How to plan for Qatar world Cup from now till Nov 2022

How to plan for Qatar world Cup 2022

How to plan for Qatar world Cup 2022?

2022, a year when football’s most significant competition on earth, the FIFA World Cup, kicks off for the first time in a middle eastern country. Thirty-two teams, more than a million fans, and eight venues to put it all together, Qatar will host the month-long exhibition at the first winter World Cup.

But here’s a thing: the excitement amongst the fans is telling as the competition edges ever closer. So, with preparations underway and FIFA having already released the match schedule, perhaps it is time for every football fan to plan a trip to Qatar.

So, if you’re planning on going on a trip to Qatar for FIFA 2022 and not sure how to proceed, we will provide you a detailed guide to help you plan your tour from start to end.

A step-by-step guide to planning your trip to Qatar

Here is our detailed take on the steps you can take when planning your FIFA 2022 trip to Qatar.

Plan Your Budget for FIFA 2022 trip to Qatar


Planning your budget is probably one of the essential things on any trip. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo.

When it comes to the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup, there are several things you need to take care of, but the budget comes up. Ideally, any world cup should cost around USD 10000, including travel, accommodation, and meals. Still, it depends on the world.

When it comes to Qatar, the country is relatively cheap compared to other countries. However, the capital of the country, Doha, is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, and accommodation there is usually expensive. Hence, travelers should always plan their budget to avoid spending too much on their trips. The unnecessary expenditure must be avoided.

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Set Your Priorities

Setting your priorities comes next to your planning for the World Cup 2022 trip to Qatar. Since the world cup is a long competition, so visitors must choose which matches they should watch and which shouldn’t.

While few opt to go with cities rather than particular matches, others opt for certain games of their favorite teams to handle their budget accordingly. The most important thing to note here, in this case, is that Qatar World Cup tickets, although not yet officially released, are expected to go from $ 500 to $ 1200 at a higher price.

So, for travelers, planning what sport they will be watching while choosing certain attractions and cities will be essential. The 2022 FIFA Football World Cup will be the most flexible World Cup ever globally as the country is smaller in size (1478 times larger than Russia’s size). In addition, the metro network will connect all venues, making them easily commutable.

Getting the Tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2022

The Tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be sold on the official FIFA website only, and guests will be able to book three categories according to budget and priorities.

As confirmed by FIFA, admission tickets will go into effect by the end of 2020, with some tickets running out before 2021.

Therefore, the next step for guests can complete their tickets when the sale starts to take effect.

Travel related Documents


Now, that’s where things get fun. You already have your hands on the official tickets of the 202 FIFA World Cup 2022. So, now is the time to collect the necessary travel documents. First, of course, a passport would be required. However, it will be interesting to see Qatar’s FIFA World Cup when it comes to the Visa.

 Usually, visa fees are issued to the host country whenever there is a popular event such as a world cup. Similarly, at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia came up with a strategy to distribute tourist IDs to prevent the resale of tickets on the black market.

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Fan IDs have been forced to enter the stadiums. Similarly, Brazil in 2014 allowed tourists with official tickets to get a free Visa. 

Traveling To Qatar

Traveling to Qatar would not be a problem as far as the 2022 FIFA World Cup is concerned. However, that is the next thing you need to remember. Flights can take up a large portion of your travel budget.

Although there are many cheap flights available from Qatar from different parts of the world due to the country’s central location, visitors can always look for other options such as airplanes with miles or miles as this is one of the less expensive alternatives.

In addition, in the aftermath of the World Cup and the predictions of more than a million tourists coming to South Africa, Hadad International Airport and Qatar Airways have joined hands to bring in an amazing 1300 airlines entering the country on a day-to-month month.

This will undoubtedly provide visitors with cheap flights as they will be able to schedule a flight to Qatar easily, but prices may not be as high as the World Cup event is taking place.


Perhaps this is the final step in planning your entire trip to Qatar for the World Cup. Finding accommodations can be a challenge during the World Cup because not only can the budget be a factor, but the availability of adequate hotel rooms can also play a role in Qatar. On average, the country does not have enough options to host the FIFA World Cup and is working on adding cruise boats and other hotels ahead of the World Cup.

Hostels will accommodate about 40,000 visitors as the country builds many new hotels to meet demand. In addition, numerous reports indicate that the Qatari government has contacted the organizers of the British music festival, Glastonbury, to set up luxurious tents in the tourist desert.

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Therefore, finding a suitable place to live and save money should be a goal. You can even choose accommodation or hostels as they are a way to keep a fantastic the country.

Planning a trip to any World Cup may seem daunting, but there are always options to make it easier. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is not only in terms of location and preparations but also in the location.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in the most central part of the world, which will allow visitors from around the globe to come and enjoy the show. As for your planning, the above steps will help you plan your entire FIFA 2022 trip while helping you save money on your trip.