Wiz Konosuba Figure and height explained

Wiz Konosuba figure and height
Wiz Konosuba figure and height

Wiz Konosuba Figure and height

Wiz Konosuba Figure: Wiz Konosuba, a powerful lich wizard who was once one of the Devil King’s generals, is now Wiz. Her task was to maintain the castle’s barrier. However, she ended up resigning under a neutrality agreement that prohibits her interference with the King’s army so long as they don’t target non-combatants. She is a shy and kind woman who uses her abilities to help civilians and guide lost spirits to the afterlife. Vanir later manages her failed magic shop in Axel, where she treats her like a slave worker.

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Height and figure of Wiz Konosuba

Wiz is a beautiful and well-endowed woman. She looks barely twenty years -old and has fair skin. Her figure is curvy. Her brown eyes are accentuated by straight brown hair that falls to her shoulders. The length of her hair is slightly curled at the ends. Her fringe sometimes covers her right eye. Wiz has a single ahoge, which arcs above her head. Wiz Konosuba’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. Although she isn’t a tall girl, her height makes her a perfect heartthrob in Japanese anime.

A curvy body type refers to a woman whose hips and breasts are well defined. That is also known as a full-figure. Many celebrities, including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Graham, Kim Kardashian, and others, have this figure. So the perfect definition of Wiz Konosuba figure is similar to these celebrities. Even Marilyn Monroe was curvacious.

Wiz is a purple-colored girl. A light purple long dress is worn underneath a dark purple hooded, gambeson-style robe with gold props and dark-purple boots. Wiz wears a brooch made of bat wings and a golden cross over her robe.

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