The Game of Life Drinking Game | 10 Best Drinking Games Online

The Game of Life Drinking Game | 10 Best Drinking Games Online

The Game of Life Drinking Game | 10 Best Drinking Games Online

The most popular drinking games you can play on the internet are Boozy Zoom Bingo, Online Scavenger Hunt, Blackout Truth Or Dare, Drunk Pirate, Zoom Flip Cup, Online Safari, Ride the Bus, Synonyms, and Pet Peeves.

Drinking Games that You Can Play with Friends Remotely

While we’re active and out more often than in recent years, the flu pandemic isn’t completely gone. Going out with your friends for a round of chilled drinks or time filled with sweaty margaritas in a pitcher depends entirely on the individual’s comfort level, with varying levels of risk. Drinking with a group of friends will always be a more enjoyable experience than drinking by yourself.

With technology and Zoom calls, a few drinking games can be played in a virtual chatroom full of familiar and pixelated faces. You’re in the right spot if you’re searching for human interaction with a hefty glass of wine and a good time. These are the 10 games that you can play with your friends online at the next Zoom birthday party or via iMessage.

Never have I ever

There is no requirement to be together to enjoy Never Have I Ever (though it will aid in ensuring that you can spot everyone’s fingers and ensure that nobody has been cheating). However, the game is about chatting about life’s memories and laughing at the foolish things we’ve done while younger and irresponsible. The concept is straightforward for those who haven’t played: every player has ten fingers. The players form circles and discuss the things they’ve never done, such as skinny dipping.

 The players who had done skinny dipping put their fingers on the floor and drank a glass of water, and then the game went on. If ten fingers are down by the time the game is thought to be the winner (or perhaps the winner, because of all the rich life experience? ), you are free to modify the game in a way that the loser either takes the shot or drinks the bottle. Be prepared to learn some embarrassing things about your friends.


Quiplash is a game of wits developed by Chicago-based game developers Jackbox Games that is meant for groups comprising three to eight players. Even when you don’t drink, it will cause giggles and test your buddies to determine who will be recognized as the funniest person within the group.

Quiplash is very simple and fun to play: all you need to do is respond to prompts that ask you to answer questions, such as “the last person you’d invite to your birthday party,” and then compete against your friends head-to-head and vote to determine which answer is the most clever or hilarious.

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You can purchase Quiplash for $4.99 on Steam and then connect the game to your Zoom account. Other than this, all anyone requires is a smartphone—which serves as your controller—and internet connectivity to play. Making it into an alcohol-based game is simple, and losers must shoot; if it’s tied, everyone must have a drink to find a solution within the timeframe you’ve been given; you’ll need to drink a bit of your beverage. The game will surely get more enjoyable and messy as time passes.

Cup Pong

It transports me back to my college days and dorm room tiles stuck with splattered beer. Cup Pong is a game that falls under the Game Pigeon umbrella—an app that lets you play various games using iMessage, including darts, basketball, and pool. Similar to beer pong, the goal is to throw a tiny ball of ping pong to Red Solo cups with just a motion of your wrist. You can even earn balls if you throw the two balls within a single spin. In contrast to beer pong, you do not need to be at a sweaty event to play. Chat with a friend on Facebook to play, and then drink a few beers while you play for complete enjoyment.

Would you rather

Would You Rather doesn’t require any additional accessories? It’s just a matter of making tough decisions. Get your group of friends together on Zoom or another video chat service you’ve got, then instruct them to brainstorm a few challenging questions that can result in a fascinating internal discussion.

In this variation that the players play, each can choose what options they’d prefer. The team that loses must drink. Do you prefer to be a centaur or a mermaid? Would you prefer a shot of soy sauce or hot sauce? Would you rather drink on your own at a party on Friday nights or engage in a brain-scratching game with your friends?

Most likely to

If you’ve never had a superlative in your yearbook from high school, you don’t have to wait too long! Learn what peers think of your character by participating in “Most Likely To.” The basic idea is that everyone decides who is most likely to accomplish something or do something, i.e., the most likely to become president, perhaps needing assistance to get out of the bar where they had drunk too much, or most likely to purchase something that isn’t necessary by using their stimulus funds. The person who is voted most likely will have a go regardless of whether they agree or not. You could even recreate the karaoke battle experience by playing this game for several rounds.

Truth or Shots

Let’s go back to sleepovers in middle school, when Truth or Dare, alongside MASH, were the most popular games. Instead of being compelled to walk out and scream at your friends or prank call your crush, the only options were telling the truth or taking an alcoholic drink. This is a challenge I’m willing to take.

Power Hour

Are you sure that Power Hour is an actual game? The sole objective is to drink a beverage every minute for an hour. This could be small sips of shot or a glass of wine when you’re feeling brave (though you’ll likely need to limit them at intervals of 10 minutes), and if you’re keen on enduring an uncontrollable hangover the next day, mugs of whatever non-alcoholic beverage you’ve got in your fridge.

The most enjoyable part of Power Hour is scheduling out the time to have a drink with friends and talk throughout the hour. The Michelada sips, as well as the chilled vino, are a bonus.

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Wizard Staff

Like Power Hour, Wizard Staff isn’t a game with many action options besides drinking. It was a game I played during college with my geeky friends, who were just as obsessed as I was with Settlers of Catan and playing Nintendo 64. When you play Wizard Staff, your main goal is to obtain the title “Wizard Staff.” What is the best way to do this?

After drinking copious amounts of canned beer, empty relics are then put in a stack and taped with duct tape. The person with the largest staff is the most effective. They need the largest cup of water by the end of the night. The concept is ridiculous, but becoming the next wizard is enticing.

King’s Cup

It’s not like sitting solemnly around a cup of brown liquor and carefully drawing cards until none are left. However, playing the online King’s Cup is possible! Choose to have a person serve as the card master and then pull the cards for everyone else, or use a virtual deck, such as the one featured on Drink Virtually.

It’s still the same experience of adhering to absurd rules and drinking sips without being physically present.

Drink, drank, drunk

Drink Drank Drunk can be described as a game played by crowdfunding in Amsterdam that has made its way to the internet (available at no cost!) due to the epidemic. It’s straightforward to play.

Create a virtual space with your pals, draw cards, and then complete the instructions by playing cards. The action cards include diverse superpowers, limitations, rules, and weaknesses, which can be formulated to keep the gameplay exciting and the beverages flowing.

Drink with friends

As the name suggests, Drink With Friends is a game about drinking with your friends. This online game allows you and your friends to play in virtual rooms using codes, like the game Jackbox Games has popularized. Once you’re in, use a virtual die to navigate across the board with your beverage in your palm.

Each tile you hit comes with different rules or challenges to adhere to. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner (or perhaps the loser, based on the number of drinks consumed during this game).

Online Drinking Games for Couples

If you are separated from your loved ones due to distance, you can be a part of their lives by playing online drinking games.

Don’t be silly:The game is played so that your opponent must stare at the screen without making a face. You must either say something or do something during the following five minutes to cause them to laugh. If they smile or laugh, you win. They must take an alcoholic drink.

Spot the lie:You must state three facts about yourself. Two must be truthful, and the third is lying. Your partner must determine which of the three is false. If they can guess correctly, they will be required to drink. If not, they’ll need to drink.

Striptease Dice:If you want to play a romantic game, try using the striptease dice. Utilize a virtual die, connect your computer screen, and roll the virtual die. If it ends at the even mark, you must drink. If it comes up on the odd end of the scale, you must remove a piece from your clothing. If you feel that your partner is uncomfortable, don’t push them.

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True or False:You assign the other participant a phrase they must use in a sentence while telling an account. You must determine whether the story they are telling is true or not. If you can guess correctly, the other person drinks; if you do it incorrectly, you need to have one drink.

Online Scrabble: If you are a wordsmith, playing online Scrabble can be a fantastic idea. The game can be downloaded onto your phone and played as traditional Scrabble. Whoever loses the game has to drink alcohol.

Skip It: In this game, both of you must say numbers or letters that have twists. If you pick numbers, you need to repeat them quickly, but not the odd numbers. For example, you can say one, and after that, three. Also, recite the letters; however, you should not use vowels. Every time you fail, you need to drink a sip of your beverage.

Name It: Gather random photos and save two copies. Zoom in on one image and forward it to your friend. After they have guessed, send the second picture. For each wrong prediction, the other person has to sip a glass of booze.


What Is the Game of Online Drinking?

What are drinking games on the internet? Drinking games online are virtual drinking games that require the consumption of alcohol. The players must sip their drink at the prompting of the rules or the other players. Players play the games during video calls using Zoom and FaceTime.

What is the top drinking game?

Flip Cup. The most enjoyable drinking game can be played by anyone, anywhere. They’re not difficult to master, but they are difficult to master. They’re quick, enjoyable, and easy to master.

What Is the Most Popular Number 7 Drinking Game?

What happens when you speak the number 7 (or the multiplication of 7)? You take a sip from your beverage if you speak seven in a number. If you can say seven times seven, you can drink what’s left in your glass. Continue to play as you watch it grow more difficult as the numbers rise (and your sobriety level declines).

How do you play The Game of Life Drinking Game?

Answer: The Game of Life Drinking Game is played by following the rules of the classic board game, but adding drinking rules to certain spaces and events. For example, players may take a drink whenever they land on a “payday” space, or when they get married in the game.

What are some tips for playing The Game of Life Drinking Game?

Answer: It’s important to drink responsibly and to pace yourself when playing any drinking game. Players should also be aware of their limits and know when to stop. It may also be helpful to have non-alcoholic options available for those who do not want to drink.

Are there any variations to The Game of Life Drinking Game?

Answer: Yes, there are many variations of The Game of Life Drinking Game depending on the preferences of the players. Some may add additional rules or modify existing ones, while others may choose to play with different types of drinks or drink sizes.

What are some other popular drinking games online?

Answer: Some popular drinking games online include Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, and Never Have I Ever. These games can be played with friends in person or virtually, and are a fun way to socialize and have a good time while drinking.