Why did Wiz Konosuba become a lich?

Wiz Konosuba

Why was Wiz Konosuba just a supporting character? How important was her role?

Wiz is a supporting character in the Konosuba. God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Light book series, as well as its anime and manga adaptations. She is a lich who is the owner of an almost-bankrupt store in Axel. Before Wiz Konosuba became a lich, she called the Ice Witch about the ice forces she utilized to fight the Demon King’s military.

Yui Horie voiced her, who also voices Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. Yui also contributed in Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight, Tsurara Oikawa from Nura. Rise of this Yokai Clan & Ayu Tsukimya out of Kanon from the Western Dub of the anime and Brianna Knickerbocker from the English Dub.

 How was the character of Wiz in Konosuba?

Wiz is one of the only characters in Konosuba to possess her excellent action to be taken very seriously in the entire series. She was one of the only characters considered by Kazuma to be a genuinely right person.

Wiz is a significant supporting character in the Konosuba series. She’s a lich who is the owner of a”famous” Magic Item Shop in Axel. She used to be known as the Ice Witch, Kōri no Majo) when she had been an adventurer fighting against the Demon King. Wiz is one Kazuma to be a genuinely right person.

Was Wiz Konosuba beautiful?

Wiz is a gorgeous and well-endowed lady with fair skin and a curvy figure. She has brown eyes and straight brown hair reaching down to the front of her buttocks and further behind her spine, slightly bending at the tips. Her fringe occasionally covers her right eye. Wiz also possesses one ahoge which arcs off the top of her head. Wiz’s colour theme is purple. She usually wears a purple gown, with a dark purple cloak/robe over it.

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How was her personality?

Clumsy and forgetful sometimes, Wiz is a kind and affectionate young lady despite preconceptions with being a lich. She is entirely innocent and humble and apologizes quite frequently. It makes her a target for bullying by Aqua or Vanir and Beldia always throwing his head beneath her skirt. Still, they begin treating her more respect as soon as they invest time with her. 

The townspeople, however, have tremendous respect and confidence in her. Wiz is generally gentle and polite, yet could be severe and mature, acting like a big-sister figure. She’s also impossible with money and business. Her shop hasn’t had a single profitable month since it opened in Axel Town. It mainly sells seemingly useful items. But have adverse side effects or endgame equipment despite being located in a town for starting adventurers.

What did Wiz do before becoming a lich?

Before she became a lich, Wiz was quite strong-willed and very competitive and very compassionate. And she was willing to sacrifice herself to save her comrades by becoming a lich. In Konosuba, Wiz used to be somewhat wrathful and ruthless. However, she was still a too nice and altruistic young woman. In Konosuba, Wiz fought against the Demon King’s military to help other people.

The only way to acquire Wiz mad is by damaging the innocent. As the only reason, she became a Demon King general initially. So the Demon King’s army wouldn’t harm any bystanders. After she found out fellow Demon King overall Hans had killed a bystander, she promptly dropped all neutrality and started fighting him.

Was Wiz an Ice Witch before she became a lich?

Before she had been a lich, Wiz was a useful arch wizard known as the Ice Witch. They struck the Demon King’s Generals on multiple events. They were actively hunting them. After two weeks, they reached at the dungeon’s end. Eventually found that the torso contains Vanir. After a short exchange, Wiz cut him with Light of Saber. Thinking him dead, the celebration began to teleport out, just for Vanir to reveal he survived in the last second.

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One day, Wiz Konosuba came alone and contested Vanir to a duel. Using her absolute magical power alongside several prohibited magical things Wiz managed to force Vanir to react with his full abilities (he praised her for). After a long and arduous battle. Vanir was alone on the edge of losing a life. Still, Wiz had spent almost all her life force employing the forbidden items. She revealed her goal was to convince Vanir to honour her. And she types a contract her spirit in exchange for eliminating Beldia’s departure curse from her companions. Vanir did not want her near the tired soul. But taught her how to become a lich and informed learning Explosion magical if she wished to beat him.

Wiz stormed the Demon King’s Castle by herself. As repayment for the damage she made, Wiz agreed to maintain the barrier of this castle. She uttered in the Demon King’s treasury to open up a clinic store. It was inside the court before heading off to Axel.

She now runs a magic thing store full of items either too expensive and high level. It is for the newcomer city or items with significant flaws (usually provided by Hyoizaburoo). Before meeting Aqua, she helped direct souls in poor cemeteries to their afterlife.

What were the combat abilities of Wiz Konosuba?

Drain Touch: Absorbs strength and endurance from a goal that can transfer to somebody else.

Undead King’s Hand: Gives debilitating debuffs on goal with a physical signature. These include amount drain, curse, paralysis, sleep, fear, petrification, and immediate death.

Cursed Necromancy: Reanimates lifeless monsters to function as allies.

Magic: Wiz is a mighty mage who will use a vast collection of high-level spells and cast many them without even chanting. She has an enormous mana reserve as she can still move about and throw additional spells after casting Explosion Magic.

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Enemy Search and Trap Search: A spell that detects any enemies in a specific radius similar to the “Detect Enemy” ability. Trap Search does the same thing except it finds traps instead of enemies.

Fire Resist: Grants the user resistance against fire attacks.

Fundamental Magic: Wiz was capable of using fundamental magic. As a result of her high magical power, her usage of this much eclipses the like of Kazuma.

Freeze: Creates a wave of reduced temperature that can freeze water.

Intermediate Magic: Wiz was proven to utilize intermediate magic on occasion.

Sleep: Puts the competition to sleep.

Paralyze: Immobilizes an opponent.

Konosuba Wiz
Konosuba Wiz

Advanced Magic

Advanced Magic: As a powerful archwizard, Wiz has access to innovative magic to high effectiveness.

Bottomless Swamp: Creates a purple”bottomless” marsh that makes anybody that comes into contact with it.

Inferno: Creates a massive blaze and incinerates the surrounding region.

The lighting of Saber: It was an innovative spell which generates a magical established blade capable of cutting virtually anything.

Cursed Lightning: A more powerful version of Lightning; generates a powerful bolt of magical. Wiz is capable of killing a dragon at one hit with this capability.

Crystal Prison: A skill permits the user to encase sufferers in ice.

Cursed Crystal Prison: It was a more robust version of Crystal Prison and one of Wiz’s most used spells.

Teleportation: Teleport is a higher-level spell which allows Wiz to teleport people or objects to “conspicuous” places, which are places she has already visited. Wiz can leave behind extra markings in places she wishes to see later, with no more than 3. Wiz can also use a random teleport. It was taking away the need of a mark but hauling it to an unexpected place on earth.

Explosion: Explosion is a sophisticated spell and is unrivalled in terms of pure destructive power. However, it consumes so much mana that many spell casters would locate their mana completely emptied after using it once. Wiz is an exception to this rule because of her substantial mana levels.