older brother.

Zeldris, along with the rest of the Demon Clan, was sealed away after the Holy War against Four Races (Human Fairy, Giant, Giant, and Goddess Clans) ended.

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Equipment and Abilities

Zeldris, the leader of The Ten Commandments, and younger brother to Meliodas and the son of the Demon Kings is a powerful demon. Meliodas claims that Zeldris can have the same power as the Demon King and Supreme God. He was lent the magic energy from the Demon Kings and can remove Elizabeth’s curse. Meliodas realizes that Zeldris was overestimating him when he returns to his role as Demon King. Zeldris states that Zeldris’ power is still inferior to that of the Demon Kings, even though Zeldris has borrowed power from their father. Arthur Pendragon was terrified by his aura, which he claims rivals the strength of Cusack, his mentor. His atmosphere is strong enough to scare all the heroes of Excalibur. Even Chandler and Cusack, two of the most powerful demons in Excalibur, are afraid of his original magic power. Cusack said Zeldris was destined to surpass Cusack.

Zeldris, like all Demon Clan members, has the mysterious, jet-black power to the darkness that he can use to form wings and fly. [18] Zeldris’ aura, combined with that of the Ten Commandments, was so frightening that Hendrickson, who is usually calm, felt frightened by them and unnerved Meliodas from several kilometers away.

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He can inflict a curse upon Merlin, an individual with a natural resistance against the effects of demonic magic, and it would have killed her. Even Hendrickson, who has spent many years studying Druid Magic, was powerless to save her. He can telepathically communicate the Commandments with anyone in Britannia. He is the Demon King’s representative and can grant the Commandments to other people and take them away from anyone who refuses to comply. It was evident when he could strip Drole, Gloxinia, and all of their Ten Commandments membership.

Due to the magic power of Demon King, Zeldris can suppress the energies of others, even those as powerful as the Giant Kings Drole. Zeldris can increase his demon mark to different levels, similar to Meliodas’ Demon Mark. His mark can reach full power and resembles Meliodas’ entire Demon Mark.

Zeldris is a skilled combat specialist, having been trained by Meliodas and Cusack. He rendered Camelot’s military forces, which are the second most powerful kingdoms in Britannia, totally powerless without sustaining any injuries. His fighting style relies heavily on kicks, as he demonstrated during his fight against Mael. King also claims that his hand-to-hand combat skills are comparable to Meliodas’.

He is also capable of defeating his older brother Meliodas.

He is swift and has exceptional reflexes. He was able to cut off Meliodas’ arm in one swing before the latter behead him. He is known for his speed in swordsmanship and is the fastest in the Demon Realm. That is evident when he fights equally with Ludociel in bladesmanship, receiving only one injury.

He is very durable. He was not affected by a Meliodas kick to the head. His demon mark was activated. He only suffered minor injuries from a powerful Ludociel attack. Even though he sustained severe injuries from the attacks, he survived Escanor’s The One attack and even Ludociel’s Gold Shining’s powerful finger-jab in the stomach. He is also powerful, as he could hold back Escanor’s Divine Sword Escanor attack for quite some time before falling back.


Ominous Nebula is Zeldris’ innate power. It surrounds and attracts all living things around it. When anyone comes into contact, they are cut at a godlike speed using pure reflexes.

God means “Demon King”]: Zeldris claims that the Demon King gave him a portion of his magic power for him to use. Zeldris can use his father’s power to nullify any magical attacks.

Hellblaze, literally “Hellfire,” is a mysterious ability Zeldris has to generate black flames. It can also nullify the regeneration of immortals.

Dies Irae means “Day of Wrath”: Zeldris summons a portal to his target and releases a colossal lightning bolt to knock them down.


The Demon King bestowed the Commandment to Piety on Zeldris. Anyone who turns their back on Zeldris is considered a betrayal. They are cursed to serve the Demon Kings and Zeldris as his representative. Cusack forced Zeldris to take all the Commandments. However, Zeldris held all the Commandments at his cost, and the Demon King took his body. The intervention of Elizabeth, his brother, and Gelda enabled Zeldris to be freed from his father’s grasp, the Demon King, by forcing him to absorb all the Commandments by Cusack.


Shortsword: Zeldris uses a shortsword that has a sharp point at the end. He’s a master at swordsmanship and uses it in a way similar to Iaido. He has the Goddess Clan symbol as a tattoo on his sword for some unknown reason.

Who was the true Love and girlfriend of Zeldris?

Who was the true Love and girlfriend of Zeldris
Who was the true Love and girlfriend of Zeldris

Gelda is the lover of Zeldris. Although not much information is available about their relationship, it seems that Zeldris was a great lover of Gelda. He chose to seal Gelda and the Vampires rather than kill them as he was instructed. Gelda seemed to also care about Zeldris, but she simply wanted to be with her beloved one. Meliodas decided to seal Gelda until Zeldris, and she could be together again.

Gelda is a Vampire and a royal member of the Vampire Clan. She was a Vampire King’s servant twelve years ago when their clan controlled the Kingdom.

Twelve years later, Meliodas sealed her again. He freed her to tell her about Zeldris’ presumed death at his hands. The two of them leave together after the Demon King has been destroyed.

Gelda seven deadly sins
Gelda seven deadly sins

Appearance of Gelda

Gelda looks like a human female, with a well-shaped body and long blonde hair, tied with a blue ribbon and a gold battle costume. She is a vampire with prominent fangs, which can be seen sticking out slightly from her lips when she’s not speaking.

Personality of Gelda

Gelda was a calm, emotionless person who never showed any remorse for her actions. However, this facade was a façade as Gelda did feel guilty for her wrongdoings and wanted to end her vampire existence.

Zeldris is also intimidated by her intimidating personality. She can even adopt an aggressive posture.

Ten Commandments


Zeldris, a demon, is one of the Ten Commandments. That is a group made up of elite warriors from the Demon Clan and hand-picked by the Demon Kings. Hendrickson freed him from the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. It was where he had been sealed with the rest of his clan.

  • Source: Nanatsu no Taizai Wikia
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 252
  • Status: Active
  • Birthday: February 5, 2005
  • Height: 152 cm (5’0″)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110lbs).
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color (demon), Green(normal)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 109