Is Qatar dangerous for tourists? World Cup 2022 Tourist guide

Is Qatar dangerous for tourists? World Cup 2022 Tourist guide

World Cup 2022 Tourist guide. Is Qatar dangerous for tourists?

No, it is not dangerous at all if you follow this guideline. Qatar is an Arab country widely renowned for its fine Arabian hospitality. As a result, Qatar is one of the finest tourist destinations in the world today. Moreover, it is a host nation for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

For the 1st time, a Middle-eastern country will host football’s most significant competition on earth. With more than a million fans and 32 teams are preparing for the big battle.

If you’re a football fan who plans to take a trip to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, there are some things you need to know before you flee to Qatar. First, as a Muslim nation, Qatar has certain restrictions and laws that may surprise foreign travelers but are essential to its culture and traditions, and every traveler should respect them.

So, if you are making your next trip to Qatar for the World Cup, here are some tips to note about your trip.

Most useful pieces of Advice For The FIFA 2022 Visitors In Qatar

 It would help if you looked at the things you need to avoid while on your 2022 FIFA World cup trip.

Dress Code Of Qatar


The locals of the country usually wear thobes and abayas. However, there is no such restriction on dressing for the guests whenever they arrive here. On the contrary, visitors are free to wear clothes as per their comfort as long as it is respectful to their culture and tradition.

However, women must cover their shoulders and knees whenever they move out in public, while men should have full sleeves with their knees covered too in public areas.

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Suppose you’re headed for Doha sightseeing and moving to places like the iconic Souq Waqif or national museums and government buildings. In that case, you expect to wear conservative attire and no short or beach clothes. If any visitor or local wears shorts at any public place, there are chances that they will be ordered or asked to cover up the legs.

Whether you’re visiting a park, a mall, museum, or any other place, the usual clothing requirements for males and females apply in Qatar, and visitors must abide by that.

Public / open Displays Of love/ Affections

Qatar is a country that has some laws against unrestricted, public displays of feelings. The Qatari culture does not allow these actions in public. Any affection/love at public places can lead to arrest in any worst cases.

So, whether you are a local staying in Qatar or a visitor coming to the country for the forthcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, this is something that everyone should respect as it is part of the culture.

Not only this, but non-marital relations violate Qatar’s customs and laws, and hotels may ask guests to show their marriage certificate upon entry. Therefore, visitors to the 2022 World Cup should consider similar considerations.

Taking a photograph In the Public


Capturing self and surrounding photographs is not a surprising attribute of travel after all. Visitors coming on their trip are usually excited about the traditional Qatari attire/dressings and want to click photographs of the locals.

However, if you’re going for the 2022 FIFA World Cup without knowing much about these restrictions, capturing photographs of natives may get you into trouble unless you take the permission to do so.

Likewise, suppose you’re headed for some Qatar tourist attractions and thinking of clicking photos of the religious sites, construction sites, or military sites without permission. 

For the journalist, it’s a part of your job to click photos and to think of covering the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. Naturally, therefore, you necessitate contacting the Qatari News Agency much before you even enter the country on tour and seek a visiting press permit. 

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Importing Illegal Things


All countries have laws against the import of illegal things. Some specific things are not allowed in Qatar. Mentioned below is a list of some notable things in this case.

l · Religious Context/ Books

l · Pork Products

l · Alcohol

l · Drugs (Serious Offence)

l · Videos with Inappropriate Content, etc.

Passengers arriving at the Hamad International Airport go through the security check where their baggage items go through scanning for such items. If anyone has such items, the consequences can be drastic.

Behavior As A Factor


Qatar is a country that believes in humbleness and generosity, and if you’re traveling for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, this is something you’ve got to keep in mind. However, the country has some demanding laws regarding the conduct of visitors and natives in public places.

Local people or visitors cannot pass on any obscene or abusive language, gestures, or any other inappropriate language in public places. Such language is not a national norm and could put you in serious trouble if someone close to you reports it.

Sitting in public places with your legs stretched out and showing shoe spit is also not considered appropriate in the world. In addition, visitors should avoid engaging in conversation with the opposite sex if they are not related to them against Qatar culture.

Qatar is a country based on its religious beliefs. Therefore, if anyone living in the country is caught red-handed in any activity contrary to the country’s culture and ideas, the consequences can be disastrous. Therefore, guests planning their FIFA 2022 trip to Qatar should care for their conduct in this country.

Flexibility In Routine

For those tourists who love things done early and especially from time to time, well, then Qatar is not your country.

From its earliest days, this is a country that prides itself on its ever-changing life without the constraints of time. Indigenous peoples generally move about freely, and there are no time limits.

Therefore, when taking a trip to Qatar, make sure you do not react to the fact that your taxi driver is late or to anyone who arrives late for the meeting because this is not Qatar’s way of life.

Etiquettes Of Eating A Meal


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Now when you visit Qatar, you will see some of the most luxurious or traditional restaurants to experience the country’s cooking experience. Qatar has one diet rule, whether at a restaurant, in any Qatari home, or at a restaurant anywhere.

Consuming food with the left hand is considered a bad habit among the natives of the land. Traditionally, the left hand is for personal hygiene in Qatar. Therefore, Qatari natives do not use their left hand to eat anything.

The people of Qatar are almost shocked when they see a man-eating with his left hand. If you are leaning in a restaurant on your way to Qatar and are about to eat a good meal, be sure to use your right hand to consume.

Never Reject Any Invitation Of Lunch or Dinner

I already mentioned how generous the natives of Qatar are. Well, here’s something to add to it. Being actual examples of how warm the natives of the country can be, it is not surprising to see visitors and strangers invited by Qatari natives to their houses for dinner.

Such invitations are a common occurrence in Qatar. But here’s the thing, if someone invites you to his house while you’re away, it may be tempting to reject that invitation, and the reason is simple. The country’s culture doesn’t allow you to decline an invitation, and if you do so, it is against the country’s culture. Hence, never refuse a feast when invited to one in Qatar.

Qatar is a country that will generously welcome guests from around the globe. However, this is a very particular country about its culture and expects travelers to follow the rules with humbleness.

Although many talk about how the 2022 FIFA World Cup might bring a culture shock for the fans, Qatar’s beautiful country would look like heaven once the visitors familiarize themselves because of its traditions and culture. 

Have you planned your trip to Qatar yet?

What are you pondering about?

 So, get ready for the 2022 World Cup and come to witness a spectacle like never before.


Never forget that Qatar won the bid to host FIFA Foot cut with great effort and considers this winning an honour. So they are not going to displease any visitor so be confident.