Meliodas assault mode vs. Ludociel in Seven dealdy sins

Meliodas assault mode

Who will win a combat between Meliodas’ assault mode vs. Ludociel in Seven dealdy sins

Let’s assume a combat between Meliodas’ assault mode vs. Ludociel. Meliodas is in a tough fight. Mael is the strongest Archangel. However, Meliodas doesn’t have noon. Meliodas does not have a “Full Counter”, so Meliodas would be more likely to win. Zeldris would also be fighting Mael. The assault mode has better physical stats. Ludociel, even when in a human vessel, has 201,000 more power than Meliodas Assault Mode. Knowing that his grace can be dangerous, the Supreme Deity known as Flash has bestowed Grace on Ludociel. Ludociel can move at incredible speeds, which is a form of Teleportation. Elizabeth and Ludociel are the most potent Ark users in Nanatsu no Taizai.

Meliodas can “Full Counter Ark” and use Flash attacks. However, Ludociel’s speed doesn’t pose a problem. Meliodas can keep pace with his Demon mark as well as his Assault Mode. But his tough, Ludociel instantly moved behind Derieri when she tried to attack him. He then attacked both her and Monspeet before either could react. He was shocked at Ludociel’s speed when Escanor attempted to grab him. It seemed as if he had teleported. He also managed to rip Escanor’s clothes without him even knowing. Meliodas is unable to match his speed and will likely lose. Even if Ludociel was not in his original body, Meliodas should still win with Margaret’s vessel. This vessel had nearly all of its power back. Meliodas could win with “Kami Chigiri”, or he may use “Revenge Counter” to make it more likely.

How can Ludociel be equal to Meliodas, while Ludociel is able to control 200,000 in Nanatsu no Taizai and Meliodas has 140,000?

“201,000” refers to Ludociel’s total power. His magic + strength + spirit equals power total 201,000. Let’s look at Meliodas, who had his power restored before his death when his Demon Mark increased his power to 56,000. At the same time, he fought all of the Commandments, Magic 3,00 + Strength 50,000 + Spirit 3,00. You now see that most of Meliodas power is derived from his Demon physical abilities. Zeldris, for instance, has a total power of 61,000 when he is in his “base” form with his Commandment.

Zeldris’ base power levels are Magic 10,000 Strength 47,200 Spirit 3,800. This shows that Zeldris lacks physical strength. Yet Zeldris was still able to go toe-to-toe with Ludociel knowing that he was in the base form. So why? Zeldris is unable to use the magic of “God”, and Zeldris has a total power of 61,000 in his “base form” with his Commandment. Zeldris’ unique abilities make Zeldris almost invincible. Zeldris can increase his magic by expanding his Demon mark, Meliodas. That gave Zeldris all the power to compete with Mael Sun.

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We only have 201,000 total Ludociel power. While we don’t know what gives him this much power, I believe it is his magic. Base Zeldris can match his physical abilities without any problems. Ludociel’s Grace “Flash” is responsible for the bulk of his power. This power allows him to move at incredible speeds, which can be described as Teleportation. When Escanor tried to attack him, he instantly moved behind Derieri. He attacked both Monspeet and her before they could react. Escanor attempted to grab him but was shocked at Ludociel’s speed. He moved so fast it almost seemed like he had teleported. He also managed to rip Escanor’s clothes without him even knowing.

As we have seen, Lucodiel’s use of “Ark”, which was compelling against the Original Demon, is almost useless against someone like Meliodas and Zeldris. Ludociel must go into melee with Meliodas, who is physically more potent. With Flash, this is always a match, but that is why they are “equal.” Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. If you can counter their “powers”, you will have the advantage.

Take Escanor as an example. With Sunshine, his stats increase at noon. He embodies invincibility. Zeldris was able to manage him and even clashed against him at his peak. Original Demon has defeated Escanor at its peak. No one is truly unbeatable.

He is not at his peak, but the 140,000 power reading for Meliodas does not reflect that. Although he is fighting, he isn’t in attack mode. His base power is smaller than that of Ludociel, but they are almost equal in their abilities. Elizabeth is the same. Because Elizabeth is always holding back, she seems to be the weakest character in this series. She doesn’t like fighting, so she rarely uses her full power. However, she defeated two indura almost entirely when she realized that she had no other options. Because of his grace sunshine, Mael is also comparable in strength. Although he is a strong base male, Sunshine pushes him to the limit.

His Sunshine seems to work slightly differently than that of Escanor. Escanor sun increases his strata by 1 per second after sunrise. Mael”s sun seems to attract the presence of the sun, increasing his body heat and overall magical powers by a significant amount. We don’t know if Mael is capable of entering the one mode. Ludociel is not as good as Meliodas, but meliodas is more potent than the demon king. The latter is just as strong as the supreme deity that gave Ludociel its grace.

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Who is superior between Meliodas or Escanor?

Meliodas is superior to Escanor, and it is supposed that this is because he is the next demon king’s vessel. You read that right. Meliodas does not serve as the next Demon King. He is simply a vessel for demon kings to use. However, the power of Meliodas is already more significant than the expectations of the demon king. Meliodes is the strongest Demon but inferior to demon-king. It was true even at the beginning of seven deadly sins when the ten commandments were abolished meliodes. The difference between Meliodas, zeldris and others is that everyone can exercise the powers of the Demon King. Still, only meliodes have the same power as the demon King powers. However, Meliodas would lose control over his feelings and emotions.

He would become a heartless demon. The more emotions Meliodas experiences, the less he would have control over his power. Another reason he should not use his powers is that if he does, eventually, Meliodas must leave Britannia to return to the underworld. His power would only increase, and the balance of the world will be destroyed.

To make it possible for him to live with Elizabeth, Meliodas decimated his demon power. However, demon King seized Meliodas’ body and unleased his power. But Meliodas defeated him, and he gained the most extraordinary power. He became a true demon-king, but without losing any of his emotions, demon-king cannot consume his emotions.

That was all about Meliodas. Now Escanor has the power to use the Grace power that once belonged to the strongest Archangel Mael. The grace fled from Mael, who turned into a demon and found his new host in Escanor. Escanor can use the magic that rivals the Meliodas powers since the Mael is the only goddess clan member who can compete with Meliodes.

Escanor, however, is a human being and cannot use all of the grace he has. His body is being adversely affected by the power of grace. His power slowly consumes his body, which leads to his death in the manga. The manga revealed that the grace’s attack powers were far more significant than Escanor when Mael, its original owner, did not lease it. In the end, Escanor was able to use grace’s power better than any goddess could. When Demon King had already recovered his full power, Escanor could have a friendly exchange with him.

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Escanor, goddess deity, demon-king, and Meliodas were the most powerful. Even Mael acknowledged that he was equal to the demon king, even with all of his grace. Escanor was able to defeat the demon king in a short time. He reclaimed the maximum grace power, which was enough to put him ahead of any archangels from the goddess clan.

Both are extraordinary individuals, but Meliodes’ bloodline and heritage make him slightly superior to Escanor.

How does Meliodas get assault mode?

Meliodas unleashes his full demonic power in a desperate attempt to free Melascula’s Antan no Mayu. He regains his power as the leader of the Ten Commandments and attains his Assault Mode.

Can Assault mode Meliodas beat Zeldris?

Estarossa was the most robust character physically and could stand against Meliodas Darkness.

Cusack and Zeldris are at their maximum power ridiculously stronger than that. Cusack’s proper form is more potent than Meliodas or Zeldris. The same goes for Chandler. We don’t know the numerical value of Zeldris’ total power when he activates “God”, Ominous Nebula, and his full Demon mark. But that’s not important. Zeldris, in his base form, is strong enough and fast enough for Ludociel Flash, who has a total of 201,000 and can compete with Cusack’s proper form. Zeldris, with his full demon mark and his Darkness sword, was able to defeat Mael Sun from toe to toe (difficult though).

Zeldris activates God, and Zeldris can nullify any magical attacks. With “Ominous Nebula”, Zeldris’s full demon mark makes it so powerful that it works on Mael Sun, Ludociel, Chandler, Cusack and King. It even stops Merlin from teleporting. Escanor, The One at noon, was the only one to resist “Ominous Nebula” and even broke it. Zeldris also was able to damage Escanor, The One, which is usually impossible. Cusack, Chandler, and the Demon King are afraid of Zeldris’ original magic power. Chandler and Cusack are considered the Original Demon, who is strong without comparison, more challenging than anyone else, and faster than any other demon.

Ominous Nebula

Ominous Nebula, a technique that requires extreme concentration, is where Zeldris spins his darkness at incredible speeds around him to the point of appearing invisible. That creates a vortex that surrounds and attracts all living things around him. This technique is called Full React. It creates airflow and vacuum, and Zeldris slices everything in its path at an almost godlike speed. The technique’s attack power is almost impossible. Any object or person within Zeldris stance radius will be instantly diced or knocked away by instinct unless they have sufficient fortitude or can destroy Zeldris. The technique was strong enough to cause Escanor’s death in his status as The One, but with very few bruises.

What is the power level of Meliodas’ assault mode?

Assault Mode: Meliodas returned to the same extent of his power when he led the Ten Commandments in ancient times. It does not represent a “transformation” as the ordinary meaning of the term. In this form, his total power level is 142,000.