Is PI Cryptocurrency Legit? How Can you Earn (Mine) Pi Coins For Free?

Is PI Cryptocurrency Legit? How Can you Earn (Mine) Pi Coins For Free?

Is PI Cryptocurrency Legit? What is the best way to Earn (Mine) Pi Coins For Free?

With the evolution of digital currency, many issues and disputes will arise. The ways those issues are resolved are also modified with time. Most asked about the pi cryptocurrency whether there is any chance that this is a scam or legit?

Pi cryptocurrency is 100% legit. Pi network doesn’t require money from its users; from signing up, everything is free. Pi network is a unique, life-changing, and revolutionary invention. Cryptocurrencies are the new form of digital money.

Most of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which is very difficult to use and not easy to access for everyday people, Pi is easier to use and accessible. Pi cryptocurrency allows you to mine through your phone. Pi cryptocurrency earning is free for everyone. You can increase your Pi coin power making per hour with time and invite more people to the app. As much your Pi coin rating is high, the more you are likely to earn money. Pi cryptocurrency does not need an investment of money. The good thing about the Pi cryptocurrency is its free use. Pi cryptocurrency network has some bright plans for the future users of Pi cryptocurrency.

What Is Pi Cryptocurrency?

Pi cryptocurrency is the first social coin you can earn (mine) on your phone. Pi cryptocurrency launched its beta version on March 14, 2019. The cryptocurrency gains users’ interest who try to make cryptocurrency or desire to be a part of the new social network.

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Pi network is a project based on a digital currency whose purpose is to keep cryptocurrency mining accessible as the first-generation currencies like Bitcoin have been beyond the reach of some users.

Is Pi Cryptocurrency Legit or scam?

Pi cryptocurrency is 100% legit. It doesn’t require money from its users. From signing up, everything is free. The Pi networks website aims that no one will be left out of the cryptocurrency revolution. It mentions that mining cryptocurrency is difficult, and investing in it can be riskier. It ensures anyone can earn cryptocurrency on their phones without battery usage.

There are questions about the Pi coins’ value in the future. Projections of Pi coins are tricky without all the correct data. Users who have downloaded the Pi mobile app are considered Pioneers, and the app will make sure that they are not robots by signing into the app daily. One thing that makes the Pi coin price prediction difficult is that this cryptocurrency has not been exchanged yet.

There are some questions about the Pi network’s legitimacy. These are the few clues that make us believe that it’s legitimate.

But scams are rising day by day. According to a new report, about $8 billion was stolen worldwide in 2021 in cryptocurrency scams. Rug pulls- a fraud in which developers leave a project and the investor’s funds to become the “go-to scam”. Rug pulls records of over $2.8 billion stolen in 2021.

How Can I Earn (Mine) Pi Coins For Free?

This app allows easy and simple contributions to the Pi community. If you want to earn more, you have to contribute more. You have to check the app every 24 hours and hit the lightning money to make (mining). You can boost your mining after three days by creating a security circle, which contributes to the overall protection and security of the network. Early members who join the Pi app can earn more than those who come after them. Following are the steps to enter the Pi app:

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Consider your invitation; get invited to join Pi.


iOS store for Apple, and play store for android, download the official “Pi Network” version.


Use the Invitation Code.


First, confirm your phone number. It is necessary so you would not lose your earned Pi coins.

Can I withdraw My Pi Cryptocurrency?

No, there is no system of withdrawing Pi cryptocurrency yet. In the future, you will be able to remove Pi or exchange it with other cryptocurrencies in Phase 3 of the project when Pi moves to a fully decentralized blockchain. In 2019, Pi launched Phase 1 of the project. Your balance is recorded with guarantee in Phase 1 and considered with Pi transitions to mainnet (Phase 3). Until Pi reaches to mainnet to suppress bad actors from accumulating Pi from the fake account, bad actors could earn from fake accounts, transfer the Pi cryptocurrency to a legitimate account, and pass through the verification process despite the illegal gains. Refining the exact development timeline is still under consideration.

Factors Affecting The Investment In Pi Cryptocurrency

This app allows everyone to make simple contributions from its users to the Pi community. You have to contribute more if you want to make more money. Let’s discuss some points about the investment decisions to mine(earn) Pi coins:

1.      Unavailability Of Pi Coins In The Market

The word “market” means the ability to buy or sell that cryptocurrency. As of right now, you cannot buy or sell this currency. You can’t sell it, but it’s free to earn. It is the most painful thing to have your Pi coins and cannot sell them.

2.      Limited Quantity

The prices go up and down due to demand and supply. It is how cryptocurrency works, and that’s how people make money. Still, freebies cryptocurrency has no limit, and there is no end-point. It should be considered the biggest factor in investing our time in Pi cryptocurrency to earn more.

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By keeping these factors in mind, you should not invest your time and energy into Pi coins because technically, you wouldn’t make more money by having more Pi coins. In Pi coins, you only earn (mine); you could not sell your currency.

Will Pi Cryptocurrency Worth It?

At this stage, nobody can tell that Pi network value is worth anything. According to the research, the Pi network had more than 18 million Pioneers. Also, it encouraged them to “mine at a higher rate while they can”. Now the Pi network revealed that it crossed 29 million users – an average of 61,120 pioneers who join the Pi network every day.

What Will Be The Future of Pi Cryptocurrency?

The price of Pi cryptocurrency fluctuates, but it will gain more value ultimately, so the estimated Pi coin value in 2024 will be $70. In 2026, it can be near $800. It mainly depends on the market. It is the era of cryptocurrency. The Pi coin value can dramatically increase every day. Pi coin‘s value can never be underestimated at all.

Concluding Line

Only time will decide what the real value of Pi coins will be. However, mining the Pi coins is free. Still, some people hypothesize that Pi would be the world’s largest cryptocurrency until blockchain technology implementation happens on a large scale.