Is Oneclick and Kingroot safe/harmful for Android in 2022?

Is Oneclick and Kingroot safe/harmful for Android in 2022?

Is Oneclick and Kingroot safe / harmful for Android?

Rooting your phone gives you complete control over your system. An average user can destroy the device by mistakenly installing software that may contain malware.

The advantages of rooting your phone are now much less than they used to be, so you should think once again if you are planning to root your phone. One-Click and King root are software that root your android phone easily. Let’s check out their pros and cons, respectively, and do you need to root your device.

What is Rooting?

Privileged access to any device is called rooting. People root their devices to push the capabilities of their devices and get some more out of their devices. Rooting can be done in different ways, and in 2022 it is pretty easy for Android or IOS. 

What is One Click Root?

One-click root is a company that offers services like rooting your android device in a fast and easy way. The one-click root can root over 1000 major brand devices, including Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, One Plus, and many more.

One-click root also offers unrooting, brick repairs, and their support package to have a complete guide about rooting your device and what changes you will have after rooting.

Why use One Click Root?

Suppose you have decided to root your android device. In that case, the process of one click is very straightforward. First, register your credit card information, then select the time to root your device with a technical expert. Lastly, the expert will make sure everything goes smoothly. The expert will make sure that your device is rooted without losing any of your data. 

The whole process takes less than an hour if you select the time immediately. Moreover, every step is reversible at any stage. No technical knowledge is required for this process.

Pros and Cons


The one-click root is a device that makes it easy to bypass the bootloader and install a custom recovery on your Android device. One-Click root has the following advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • It can install a custom recovery on all supported devices fast and easily
  • It includes top-notch customer service – 24/7 email support, phone support, & social media account
  • A non-technical person can use it
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One-click root delivers higher success rates than other means of rooting.


It’s risky because rooting is a delicate process that can be difficult to achieve even with professional tools. Most people have no idea what they’re doing. If something goes wrong, it could end up very bad for your phone or tablet.

The best way to find out if rooting the device will lead to significant problems like factory resets is by checking reviews on forums like before starting the process. There are plenty of other resources one can use when considering whether or not they should root their smartphone and make sure that you need to root your device before starting all this process.

Lastly, a One-click root exploits a vulnerability on your device. It may install a backdoor as it is open source, and they also install adware on your device, which is removed when you pay a premium to one click root. 

Is one-click root safe for your android device?

Well, there are rumors that one click is harmful to your android device, as it injects spyware and exploits a vulnerability in an android device and can use this privilege by any means. Some people say that it is utterly safe software that helps root your device in easy steps. 

There are mixed opinions about this service, but people are still rooting their devices from them. You should research and compare it with companies before rooting your device.


Kingroot gives your android device the ability to customize your device and enjoy all its offerings without company restrictions. It allows your device to reach its full potential and use every feature of your android device. Kingroot developers have been releasing new features and improvements for fast and safe rooting to their clients. 

Rooting is a risky process; you should always have a complete guide. Unlike one-click root, you can unroot your device easily with kingroot. Your device will complete the rooting process. After that, use the “unroot” function of kingroot to reverse the complete process. Also, it would help if you always used legitimate king root software. Otherwise, there are chances you may damage your device by installing malicious software.

What is Kingroot?

It is a convenient software for rooting your android device easily. Kingroot supports a variety of devices among all the other rooting tools. It can be downloaded as an APK file on your android device or installed on your PC via a website.

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Is Kingroot safe?

Moreover, KingRoot has a 99% success rate of rooting Android devices, but keep in mind that if you fail while rooting your device with KingRoot, you might end up bricking your phone, losing warranty, or damaging the operating system. Therefore make a backup for all your device information before trying rooting. We can say kingroot is safe for your android device.

Pros and Cons


  • Get rid of bloatware. Bloatware is a factory-installed application that cannot be removed from your phone and is useless for some users. These apps are constantly using CPU power and decreasing battery life.
  • Latest Android software on the go; If someone uses an older version of Android and is not getting any updates, rooting your phone can be the solution.
  • Customized ROMs will provide a better user experience, and apps will run more smoothly. ROMs can be customized to the latest Android software version without any disturbance.
  • Most android phones slow down after security or bug-fix updates. Overclocking your processor can bring back the same speed and performance. But it would help if you were careful about the increasing level. If it exceeds the optimum level, all commissions will be reduced.
  • If you want to save battery life, you can also under-clock your phone, which will slow your processor. Still, your device will be capable of holding much battery life to last more than a day. 


  • If you root your android device, you will end up voiding the official phone warranty because the phone is under your control and removes the company authority after rooting your device.
  • No official software updates. After rooting, you will no longer get any company official security, bug fixes, or software updates. You will have to download and install it manually from the internet. The chances are that you may end up downloading any cracked software that may contain any malware.
  • If the rooting method fails, you will likely brick your phone, meaning it will no longer be usable, but flashing your ROM is an option. Still, there are chances that the phone will go dead during unbricking.
  • Adware, almost every rooting software, secretly installs adware, which displays ads on your phone randomly while using your phone. Adware is hard to find in the storage area as it is hard to find.
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Who should root their Android devices?

Most people have no idea about rooting their device, and its consequences can be. Rooting an android device is suitable for developers and technical people. They will use it to find any bugs in the software or find any vulnerability and fix it. 

Is it safe or harmful to root your device?

It depends on an individual. If you are rooting your personal device, you should back up all of your data as there are risks of data getting corrupted and bricking your phone. Make sure you are using a trusted software ad if you are following the proper steps. It is safe for you to root your device as the chances of any damages are low.

If you have no proper guidelines and are a non-technical person, and want to root your phone, you might download malicious software and harm your device. In this case, it is harmful to root your android device.


Now that you know the pros and cons of rooting Android, you should be able to decide on whether it is worth the hassle and risks or not. It all depends on how much trouble you are willing to take, the kind of usage you have with your phone, and your expectations. If you choose to root, root with caution. Rooting your phone gives you all control but comes with a risk. If you are willing to take it, you are good to go.

You may have observed that some of the pros and cons are very similar to each other. It gives you immense power, but you also have to be careful with that power. Your decision should be based on your answers to some of these questions:

  1. Are you willing to risk facing and trying to fix the disadvantages of rooting your device?
  2. Have you backed up all your data before it is attempted to be rooted?
  3. Have you done enough research online to find out how to root your specific device?
  4. Have you found trusted software?

If your answer to these three questions is a ‘yes, then you should be ready to handle rooting your Android device and facing the consequences and benefits. If your answer is ‘no’ to two or all three questions, then you should probably think a few more times before you leap. Or leave out rooting your device altogether.