Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Worth It?

Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Worth It?

Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Worth It?

If you’re interested in getting a career in the IT support field, the Google IT support professional certificate may be the answer for you. This certificate is available on Google’s Coursera site and is not difficult to complete. You’ll need a computer with a working internet connection and access to a Linux or Windows operating system. In addition to hands-on exercises, the course includes career advice from Googlers from different backgrounds.


Obtaining a Google IT Support professional certificate usually costs at least US$234 and you can choose to pay a one-time fee or subscribe for monthly courses. If you decide to go with a monthly subscription, you can enroll in a course for as little as $39 per month. However, if you plan on completing the entire course in a short period of time, you will be better off opting for a fixed-cost option. The cost for a three-month subscription is $117, and it’s worth noting that you’ll save 33% if you sign up for a six-month subscription.

Another great feature of the Google IT Support Professional certificate is its community of peers. The community is divided into weekly topical discussions and encourages students to interact with each other and share experiences. These discussions are crucial when learning something new and can be difficult. Fortunately, a Google IT Support professional certificate community provides support when discussing difficult topics. This way, you’ll never feel alone in tackling a new topic. You’ll have a support network and an audience to bounce questions off of.

After completing the first two courses, the third course is dedicated to learning more advanced IT tasks. This course focuses on operating systems and common threats to computer systems. Additionally, it will teach students how to manage and configure file systems and disk partitions, as well as troubleshoot common IT issues. And because it’s offered by Google and Coursera, you’ll earn a dual accreditation. So what’s the cost of a Google IT Support Professional Certificate?


You might have heard about the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, a certification that can help you become a successful IT support professional. But do these courses really work? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. This certification program is offered by Google on Coursera, the same platform that hosts edX courses. The certificate includes other courses that you could take before it, so you can build upon your previous learning.

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The Google IT automation certificate consists of five to eight classes that build upon each other. All the classes are online, so you can study at your own pace and review the lessons whenever you want. Coursera estimates that you can complete the entire program in six to eight months. You’ll need to dedicate approximately eight hours a week to complete it. Considering the course length and complexity, the Google IT support professional certificate is an excellent choice for people seeking entry-level IT support positions.

The Coursera platform is one of the largest platforms for MOOC courses. This online platform partners with some of the world’s best universities to create courses that reflect the content of these universities and are aligned with the demands of the professional market. Google IT support professional certificate is one of the several courses offered by the coursera platform. To get started, check out the free Technical Support Fundamentals course, which introduces the world of IT, including customer service, Internet usage, troubleshooting, and computer hardware and software. The course will also help you learn more about the Certificate program and what it involves.

SUNY Schenectady

For those looking to get a career in IT, SUNY Schenectady’s Google IT Support Professional Certificate is an excellent choice. The certificate includes five online modules and an innovative curriculum. A certificate in IT support is ideal for anyone seeking entry-level jobs in the field, whether in an office or working remotely. This certificate is a part of SUNY’s Grow with Google initiative.

A person wishing to earn a Google IT Support Professional certificate needs a computer or laptop. The exercises are completed in a virtual learning environment known as Qwiklabs. Because of this, students can use either Windows or Linux operating systems. The certification is highly transferable and offers career opportunities in various fields. The certificate takes less than 8 months to complete and requires between eight and ten hours of study per lesson.

SUNY Schenectady offers more than 50 programs and has some of the lowest tuition costs in the Capital District. Parchment is considered an unofficial transcript and is sent out one at a time. A student’s tuition is not refundable. Some community colleges bundle the Google IT Support Professional Certificate with other services. Lincoln Land Community College, for instance, bundles the course with its Career Development Soft Skills program.

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The Google IT Support Professional Certificate prepares learners for entry-level IT support positions. It covers basic IT skills, including troubleshooting, networking, operating systems, and system management. The certificate also prepares learners to take CompTIA A+ tests, the industry standard for IT professionals. After completing the courses, learners can choose to take the exams for dual certification. In addition to providing IT support skills, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate also helps individuals advance their career.

This certificate is an entry-level IT position that is highly sought-after. The IT field is rapidly expanding. According to Labor Insights, there are 340,500 IT job openings in the U.S., with entry-level positions earning around $50,800 per year. After earning your Certificate, you’ll have the skills necessary to compete in the IT industry. And, the best part? Earning this certificate can help you get hired by top employers.

There are three courses that constitute the Google IT Support Technical Certificate program. The course includes an overview of the five-layer computer network architecture, common networking protocols, various network systems, and how to troubleshoot and install them. The course also covers storage and cloud computing, as well as the fundamentals of operating systems, software management, and hardware configuration. The program is highly practical and requires the completion of twelve graded assessments. The certificates are valid for one year. The courses are also accredited with 4.0 CEUs.


Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate worth it? It’s not an entry-level IT certification, but it will help you get a foot in the door. Many people don’t know that the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is equivalent to the CompTIA A+ certification. Fortunately, Google has teamed up with CompTIA and is offering a dual badge of completion. In addition to granting a certificate, you’ll be able to share your information with employers that are looking for entry-level IT talent.

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To earn your Google IT Support Professional certificate, you’ll need a laptop or computer. During the training, you’ll use an online environment called Qwiklabs to complete the exercises. You can even use Linux or Windows operating systems as long as you have these installed. This is a bonus for people with limited computer skills. And while this online learning environment may be complicated, it will teach you the basics of IT support.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate costs US $117 after the free trial. It costs $294 if you finish the course within six months. However, you can receive financial aid course by course. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be notified via email and automatically enrolled in the course. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate includes a basic introduction to the information technology industry, including computer hardware, software, and the internet. You’ll learn troubleshooting, problem-solving, and customer service.


If you’ve always been interested in an IT career but aren’t sure what to expect, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate may be just what you’re looking for. The program, which is available through Coursera, provides students with the basic skills they need to land an entry-level position in the industry. Its course content includes operating system installation, security, networking, and more. Google’s program is part of the company’s initiative to help people obtain IT job training and boost employment prospects.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a valuable credential that can be stacked with other IT credentials. Some degree programs recognize this credential, including a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of London. By completing the Google IT program, students can find stable employment and progress in their career. But, what is the future of IT support? Will it become a niche or a viable career option? What does it mean to have the skills needed to succeed?

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate costs $294 when completed in six months. Financial aid is available for course-by-course learning. Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive an email confirming your eligibility and enrolling in your chosen course. You’ll be notified by email whether you qualify for financial aid and will be enrolled in the course as soon as your application is approved. The certification process is straightforward, and the course will take you about six months to complete.