Is The Elevator Game Real? The Elevator Game Story and Rules

Is The Elevator Game Real? The Elevator Game Story and Rules

Is The Elevator Game Real? The Elevator Game Story and Rules

It is believed that the Elevator Game is a popular urban legend that relates to allowing players to go to a different dimension by stepping into and out of an elevator according to a particular sequence. Some believe the game is real, but no evidence suggests it is working or is anything more than a legend.

What is the Elevator Game?

The Elevator Game, or “The Elevator to Another World,” is not a game for those who aren’t confident. It was created in Korea and Japan. It’s essentially the practice of taking steps, which is widely believed to be a way to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. While the precise dates of its genesis are unknown, the game hasn’t been around for a long time, and some of the posts on game outcomes have been posted since 2011.

It is not surprising that the popularity of the Elevator Game has been powerfully affected by its online stories. As it often happens, it’s become increasingly popular as the source of a tragic incident: that of Elisa Lam.

The Elevator Game Story

The Elevator Game is a popular urban legend that has circulated over the past few years. The legend is based on allowing players to go to another dimension by stepping into and out of their elevator in a certain sequence. We will give a thorough review of this Elevator Game story.

Origins of the Legend

The origins of the Elevator Game legend are unclear. However, the story is thought to originate in Korea. The legend has been adapted to other parts of the globe, and myriad versions of the tale exist.

The tale is frequently shared via forums and social media platforms, and it’s become a subject of discussion among those who enjoy horror and the supernatural.

The Ritual

It is a game that requires a certain amount of effort. The Elevator Game involves specific rules for traveling successfully to another dimension. The game requires players to walk into an elevator and press buttons sequentially. If the ritual is done correctly, then the

A person could be transported to a different dimension.

The practice is considered risky, so many people are advised against trying it. According to the legend, if the ceremony is not carried out properly, the participant could get trapped in a different dimension or encounter dangerous supernatural creatures.


The Elevator Game legend is an iconic example of an urban legend. It plays on the fear of the supernatural and the unknown and has since become a hot topic of discussion among people who love horror and the supernatural.

No evidence suggests the ritual works. The legend has gained attention online. Many claim to have performed the ritual or know someone who has. It could be that the myth’s success is partly due to the fact that it can’t be proved or disproved.

The story also demonstrates the importance of online communities and social media. Unsurprisingly, the Elevator Game has become a frequent topic of discussion for people who love supernatural and horror stories and has been widely shared via social media and online forums.


The Elevator Game legend has faced criticism from those who believe it’s risky, and it can inspire individuals to engage in risky behaviors. Many advise against trying the practice, citing risks and lacking evidence that suggests it is effective.

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Since it is thought that the legend originated in Korea but was later adopted and altered by people from various cultures, some critics have suggested that it might be a case of cultural appropriation.

How to Play the Elevator Game?

There are various steps to playing (and successfully surviving) in the Elevator Game, and, as we’ve been told, it is essential to adhere to them in the exact sequence. For this game, you’ll need, at minimum, a “player” and an elevator located in a building with at least ten floors. This is how you play:

  • Step 1: Let’s assume we’re playing. You go to the elevator in a group or as a single player. There is no way for anyone else to enter the elevator with you. You will not be able to leave at any time. If you decide to exit the elevator, you must begin again.
  • Step 2: You then ride up and down the stairs from the floor in a certain sequence: from the 4th floor, until the second floor, then up to the 6th; towards the second floor, until the 10th level; and finally, all the way to the 5th. Make sure you don’t get off at any floor.
  • Step 3: When you are on the fifth floor, if you meet a mysterious lady, do not look at her and don’t engage or interact with her in any manner. The repercussions of engaging with her have the potential to never bring you back to the world of reality.
  • Step 4: Press the button to go from the 5th floor to another floor. This is where things can go awry: If an elevator functions normally and brings you to the first floor, get out immediately and don’t glance back or speak to anyone.

You now know the steps to getting your ticket to the portal into another dimension. Elevator Game believers say all kinds of things could occur at this moment. It could look different. It could be spooky and dark; the power could be off; and nobody else is likely to be in the area. Some people have even said that they gazed out the window and saw a crossing in red visible from a far distance. They claim you could even lose your consciousness.

If you’re like me, what you’d most want in this situation is to be able to return home. The good news is that Elevator Game lovers also have a solution for how to get home.

Steps to Return Safely From the Other World

The path to home comprises several steps that experts advise you to follow precisely, or else you become stuck in another world. These are:

  • Step 1: To return to normal life, guidelines say that you have to be in the same elevator you took before. Finding it could be challenging; however, intrepid believers suggest continuing searching until you locate it.
  • Step 2: When you are in the elevator once more, you will move from floor to floor the same way you did previously: 4-2-26-2-10-5.
  • Step 3: Once you have reached the 5th floor, press the button to go to the 1st floor.
  • Step 4: If your elevator is ascending, make sure you push the buttons for any floor before achieving the 10th. As I’ve mentioned, you could hit an emergency switch, sit in your seat, and wait for assistance to arrive. I hope you’re not suffering from the fear of being claustrophobic.

Now that we’re safely back home, perhaps it’s time to think about the infamous incident of a young girl who, according to some, was playing a game before she tragically died.

What Happens If You Speak To The Lady In The Elevator?

If you’ve learned one aspect of the elevator game from friends or good-hearted strangers on the web, it’s likely not to thank the woman in the elevator, no matter the circumstances. There’s a lot of mythology regarding this aspect of the game. Many believe that they see the girl as someone they’ve met. Many claim that looking at her could have dire consequences (this writer says she “followed him home”). Does this sound like a real story? It’s possible to determine the truth, but we don’t suggest it.

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Media Coverage of the Elevator Game

The Elevator Game is a popular urban legend that has been circulated on the internet for some years. The legend revolves around allowing participants to enter a new dimension by exiting and entering the elevators in a particular sequence. We will give a complete analysis of the coverage in the media of this game. Elevator Game.

Online Forums and Social Media

People who enjoy the paranormal and horror forums and social media platforms were the ones who first brought the Elevator Game legend to light. The story quickly spread across the web, with many users claiming to have experienced the practice or know people who have. Although many deny the myth as a flimsy or untrue kind of fiction, some believe it could be an experience or have some truth to it.

News Coverage

The Elevator Game has received media coverage, specifically as articles or segments on local news shows. The focus has been on the possible dangers of trying to perform the ritual, with numerous news media outlets warning against trying the ceremony and citing the absence of evidence that suggests it works.

Certain news media have interviewed individuals claiming they have tried the ritual, though they are usually dismissed as untrue or fabricated.

Entertainment Media

The elevator game has also been used in various entertainment media, such as TV shows, movies, and video games. The depictions of legend typically depict it as a risky and supernatural event that should never be attempted.

Certain entertainment shows also employ the legend as a plot device or as a means to explore supernatural and horror themes. But these stories tend to reinforce the notion that the legend is a risk and shouldn’t be reenacted.

Cultural Significance

The Elevator Game has become an important element of pop culture, especially for those who enjoy terror and the supernatural. This legend is the basis for many fictional works, including movies, books, and TV shows.

The myth is also a frequent topic of discussion among people interested in the supernatural and paranormal. Many people have shared their personal stories or theories regarding the rite.


The coverage in the media of the Elevator Game legend has faced criticism by those who think it’s a sensationalized story and could inspire individuals to engage in risky behaviors. A few critics have suggested that the story could be a method of cultural appropriation because it is thought to originate in Korea. Nevertheless, it has since been adopted and welcomed by individuals all over the world.

The Risks of Playing the Elevator Game

The Elevator Game is a popular urban legend involving an ancient ritual believed to allow participants to enter a different dimension by stepping into and out of an elevator according to a certain sequence. Although many dismiss the tale as a fake or a kind of fiction, some believe it could be an experience or have some truth. We’ll provide a thorough review of the dangers of taking part in the elevator game.

Physical Risks

The elevator game can pose several physical dangers, especially if the exercise is improperly executed. Disorientation or confusion could cause participants to become injured physically by being struck by objects or falling over them.

The ritual also requires participants to get out of elevators often. This could be hazardous when the elevator fails or a participant gets trapped inside.

Psychological Risks

Participating in the elevator game can also pose mental risks, especially if the participant believes they’ve been transported to another world. The experience can be confusing or disorienting, which can cause panic attacks or anxiety.

Some individuals, particularly those with an underlying mental illness, may experience hallucinations and other psychological symptoms or be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

Supernatural Risks

It is believed that the Elevator Game is often associated with paranormal or supernatural phenomena that include encounters with ghosts or other supernatural beings. Although no evidence suggests the phenomena are real, many who participate in the game believe they have experienced them.

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Believing in supernatural beings can cause anxiety, fear, and other psychological issues. It may also result in believing that other supernatural phenomena could be harmful or dangerous.

Cultural Risks

The Elevator Game has been criticized for its possible cultural implications. The game is believed to originate in Korea. Some experts suggest that its adoption by other people around the globe is an act of cultural theft.

It could also reinforce negative stereotypes regarding Korea and other religions connected to the supernatural or paranormal.

Legal RisksLegal Risks

The elevator game may also pose legal issues, especially if the participant is a victim of damage to the elevator or harms themselves or other players. In the event of injury or damage, the player may be held responsible for any injuries or prosecuted criminally.

In certain cases, the person performing the ritual may be subject to disciplinary action by the institution or employer if the ritual is conducted on their premises.

Elevator Game Tips

The game is played on a machine intended to be a plaything. There are a few other hazards to watch for. When you play with the supernatural, phones and other electronic devices might not function. Also, ensure that someone is aware of exactly where you are. You might get lost or forget the elevator you entered.

Make sure to remain focused. This is the only way to get out. You could wake up at home if you can’t sleep or feel faint. Make sure that you’re at home. It could be the spirit realm disguised. Don’t say anything to the woman you meet. Don’t even look at her.


How can I play the elevator game?

The elevator is accessible by a single person or a partner. The elevator is not accessible to anyone outside. elevator with you. You will not be able to leave at any time. If you do leave your elevator, you have to restart the process.

Are you able to take on the game of elevators using seven floors?

The most important requirement for playing an elevator game is to play on your own and to be in a place with at least ten floors and an elevator that can reach all ten floors. It doesn’t matter at what time of day you begin the game, as long as you’re the sole person in the elevator.

What Is Floor 13 In A Normal Elevator?

Floor 13. Floor 13 is extremely uncommon, but when you do find it, you will see one of the people on the elevator ragdolling and spilling blood onto the ground. After this ends, the floor will continue until the next floor, which begins in just 13 seconds. When you reach this floor, it will award you a badge.

Is The Elevator Game real?

Answer: The Elevator Game is a popular urban legend and is not based on any verifiable facts. While some people claim to have played the game, there is no evidence to support its existence.

What is The Elevator Game story?

Answer: The Elevator Game is an urban legend that claims to be a way to travel to another dimension. The game involves entering an elevator, pressing a series of buttons in a specific order, and then encountering a supernatural entity in a different dimension.

What are the rules of The Elevator Game?

Answer: The rules of The Elevator Game vary depending on the source, but generally involve entering an elevator alone, pressing a sequence of buttons in a specific order, and then encountering a woman on the fifth floor. Players must not speak or interact with the woman and must return to the first floor in order to successfully complete the game.

Is it safe to play The Elevator Game?

Answer: The Elevator Game is not safe and should not be attempted. Playing the game can be dangerous, as it involves entering an elevator alone and pressing random buttons. Additionally, the game’s rules can vary depending on the source, which can lead to confusion or mistakes that could result in harm or injury.