Is Naruto Gay?

Is Naruto Gay?

Is Naruto Gay?

Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the Naruto anime and manga series, has never been shown to be gay. Throughout his journey in the series, Naruto has shown romantic interest in several female characters and has maintained relationships with them.

Naruto’s sexuality is not explicitly confirmed in the official story or any statements from its creators. While some fans may interpret certain aspects of Naruto’s behavior or interactions with other male characters as suggesting he is gay, there is no canon evidence to back this up.

Naruto has often shown romantic interest in female characters such as Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga. Furthermore, he cares deeply for his male friends, forming close bonds that are neither sexual nor romantic in nature.

Some may assume Naruto is gay due to his close friendship with Sasuke Uchiha, another male character in the series. Their bond grows stronger over time, and some fans may interpret their interactions as indications of romantic feelings for each other; however, there is no explicit evidence in the series to back this up; rather, their bond is one of deep friendship and rivalry.

Why Do They Think Naruto Is Gay?

Many people believe that Naruto might be gay because of the many events that took place during the adventures of Naruto, our protagonist. However, in reality, Naruto’s journey has been a source of some actions that people might interpret as being gay, and we will discuss these in the next paragraphs.

11 Naruto Kisses Sasuke

The same scene was reprised in episode 194 of naruto shippuden; however, this time in a different location. Again, our two friends attempted to escape from the strange elastic material securing them. While trying to separate them, they became attracted by each other with such force that the entire scene ended in the kiss of our two companions.

In addition to these two scenes, some even claim that Naruto’s love for Sasuke isn’t brotherhood or friendship but the attraction of love or sexual desire. However, none of this has been proven.

What Shows That Naruto Is Not Gay?

Regarding the two episodes mentioned above, entire episodes show that the kisses of Naruto and Sasuke were just pure clumsiness and a bit of luck. Initially, Naruto had no intention of kissing Sasuke, Sasuke’s friend. Instead, he simply tried to see how he compared to his idol. Similar to the second scene in which our two friends attempt to escape from this rubber ball.

Furthermore, about the bond of Naruto as a character to Sasuke, It should be remembered that Naruto Manga has a variety of morals as well as life skills. The author probably wanted to teach us the importance of loyalty to the person we regarded as a friend but who we perceived as an ally in arms and an adversary. It is worth noting that Naruto would do anything to get Sasuke back, as he knew that his absence affected Sakura, who was his favorite in the past.

In episode 206 of Naruto Shippuden, Sakura lies to Naruto by saying that she loves him and that he must not forget the promise he made to her before going to search for Sasuke. Naruto instantly realized the lie and refused to believe it because he knew Sakura’s affection for Sasuke.

In my opinion, Naruto wants to make his friend return to Konoha mostly based on promises made by Sakura. It was not based on any repressed affection. He also knew it was a fact Sasuke had been on the road of revenge, a path that offered no exit. Therefore, he was determined to protect his friend at any cost.

11 Naruto Fell In Love Sakura

For all viewers and fans of Naruto, this isn’t a hidden fact; it is known that Naruto has been in love with Sakura. Since the very first episode in this series, Naruto has been displaying his affection for Sakura. This was the reason for Naruto’s rivalries with Sasuke when they were children. This love has been enduring for quite a long time until Naruto decides to take a step forward and finally ends this.

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22 Naruto Is Married And Also Has A Child.

The Naruto Shippuden anime concludes with the wedding to Naruto and Hinata. Yes! Naruto is tied to Hinata. In the film Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, we observe the fact that Naruto, along with Hinata, have two children who are Boruto and Himawari.

Is Naruto Gay For Sasuke?Is Naruto Gay For Sasuke?

Many people have assumed that Naruto may be gay because of various incidents during his adventures. In the course of his adventures, Naruto has shown behavior that could be considered homosexual by some. In the next few sentences, we’ll closely review a few of these items. In the third episode, when Naruto first arrives at the Academy, he appears eager to question Sasuke regarding how he got the respect of female students. Naruto was being pushed by one of the students at the Academy of ninjas while kneeling at the dining table. Naruto and Sasuke were kissing unintentionally due to this.

Although it was in a different location, a similar moment was seen in Naruto Shippuden episode 194. Two friends tried to free themselves from the mysterious elastic substance pushing them.

While trying to separate them from one another, they were so attracted to each other that the whole thing culminated in an intimate kiss between two of our friends. Some speculate that Naruto’s feelings towards Sasuke go beyond friendship or love due to the events of the two episodes. But this hasn’t been proven.

Naruto And Sasuke Relation

As it is known, the most important question is because Naruto was a different kind of connection with Sasuke, and it’s true it was different since it was not loved or appreciated by Sasuke. Naruto shares with Sasuke, and he doesn’t look for a love interest in Sasuke but rather our boy Naruto was frequently slammed by everyone in the village, but the one thing that he looked for and fought for was an acknowledgment from others who acknowledged him.

The first person to truly acknowledge Naruto was Sasuke. Although young, both of them were at war and had a disliking relationship from a young age, and they both ended up competing against each other to be at the top. Being loved by everyone else was their goal of Naruto, so he believed winning against Sasuke was enough to warrant being acknowledged at some point.

As this story goes on, we learn that Naruto is in love with Sakura and, even though Sakura has a crush on Sasuke, he doesn’t give up his dream of winning the love of Sakura and risks all of himself and doing anything to win Sakura. There was no change at the end. As we know, even when Sasuke was seeking power, he decided to follow the path of Orochimaru and requested him to become his mentor.

Sakura requested Naruto to return him, which was the primary reason he kept his promise to the woman he loved so much. That was the reason he endured all that issues. But at all times, at the same time, it is evident that (as Itachi stated) Naruto was more of a friend to Sasuke than Itachi even though he is the only brother was not the case. It was the love between the brothers that increased Naruto’s desire to return by the time the conclusion of the show.

If you look at the scene when the series closes and even though Sakura stated that Naruto isn’t required to chase Sasuke, the truth is that it was Naruto who was the one who stopped her and kept on chasing him because he understood the meaning of brothers and Sasuke was seeking assistance.

You might notice that Naruto’s first kiss was Sasuke, and the reverse is true. Although Sasuke was Sakura who had always dreamed of having Sasuke’s first kiss, the actual reason was a mistake that occurred when Naruto, along with Sasuke, was fighting in the Academy. Shikamaru accidentally pushed Naruto, and he leaned towards the front and fell upon Sasuke in a manner that they both kissed at the end.

Character DevelopmentCharacter Development

Within the Naruto anime series, Character development is a key element. Characters can grow in positive or negative ways. It all depends on how the writer depicts the characters in the story.

There are many fantastic characters from the “Naruto” series. The characters like Gaara, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Hinata Hyuga have been developed in various ways. However, the most memorable character in this series has to be Naruto. He has gone from an unpopular character to the village’s hero.

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He started as a knucklehead Ninja in his home village. He wanted to be Hokage. Hokage to ensure the safety of all of his fellow citizens. The training process took years. However, he failed the school’s final exams three times. As a result, he was forced to form relatives with Hinata.

After being taught by Jiraiya, Naruto learned to manage his chakra, Nine Tails. He later got married to Hinata. The couple had one son named Boruto.

One of the largest character development arcs within the Naruto series concerns the relationship between Naruto and Hinata. Their bond was tested during Hinata’s death in Fourth Great Shinobi War. Although unnecessary, Neji’s passing has been an emotional event for many fans.

Another character that has grown with time within the “Naruto” series is Sakura. Sakura has a conflicting loyalty to the Konoha village and her affection for Sasuke.

Although”Naruto” is a popular series, the “Naruto” series is a long-running manga and anime; however, some characters are unique. In addition, they have peculiarities that make them more interesting.

Neji Hyuuga is among the characters that are most misunderstood in the show. He is often viewed as a way to fulfill the desires of spoiled characters. However, he’s much more than simply a stepping stone.

Another outstanding character in this series is Madara Uchiha. He gave up his fame and his brother to defend his village. In the end, his story has a tragic background.

Characters from the Naruto series always cross boundaries between what is right and incorrect. Some of the most effective character development occurs when the characters are right in the middle of the action.

“Unexplainable” Feelings

Naruto’s mysterious feelings for Sakura aren’t simply passing fancies. They’ve been around for quite a while. He’s obsessed with her, but it’s not as romantic. He is fortunate that he has a better idea.

Although there’s no relationship between the two, Naruto has noticed that she’s pretty. Moreover, she appears well-known, which makes her an ideal candidate for his love. In turn, it’s not hard for him to take any girl he wants in his life. Of course, the question of whether or not he’ll be successful is a different matter, but.

Sakura has been a renowned girl from the time she was an elementary school student. She’s also been a friend of Itachi’s mom, who was also Minato’s friend. She also has one brother who was saved from her Amegakure adoption family. So it’s possible that she’d like to reconsider her feelings toward Sasuke.

While it’s not entirely clear why Naruto is so obsessed with Sakura but, he’s definitely delighted by Sakura’s beauty. He even praised her forehead. However, he’s not confessed to having an obsession with her.

Perhaps it’s due to his self-esteem issues. However, it’s difficult to deny that the guy has a crush on her. He’s been close to her and even tried to convince her by kissing her. I hope he doesn’t experience the unfortunate experience of accidentally harming her.

Another reason it’s not quite as simple as it appears is that he’s never been in a relationship for a long time. When Sakura became infatuated with Sasuke, she wasn’t engaged in a relationship. Instead, she was an acquaintance. The affection she felt for him was purely platonic.

The relationships between Sasuke and Sakura weren’t as intricate as the ones between Naruto and Hinata, but they did influence their daily lives. Naruto is a big fan of Sasuke. It’s quite impressive.

Do you have a thought? Would it be an excellent idea to make an elopement from it? Would it be unproductive? In the end, Naruto’s mysterious attraction to Sakura will profoundly influence her and the entire world.


Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy, better known as ‘KakaGai,’ are two ninjas who are deeply romantically attached. However, they are not characters from the canon. However, they are too far from being verified.

In this anime, the characters appear together during the entrance exam for Ninja Academy. Ninja Academy in Konoha. They are also shown walking using forms. While their relationship isn’t canon, their bond is apparent.

There is a rumor there is a belief that Gai is a great Kakashi friend, but he may be too close. Gai has big, goofy eyebrows. When compared to the other ninjas, Lee is a young man. He is, however, a reminder of Guy from their childhood.

Each Guy, along with Kakashi, were rivals in their childhood. But, as the nine Tails struck, the two were on the same side. So then, Kakashi resigned as the Hokage. While in the Hokage, Kakashi visited an elderly person in a wheelchair.

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One day, he’s requested to assist an injured leg ninja. When Guy finds out that Kakashi and Lee are aboard the vessel, he asks them to assist.

Upon arrival, they encounter three ninjas from Konoha trapped in a hostage situation. The group is then summoned to fight with The Ryuha Army Alliance. They are then summoned to battle by the Ryuha Armament Alliance. Alliance threatens to detonate Konoha’s ship if it does not free its leader from their Blood Prison. Tsunade offers Kakashi’s troops reinforcements.

Guys, as well as Kakashi, do not appear alongside Kakashi or anyone else. Their current score is 50-49 Guy’s way. However, despite his feelings, Guy wants to continue challenging Kakashi.

He is angry at his inability to perform. He’s also worried whether Naruto will be scared of taking the exam. So he tries to convince Naruto not to cause trouble for his opponent.

When it is time to play in the Finals, he’s called to accompany Shikimaru. Again, he is amazed at his agility.

As a group as a team, they leave the village following the invasion of Pain. In the course of the game, Guy tries to get in contact with Kakashi. Unfortunately, when he’s able to do so, he creates an explosion. As a result, the ship’s path is temporarily interrupted. Route.


If you’re a lover of the Naruto series, you’re likely to have heard that one of the protagonists, Orochimaru, is gay. Orochimaru is a former ninja and is a male and a woman. However, his record of violence and immorality makes him a villain rather than a hero.

Many fans were thrilled when the show’s producers admitted they knew that Orochimaru had a sexual orientation. But, critics weren’t all that satisfied. They claim that it’s unjust to insist that anime characters are supposed to portray an LGBTQ person.

This isn’t the first time Japanese animation has dealt with questions of sexuality. Shows such as One Day at a Time and Degrassi: Next Class have included characters who are not gender-neutral. Although the genre is somewhat behind, having more representation is great.

The fans of Boruto, an upcoming sequel to the first Naruto story, are delighted by the announcement. This is the first time an important show character has been identified as LGBTQ.

But, they also need to be aware that the absence of LGBTQ representation isn’t the only reason Orochimaru’s not depicted as an ally of straight people. The gender ambiguity of his character was apparent even before the Boruto anime series debuted.

When Orochimaru was a child when he was young, he often chased girls. Also, he was a part of the terrorist group Akatsuki. At one time, the teen even had a relationship with Uzumaki Princess. However, the relationship ended in the future.

The appearance and actions of Orochimaru have always been uncertain. His identity has been a constant issue since 2000. Indeed, he’s been seen dressing in both males as well as and Asian women previously.

The first scene was drawn in the manga, leading to many discussions. A few fans were concerned about the possibility that Orochimaru was gay, but this was not intended to be considered serious.

In the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode, Orochimaru reveals his real identity. However, at the end of the episode, his son Mitsuki wanted to know whether he was his father.


In the anime/manga series, is Naruto gay?

Naruto’s sexual orientation is not explicitly stated in the anime or manga series.

Has Naruto ever indicated a preference for someone of the same gender in the series?

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Do any facts support the possibility that Naruto is gay?

No, there isn’t enough proof to prove Naruto may be gay.

Do any LGBT characters appear in Naruto?

Yeah, there are characters in Naruto who are shown as gay or as being attracted to others who share their gender, like Haku and Zabuza.

Does the fanbase make assumptions about Naruto’s sexuality?

Although some fans make assumptions about Naruto’s sexuality, the show’s makers haven’t validated any of these notions.

Why is Naruto perceived as gay by certain people?

People may believe Naruto is gay for a variety of reasons, including his close friendships with male characters or his lack of romantic interests in female characters. These, however, are only conjectures and may not necessarily represent Naruto’s actual sexual preferences.