How do you use Crossbow expert 5e feat in dnd?

Metamagic 5e

How can you use Crossbow expert 5e feat?

You can attack with Crossbow expert 5e feat once, regardless of several strikes you generally get. And you may say “Well, following the net is thrown and drawn. Your character could draw their shortsword for the next strike,” except PHB 190 says you could socialize with one object for free during either your move or your action. Meaning if you drew the net to throw it, you can’t draw your sword too. That is only a concern when the character has more than one assault from an attack action, naturally. Nets are a ranged weapon with a normal range of 5 feet and a long assortment of 15 feet, so attacking someone 10 or 15 feet off provides drawback on the attack roll.

Per Day PHB 195, suppose you make a ranged attack with a weapon. You’ve disadvantage on the attack roll if you’re in 5 feet of a hostile monster. He can see you and that isn’t hindered. Therefore, attacking someone within 5 feet of you using a net gives disadvantage on the assault in many circumstances. So unless you are hidden/invisible (or the goal is incapacitated, but why are you using a net?) There is no way to strike with a net without drawbacks. It is an extremely situational weapon. You may have inspiration if you intend to utilize it, which means you can cancel out the drawback.

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You ignore the loading quality of crossbows with which you’re proficient. Being feet of a hostile monster does not impose disadvantage on your ranged attack rolls. When you utilize the Attack activity and attack using a one-handed weapon, you can use a bonus action to attack using a hand crossbow you are holding. Source: Player’s Handbook

Crossbow expert 5e feat
Crossbow expert 5e feat

Can a character using the Extra Attack attribute and the Crossbow Expert effort take a hand crossbow four occasions in precisely the same turn?

The differentiation between an Attack activity and a normal attack is easily distinguishable. The most common actions to take in combat is the Attack activity, whether you are swinging a sword, firing an arrow from a bow, or brawling with your fists. With this activity, you make a single melee or ranged attack. See the “Creating an onslaught” section for the principles that govern attacks. Specific features, such as the Fighter’s Extra Attack 5e feature, permit you to make more than one attack with this activity. Therefore, Attack action and an attack as two entirely separate things. Thus “you can use a bonus action to assault” means you could use a bonus action to make one attack, not to take the Attack action.

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One-Handed weapon

Every attack with a one-handed weapon lets you use a bonus action to attack or the Attack action for a whole will. Luckily, it doesn’t matter, because it’s possible to choose just one bonus action on your turn. So you have to choose which bonus actions to use when you have more than one available. Therefore, even if each attack you create with a one-handed weapon allows you to create an assault for a bonus action, it is still possible to only take one bonus action and make one attack.

The definition of bonus actions says you can take a bonus action. It is when a particular skill, spell, or another characteristic of the game. It also states that you can do something for bonus actions. You don’t have a bonus activity to take. You do not have a bonus action which 5e Crossbow Expert permits you to make strikes with it. Crossbow Expert 5e provides you with a bonus action consisting of one assault. Even if it gives you that bonus action twice, (or around four times for high-level Fighters), it is still possible to take it once.

Can 5e Crossbow expert work with bows?

Noticed in PHB, there was no equal of this Crossbow Expert for bows, especially the feature that negates the drawback for crossbow users firing within 5 ft of a hostile monster.

Sharpshooter 5e

Sharpshooter + Crossbow Expert (5e Optimized Character Build.) Every shot counts. The archer raises his Crossbow and starts to fire. The orc was burning the bar drops, then the one next to her. He rolls through a nearby doorway, already picking his next target. Soon the two chieftan guards have holes punched in their own heart. The bloodthirsty brute looks up in horror and surprise. He and his men were dead until they realized what occurred. The archer releases a held breath.

Want to play a high damage archer? Well, then this is the construct for you! The idea is fairly simple, and many individuals have their unique versions of it. That will address the best build for getting the most damage you can from an arrow or some other ranged weapon.

Race and Ability Scores in Sharpshooter 5e

Race: Human Variant is your quickest way to acquire this construct to come on the internet and what will be presumed to be employed to be used. However, other races are viable they take longer to be the levels of broken this does

Feat – Crossbow Expert 5e: because of how the wording with this feat functions, you can use your actions to assault using a hand crossbow then fire again with it as a bonus activity. This additional attack is a massive damage growth for any ranged build that most can’t compete.

Skill – Perception: for the taste and having the ability to spot your objectives.

Ability Scores:

  • Point purchase: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10 (after racial bonuses)
  • Standard Array: Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12
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Class and Leveling in Sharpshooter 5e

We will be moving into the mathematics later, but you may deal with the greatest damage as a fighter. That is due to a feat you are going to be taking as flat 4.

  • Level 1: Fighter, Archery Struggling Style
  • Level 3: Any battling style works, but we will recommend the Battle Master.
  • 4th level: Archery fighting mode massively reduces that punishment.
  • Level 6: Dexterity +2
  • 8th level: Dexterity +2
  • Level 12: Magic Initiate – Warlock. Get the hex spell.
  • Level 16 and 19: You’ve already gotten the maximum damage you can from archery.


The principal consideration is the Fighter’s 20th level capability is to strike four times using an action. We add our bonus actions for a total of 5 attacks per turn. Sharpshooter adds +10 damage, plus another 5 in dexterity. If it is inside an hour, you’ll be able to apply Hex to your preferred goal (1d6).

Sharpshooter 5e and Crossbow Expert 5e
Sharpshooter 5e and Crossbow Expert 5e

One aspect to consider is your average attack roll will be an 18.5 if your using sharpshooter with no magic items. Mix in your other course features, and you’re quickly dealing an incredible Quantity of harm.


Like all decent builds, individuals have made many distinctive versions of this build. If you wand to add your own, let’s know any outcomes in the comments. While raw damage may be useful in a straight fight, stealth’s usefulness can never be underestimated. In this construct, you’ll focus on gaining larger bursts of harm with things such as a sneak attack 5e to deal significant damage every turn.

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Hurry: While humans could be optimal for a straight DPS test, a few others get aggressive if dealing with stealth and advantage.

Wood-Elf/Half-Elf: With access to the incredible Elven Accuracy Feat (XGtE), you can fish to get critical hits from the shadows.

Air Genasi: having the ability to hold your breath indefinitely can be useful for stealing in some fairly unique places.

Aarakocra: While nearly universally banned, if your DM allows you to play one, have pleasure snipping people from high in the air, using clouds for cover.

Levelling Guide

  • Level 1-5 Ranger: Get hunters mark and additional attack. Require Horizon Walker or Hunter for the Excess damage.
  • Level 6-8 Fighter: Select up Action Surge for some massive damage. Secondly, wind and excess fighting style are pretty nice. Opt for the Champion archetype for extra critical hit chance, something which gets even better with stealth.
  • Levels 9-19 Rogue: Increase your dexterity and find some nice sneak attack damage. Bonus Action conceals to gain an advantage consistently.
  • Level 20 Fighter: To get a nice extra effort. Please take it in any given stage sooner in case you feel the need.

Feats: Just like all of these, select up Sharpshooter + Crossbow expert 5e. Beyond this, here are a couple of different choices. Elven Accuracy: an additional d20 when you have advantage compounds with the winner archetypes improved critical hit for an incredible enthusiast!

Savage Attacker: While not so optimal, some people favour consistency when it comes to harm.

Skill Analysis

Stealth Arrow: This build focuses on a stealth attack followed with a routine one following your position is shown. Your fishing for a critical hit on your initial attack will compound with Sneak Attack and your ranger subclass harm increase.

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Quick Volly: Action Surge might not provide you with some excess sneak attacks, but you are going to be able to volly your enemy to get enormous damage with just plain attacks thanks to sharpshooter and Hunters markers.

Chain shirt 5e

Can I add my skill modifier to the damage of this bonus-action attack given from the Crossbow Expert 5e feat in D&D 5E?

Yes, you can. There are a handful of methods to acquire strikes with bonus activities, such as crossbow expert. The principles say that attacks add your stat to harm. Dual-wielding, specifically states that you can choose a bonus activity that does not add the stat to damage, just by having a mild weapon in both hands and with no other prerequisites. Any feat or class skill that grants the assault follows the standard attack rules that add stats to damage. It can be Monk’s martial arts, crossbow expert, polearm master, etc. When they don’t specifically state a stat isn’t added to the damage, you can assume it is.

When would you ever use a heavy crossbow over a hand crossbow in case you’ve Sharpshooter and Crossbow Expert at D&D 5E?

Crossbow expert 5e only allows you to ignore the Loading property. It does not let you ignore the Ammunition property. Therefore, while it does not limit the number of times, you may load in turn. It requires a completely free hand to reload. Thus, you can only use two hand crossbows in the initial round. It would be best if you then dropped own to reload the different. Tharequires were walking around without hands-free and using the bonus action in the initial round of combat. That is bothersome for exploring (particularly rogues who want hands free to climb, cope with traps, etc.) Dropping a hand crossbow also risks damaging it either from falling (some DMs may need an interact with the object to reduce gently), place spells, areas unsafe to fall — or someone grabbing it, having to flee, etc.)

Crossbow expert 5e feat

Of the three classes most likely to utilize archery both the ranger and rogue probably want their bonus actions for something else anyhow — hunter’s mark or cunning action (conceal ) comes to mind. Even for a fighter, d10 vs d6 damage is likely to even out over battle. Seven rounds of combat at two attacks per round and performing are 14hp of harm vs a (potential ) extra attack on the opening round for 1d6+13. More than seven rounds of battle, any action spike, 11th+ Fighter, horde breaker, anytime you don’t have an opening bonus action, etc., etc. and the heavy Crossbow will certainly win in terms of overall harm.

The only times each hand crossbow 5e will win is if you don’t have competence in martial weapons or can not handle the weight. These are inclined to suggest rogues who are always likely to use their bonus actions to conceal and receive the sneak attack damage.