Can you use the Telekinesis 5e dnd spell to attack with a weapon?

Telekinesis 5e

How much possibility is there to use Telekinesis 5e dnd to attack with a weapon?

Let’s start with the spell description for Telekinesis 5e (dnd). The ability to think and move creatures or objects by thought is available. You can cast the spell, and each round of the Duration, you take action on one creature or object within your range. That will cause the Effect below. Round after round, you can either affect the same target or select a different one. The spell does not affect the previous target if you switch Targets.

Creature: You have the option to move a large or small creature. You can make an ability check using your Spellcasting skill. The creature’s Strength will be contested. You can move the creature upwards but not beyond its range if you win the contest. The creature will remain in your Telekinetic grasp until the end of your next round. A creature that is lifted is suspended in midair.

You can continue the contest by using your action in subsequent rounds to try to keep your Telekinetic grip on your creature.

Object: A weight of up to 1,000 pounds can be moved. You can automatically move the object up to 30 feet in any direction if it isn’t being carried or worn. However, this spell does not allow you to move the object beyond its range.

You must make an Ability check with your Spellcasting capability contested by the creature’s Strength check if the object is worn or carried by a creature. You succeed, and the object is pulled away from the creature. The object can be moved up to 30 feet in any direction, but it cannot move beyond the spell’s range.

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The telekinetic grip allows you to exert fine control over objects. It includes manipulating simple tools, opening doors or containers, retrieving items from open containers, or pouring contents out of vials.

Let’s go back to the original question. Do you have the Telekinesis 5e Dnd spell that allows you to use a weapon against an enemy?

Not at all, however, there are exceptions. The game rules are incomplete without the action economy. The authors meticulously explain how spells and powers fit in the “attack actions,” the “bonus actions,” the “movement,” and the “dash” categories. You can rest assured that there is nothing to indicate that telekinesis permits an “attack action” with the object.

Sometimes the rules need to be abandoned in favor of “real” science or dramatic license. The DM should be setting a high standard for this. You should first ask your player if they ask for something Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford didn’t consider. They thought of telekinetic a sword across the room or a “dancing,” dagger. They created spells that can do the same. It’s absurd that they didn’t consider this possibility and then fail to address it in their description. However,

You cannot use the spell to make an attack. You can still cause damage.

It would hurt if you took a 1000-pound rock and dropped it onto someone. It would be very painful to ram 1000 pounds of tree trunk onto someone. The DM will decide what to do about your actions. It means that you can still cause harm to others. You can move around “weapon-like” objects by using the improvised weapon rules.

Can you shove yourself with telekinetic 5e?

Telekinetic shove can’t make your move. You cannot move towards or away from the target if you are moving telekinetically.

Are Warlocks able to learn telekinesis in d&d 5e?

Some warlocks use the power of a Vrock Ancestor to manipulate objects with their minds. Telekinesis: Limited form. As a standard action and as a spell-like ability, they may use the Telekinesis spell’s Sustained Force or Combat Mauer abilities.

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Are Dragons capable of telekinesis?

Description. Telekinesis is a way for a dragon to move an item without having to touch it. Telekinesis allows a dragon to lift any object that they believe they can lift.


Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything offers something for everyone! Telekinetic feat displays your psychokinetic abilities. You have enough power in your mind to change the environment. This is no easy task. This amazing ability is great for your adventuring career. Do you want to improve your ability score? Learn more in our Telekinetic Feat5E guide.

Telekinetic Feat 5E guide

Telekinesis 5e feat: You can increase your mental stats (Intelligence or Wisdom, or Charisma) by 1. You can also learn the mage hand trip, which is invisible and does not require any components. The range will increase by 30 feet if you have used this spell before. As a bonus action, you can push or pull a target within 30 feet of your location. This feat allows you to make a Strength save. It is dependent on your ability modifier.


We don’t have to sacrifice our full ability score improvement. It’s great. We make some progress towards our Mental stat (and possibly our Casting stat). You are at least working towards 20 instead of dumping it all.

Mage hand is not a bad trip. It is especially useful in situations where there is no combat or you want to show off. It is better to be able to reach 60 feet than 30 feet. That will make it much easier to control your environment. You can now cast it in chains or with a gag. It opens up a lot of possibilities!

Finally, there’s some pulling and pushing. It’s fun! You can also use it as a bonus action. You can manipulate fights with your Bonus action. It’s not uncommon for 5 feet to be quite a distance! Even pushing someone off a bridge can be done! You can also use a little push to prevent an attack of opportunity. That’s all there is to it!

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The Mage hand has many limitations. You’re dealing with a boosted trip that cannot interact or do anything important. You don’t want to know Mage Hand. Most of the benefits are from not knowing Mage Hand.

Although the bonus action is interesting, it can also be a bit wasteful. Five feet is a small distance. You can only choose between two directions depending on DM. (If they are willing to interpret “towards” as meaning the three closest to you, this con may be invalid). It’ll likely be worth more if you have any bonus actions.

Potential Builds for Telekinesis 5e

The most obvious choice is Arcane Trickster. You can perform a lot more tricks with the extra 30 feet you have on your mage hand. You can also increase your sneak attack range by an additional 30 feet. However, it might take you a while to use your Bonus Action push.

We recommend that you only take this if you have the following: 1) Mage Hand is required, as it gives you a huge buff, or 2) you want to increase your mage’s range. This bonus action is the cherry on top! The boost is available to almost any caster (and even pseudo-casters like Eldritch Knight).


Telekinetic 5e feats are minor. They only buff your mage hand and give you a bonus action. It’s a significant increase in options, but it doesn’t stop you from improving your Ability Score. This buff is quite cool! It’s a great way to increase Mage Hand’s usefulness and range.

Spell Telekinesis 5e
Level 5
School Transmutation
Casting Time One action
Range  60 feet
Components  V S
Duration Up to 10 minutes
Classes Sorcerer, Wizard