Cosmic armor superman vs. Zeno in Dragon ball Super

Cosmic armor superman vs. Zeno in Dragon ball Super

Cosmic armor superman vs. Zeno | Dragon ball Super

It is known to be an argument if Goku can beat Superman in battle. However, few people question whether the most powerful Dragon Ball Super character – Zeno – could end Superman with just a thought. In the end, with so many Superman repetitions, it’s hard to compare Goku’s power with Superman’s. Post-Crisis and 52 new Superman powers have diminished. On the contrary, the power of Cosmic Armors Superman – especially during the Silver Age – reached its worst level and could be God.

However, is there anything similar to Zeno’s great power? People view Superman as God, but can he destroy God Among the gods, who can kill and create universities in a mere sense, making the gods of destruction tremble at the mere mention of them? Let us examine their strengths and weaknesses.

Is cosmic armor Superman stronger than Zeno?

Generic Superman, while strong, isn’t. Zeno completely wiped out an immortal being spreading through time and space and could cut through reality. Superman has gone one on 1 with and won against that even compared, was Mr. Mxy.

Can Zeno beat cosmic armor, Superman?

Stop being stubborn Superman fans and accept the fact that Zeno is unbeatable by any character. Saying anyone can beat him is like saying a Roach can destroy the sun. Cosmic Armor Superman would obliterate Zeno, no contest.

Who can defeat cosmic armor, Superman?

From DC, only the Overvoid (the canvas on which all DC stories are created) or the writer can defeat him as Cosmic Armour Superman is outside of pretty much everything else in DC, including the sphere of the gods and exists in the Monitor sphere just below the overload and the writers themselves.

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Who is more potent than Zeno?

Grand Priest is stronger than Zeno. I am almost sure it’s a similar case as it is with Beerus & the Whis. The Beerus is a God of destruction that destroys things etc., but we all know This is much stronger than him in reality.


How Strong Are Cosmic Armors Superman?

At this rate, it is essential to take Superman to his next level of power – in this case. The power of Cosmic Armors Superman seems limitless. His passion is not well defined, and he always builds new ones. Moreover, his administration had a small meaning above. His sneezing can cause breakthrough solar systems. He can produce a tiny Serene, equally powerful with his fingers.

Superman’s power during the Silver Age reached unprecedented levels, able to pull all the solar systems behind him in a series and throw galaxies around. In addition, he could move faster than the light of the sun. While the writers of the Bronze Age tried to give him many limitations, for the most part, Cosmic Armors, Superman had enough power to break the rules of the story. Honestly, he had no limits.

How Powerful Is the Zeno?

Zeno, the Omni-King, is the chief of all truth itself. He doesn’t fight, which seems to put him in a position to fight Superman. However, Zeno has two characteristics that make it difficult for Superman to beat him: he cannot be killed or destroyed, and he can erase anything he wants.

It has been repeatedly repeated throughout the Dragon Ball Super that even if everything comes down to Zeno, he cannot be killed. No attack could harm him; nothing can hurt him, not even a spell that can destroy the whole place. However, even if Zeno is not killed, he can win anything. Immediately. It doesn’t matter what. Even immortality can be taken away by Zeno, as Zamatsu also appears.

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When anyone ever suspected that someone could beat Zeno was during Super Dragon Ball Heroes when villain Hearts thought Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta might be able to beat Zeno. However, this has not been tested, and the authenticity of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is questionable. After all, if Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta fights Zeno, Zeno can take him away from the truth in a second. Thus, the only person who can match Zeno is Zeno himself — precisely, the Zeno from Future Trunks’ timeline.

Could Cosmic Armor Superman Survive Zeno And His Erase Ability?

Superman can’t eliminate Zeno. No power or Superman power can harm Zeno because Zeno cannot be destroyed, not even an attack that can kill God and reshape the truth. The question remains, however, whether Superman will tolerate Zeno’s Erase’s attack. If Superman survived that, the fight between the two could end in a draw.

In Dragon Ball Super, nothing can survive Erase. Superman may seem incorruptible, but it could have been in the real Silver Age to hurt Superman. Martian Manhunter could sometimes hit Superman so hard that he was knocked to the ground. However, Zeno’s attack is not physical. Conversely, it can be described as a form of magic. If so, Superman will be condemned because Superman’s most significant weaknesses, besides Kryptonite, are magic.

However, even considering that the removal process is not magical, Superman will still be destroyed by some cosmic power. Cosmic Armors Superman was finally written out of fact after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. If Superman cannot survive the erasure of his universe, what chance does he stand against Zeno’s Erase ability? Considering that Superman cannot hurt Zeno nor stay his single technique, Zeno would defeat Superman, even at his strongest.