Is Shoto Todoroki good or evil? How did he get his scar/ burn?

Is Shoto Todoroki good or evil? How did he get his scar/ burn?

How did Todoroki get his burn/ scar? Is Todoroki good or evil?

The My, Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki is the ideal image of evil and good. He has a tragic history that has left scars on his body and soul. Todoroki’s scar is a frost burn because her mother poured boiling water over him and, in panic, used her Quirk on him to ‘ease the pain, but it worsened. It’s basic knowledge not to put ice over the wound as it will deepen and create a frost burn scar. Suppose his mother didn’t use her Quirk. Todoroki would’ve been fine and wouldn’t have a scar as he can easily go through extremely high temperatures (on his left) and low temperatures (on his right).

Todoroki has proven to be among the top three students in the class of Class 1-A. Todoroki is a multifaceted character with emotions that need to find a place in his own heart. Shoto got his scar in a rather gnarly way. The boy was splashed with scalding water from a kettle after Shoto walked in on his mom having a mental breakdown. The poor woman was suffering in an abusive marriage, and her snap decision to throw the water left Shoto sobbing. 

How did Todoroki’s left eye get burnt if his right side was burning?

It’s also his left side, not his right side. As we’ve all heard, Rei dumped a pot full of boiling water over the left eye. After realizing that she had done this in momentary anxiety, she decided to use her technique to cool the eye down. However, she wasn’t aware that he could not withstand the heat of the left side of his face and resulted in the appearance of a frost burn. It was an Ice burn.

All you need to know about Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki, a.k.a as Shoto, is the tritagonist in The My Hero Academia manga and anime series. He is in the class of 1A of U.A. High School. Official recommendations accepted him. He is currently studying to become a Professional Hero. His father is Endeavor, who is the No. 1 (formerly No. 2) Hero.




15 (First appearance)
16 (Current)




176cm (5’9¼”)


White (right)
Crimson (left)


Dark gray (right )
Turquoise (left)

Blood Type



Half-Cold Half-Hot


Shoto is a relatively large and muscular young man who is built to his age. His hair is quite long. However, it isn’t long enough to cover the neck. He wears bangs that are parted twice not to block his view. The hair is evenly divided between two colors, white on the right and crimson red on the left side, with this peculiar appearance because of his Quirk. Another result is that he is also blessed with heterochromia iridium, which causes the left eye’s iris to appear turquoise.

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In contrast, his right eye appears to be dark grey with a brownish hue. The sights, as they are, seem small and sluggish. Furthermore, he has a huge burn scar on the lower-left corner of his face that extends from the hairline and extends to the middle of the cheek. He is usually a severe expression. However, many members of his classmates have said that he’s gorgeous. Mina Ashido even goes as to claim that he is the most attractive man in Class 1-A.

When he is at school, he wears his regular male U.A. uniform, replacing the typical Brown dress shoes with casual grey and cyan lacing-up sneakers.

In his first hero costume, He wears a simple off-white shirt, with booties and pants that match, with two gold-colored straps that go through his shoulders. There is what appears to be a fabric that resembles ice, covering his entire left side and even the top of his head. Still, it’s removable and is worn as a means to avoid the fire aspect of his Quirk.

The updated costume for the hero consists of a dark blue jacket that has sleeves that reach elbow-length. It is with the collar high, connected in the middle by an edgy neckpiece in grey and baggy pants in the same hue. And he had a metal-plated combat vest and white boots with their soles with a thin line that runs down the middle of each one, which is a lighter grey. He also wears a brown belt to his waist. There are also small metal capsules that contain medical supplies hanging off his front of the.

In the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc, his costume gets two wrist protectors of burgundy and metal plating. It helps maintain the temperature of his body following his assaults, and his boots come with straps.

In the spring break, Shoto further upgrades his costume, and it bears similarity to his father’s second outfit. The wrist guards now sport bracing that resembles armor. It is supported by plating running from the wrist to the knuckles. His jacket is now adorned with an extensive grey-blue stripe that runs from his waist up to his armpits. Additionally, his utility belt is now stocked with two canisters of large size along with the medical equipment. The costume also has lighter in color than his earlier outfits.


Shoto was an unassuming, cold, and distant boy due to his abusive childhood and complex family life. Affirmative and unassuming, Shoto preferred to keep his own space instead of hanging out with friends. Following these events at the U.A. Sports Festival, However, Shoto notably became more friendly and caring and gained the ability to laugh and sometimes smile, despite maintaining a few traces of his former aloofness. Following taking the Provisional Hero License Course, Shoto began to open up to his fellow students and has softened his typically serious attitude. But, Shoto is not entirely comfortable with socializing and appears to be somewhat naive in comprehending specific phrases and terms of speech.

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Although he was usually reserved and quiet, Shoto initially possessed an arrogant semblance that often led him to act without regard to other opinions when combined with his individualistic tendencies. He displayed confidence in his ability to overcome any obstacle by himself. Shoto was once more hostile and created Inasa Yoarashi to be angry even though he was none more knowledgeable. However, at the moment, Shoto seems to prefer to be on his own, though strictly for this lets him unleash his full strength without worrying over the friendly fire. Remains calm and composed, and yet uncompromising in combat, Shoto is well-grounded on the morality of heroism. He was looking to conquer his frozen adversaries instead of killing those frozen by keeping them firm for longer.

Shoto was a scathing hater for the fire powers that he got from Endeavor, which symbolized his father’s ill-treatment of himself and her mother. The person was his destiny, a weapon to defeat All Might, a fate which he hated. So, Shoto decided to rely only on his ability to freeze and never utilize the other part of his Quirk in combat. It applied even going to the extent of covering his left arm and torso with ice. It was during his very first Hero Costume to symbolize his protest with his father. Shoto frequently felt irritated by the mere presence of Endeavor and was unable to keep his temper in check. It applied when he was conversing with Endeavor, especially when his Pro Hero brought up the motives he had in mind for his son from the moment of his son’s birth.

In the course of his match against Izuku Midoriya at the U.A. Sports Festival, Izuku’s speech brought the memories of his mother’s words of encouragement. It was the first occasion since growing up, Shoto used his firepower during combat. After the battle, Shoto was not entirely happy with the left side of his body. However, after reconciling with his mom, Shoto eventually understood the half that he hated and was more willing to work on it. Although she struck him as a child, Shoto shows no hate or dislike towards his mother and has visited her frequently since the conclusion at the Sports Festival. Shoto has his values of heroics in All Might, a trait that he shares with Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo. He was enjoying fond memories of viewing the Symbol of Peace on T.V. along with Rei.

But his hatred toward Endeavor isn’t completely gone. However, he is awed by his father’s role to be a Hero. He is self-admitting that his bitterness isn’t as easy to erase, and it was wrong trying to put it away. After being kept from a normal childhood, allow his dad to help the boy fulfill his self-centered ambitions. Shoto still holds various psychological scars that are likely to come back when people compare him to Endeavor. Due to the influence of Izuku, Shoto now strives to be a Hero and not follow the same path as his father did.

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Shoto is still a bit distant from Endeavor and has stated that his forgiveness for his previous behavior towards his mother isn’t easy. However, he has expressed concern about his father’s security. Since Endeavor tried to heal relations with his relatives, Shoto has taken a cautious yet optimistic approach to the process of healing.


Hero Costume: After his winter stint at Endeavor, Shoto has upgraded his hero costume. His second costume has been designed to maximize the utilization of both his ice and firesides in battle and minimize the drawbacks of Shoto’s Quirk. It was as much as is possible by controlling his body temperature. However, it has been upgraded to take advantage of his greater power and abilities. It includes additional first aid equipment in emergencies.

Temperature-resistant Blue Jacket: Shoto’s jacket is made of an especially fire-resistant fabric. It has a device on the neck that determines the temperature of Shoto’s body and helps the coat regulate it. The coat of his third costume is made from resistance to heat and has a stronger structure than the previous one.

Shoto wanted to make sure that his original costume was equipped with a device to heat up. A Combat Vest gadget on the back of Shoto is capable of detecting the body temperature of Shoto. It then automatically adjusts the temperature according to the body temperature.

The Utility Belt contains metallic capsules. They include water, pain medications as well as disinfectants, making an emergency kit. His third outfit includes four more first aid capsules, which brings the total number to nine. They are kept in bags on both sides of his body.

The Snow Boots: Shoto is outfitted with white snow boots with spikes on the soles to keep Shoto from sliding onto his ice. Later, they are upgraded with straps that run through the upper part of the boot.

“Surge Arm” Gauntlets: In addition to his previous costume Shoto changed his protective wrists with gauntlets similar to the ones worn for his father Endeavor. Although his earlier costumes’ wristguards are constructed using the same material used in his vest, the gauntlets are made of metal. They are designed to contain hot and cold air inside them to assist Shoto in reducing his ice and use his fire powers more effectively.