Why does my Android phone hangs up by itself and how to troubleshoot?

Why does my Android phone hangs up by itself and how to troubleshoot?

Why does my phone hangs up by itself?

Many users have complained that it hangs up itself during mid-conversation. This article will discuss the possible solutions of why your phone hangs up by itself?

Hanging on phones is a significant issue with old phones and some new ones. In this article, you read about why phones hang down and are suspended and five critical reasons for phone hangs.

Update Software and Carrier version

Using an outdated version of the software might be a reason for your hanging itself. Check if your carrier has rolled out new updates to improve network connectivity and performance. First, enable cellular or Wi-Fi data, and go to Settings. Select General, tap About, and check if there’s any new update available next to the carrier. Follow the on-screen steps to install the updates.

Installing the updated version may fix the problem. Sometimes the software comes with bugs that are later fixed within software updates.

Restart your Device

Before taking your phone to a repair shop, you should try restarting your device once. According to Google, there are chances that if your phone hangs up itself or has a freezing problem, restarting your device can hopefully fix it.

Disable Battery Saver

The battery saver option may automatically drop your calls when your device battery has reached a critically low level. Disable this option and check if the problem persists. Go to Settings, select Battery, and turn off Battery saver.

Reset Network Settings

If your iPhone randomly drops the calls that you make over Wi-Fi or cellular data, resetting your network settings might help. Go to Settings and select General, then tap Reset and select Reset Network Settings. Keep in mind that this action will reset your network, VPN, and APN settings but can set it up again once the phone is reset.

Contact Carrier

Contact your carrier, and the problem may be from their side, and they might solve it by updating the carrier or issuing you a new SIM card. The SIM card may get worn out with time and may need to be replaced.

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Poor Network Signal

The way to check and see if you are getting a poor signal is right there on your phone, and there should be a few bars on the top of your phone indicating how strong the signals are. The reason for the poor connection might be your location. If you are making a call in a basement or mountainous area, you should consider changing your location. If they are all lit up, then everything is correct. But if you see that a few bars are dim, then you need to fix this.

Damaged SIM card

If you recently had access to your SIM card or had a technician fix your phone, then the SIM card might have gotten damaged. This is caused by either inserting it incorrectly or bending it slightly, causing network problems.

You can check if it is damaged by opening your SIM card slot on your phone and giving it the old eyeball test. Also, check if it has scratches on the yellow side of the SIM, then it needs to be replaced.

Overheating problems

You need to check to see the health of your phone at some point to find out if it is overheating. This is just good practice all around and not just for dropped calls and frozen screens.

There are a lot of great apps out there that will help you manage the heat of your phone. Most of them have high download ratings. Check some of them out and make sure your phone stays in good health. This will ultimately keep your phone from dropping calls and freezing up. A solution for overheating is to replace your battery.

Too Many Games

There are many reasons that mobile games could cause problems with your phone, especially if the newest games are not compatible with your old phone.  

  • High Definition games put a lot of pressure on the graphics capabilities of phones and thus battery life and cache memory. It also affects battery health as well. This will cause a significant drain on both. When you make a call, your phone might not have enough memory or battery life to keep everything running.
  • Adding lots of games to your phone will also cause problems. Not only will most of them be running in the background, but they also take up a lot of memory resulting in performance issues. You want to be sure that you switch them off when not in use so that your phone can run at peak performance.
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Lack of Memory

Another reason why your phone hangs up itself is the lack of memory. If your phone freezes up along with dropping calls, then the memory might be affecting things. 

You need to check your phone memory and free up some space.  

This is done by deleting data and apps. Any unnecessary apps that you don’t use can be deleted. The best ways to clear up memory on your phone include:

  • Upload all your photos and videos to your computer or cloud space, then delete them from your phone.
  • Using cloud storage to store your videos and pictures is a great choice to gain unlimited storage.
  • Video editing websites also offer storage space for your photos and videos. 
  • Downloading a memory app will also help in organizing your apps, photos, and videos.


If you are downloading third-party apps, there are chances that your phone might have malware and can be a reason for your phone hanging itself. Here are some ways to check if your phone has malware:

  • Download an app that looks for phone malware. Most of them will also clean your phone of those pesky bugs.
  • Check all the apps that you have downloaded on your phone. Chances are there are a few you don’t recognize.

By far, the best way to keep malware from entering your phone in the first place is always to use the market and never download apps from outside sources.

Disabled Call Forwarding

You should check this option as well; if you have disabled call forwarding, it is the main reason why your phone hangs up itself. Call forwarding is located in Phone settings if you have an iPhone. If you have an android, check Dialer in your settings and enable call forwarding.

Water Damage

Suppose you have recently had an experience of water damaging your phone. In that case, there are chances that the water has damaged the motherboard or short-circuited any leading electrical of the phone that needs to be replaced or repaired.

Water damage can damage network IC or damage the solderings of the motherboard resulting in weak network signals or fewer networks. If you want to check water damage, check if you’re on the internet, and it will indicate if you have water damage or not.

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If VoLTE HD calls are disabled, enable it and try again: Contact your carrier to ensure that the VoLTE service has been activated for your SIM card. Then allow VoLTE HD calls using the preceding method. The VoLTE feature is enabled by default for some models, and there is no switch for the feature. In this case, check with your carrier or re-activate the VoLTE service. If VoLTE HD calls are enabled, disable it and try again. 

Turn off WIFI

Suppose you are somewhere with low voice quality. In that case, it is recommended to turn off WIFI due to poor quality, which will result in hanging up your call mid-conversation. When the signals are non-existent or weak, signals hang up immediately if the signals drop a certain level.


Check if the phone is enabled in Do Not Disturb mode. This mode prevents any incoming phone calls at a specific time or if you have toggled it on by mistake. Make sure do not disturb is off before making any phone call.


Suppose you are in military enforcement or near prisons. In that case, there are chances that there will be jammers around blocking the network and may prevent calling. Jammers’ function is to stop any incoming or outcoming calls to avoid snooping, protect private or confidential information, and limit the use of mobile phones. 

Conclusion: Why does my Android phone hangs up by itself and how to troubleshoot?

So we have concluded all the possibilities of why your phone hangs up itself with its possible reasons and solutions. We recommend updating your software and carrier version, restarting your phone, disabling battery saver, resetting network settings, checking water damage, uninstalling performance-hungry applications, checking if call forwarding is disabled, malware, overheating problems, jammers, and much more.

Suppose your phone still hangs up after trying all these solutions. In that case, you should take it to a professional repair store for diagnosing the problem. Usually, the network IC soldering gets weak after some time and causes problems, but chances are meager. Please tell me if you have any other recommendations than these; we would love to look at them.