Japanese grocery store | What to buy & from where?

Japanese grocery store

Japanese grocery store | What to buy for home?

Japanese Grocery store. What to buy ?

Washoku, or traditional Japanese cuisine, is based on five fundamental ingredients known as”sa-shi-su-se-so. That will bring the distinctly Japanese tastes. Keep reading to find out more about the many sauces and condiments of Japan. However In the USA, sometimes we don’t find most of the ingredients to cook proper Japanese food. The best advice is to know your nearest Japanese grocery store and stock up your pantry.

What shall you buy from the Japanese grocery store?

Shichimi togarashi, or”seven spice pepper”, is a spice mix made with red pepper and Western sansho pepper, combined with dried mustard, ginger, and lavender. It is very yummy, yet not overly hot, as Japanese cuisine will be less hot than other Asian cuisines. Try it onto a donburi rice bowl dish with a few soba or udon noodles.


Japanese Grocery store
Japanese Grocery store

Tonkatsu sauce or “usuta sauce” as it’s a slender, more liquid feel, or”chuno” sauce when it’s a medium-thick texture. Usuta sauce will become popular at the western Kansai area of Japan, whilst chunk sauce is more prevalent in the southern Kanto area. Also similar are okonomiyaki sauce and takoyaki sauce, which utilize the same mix of spices and fruits like tonkatsu sauce.

Japanese Mayo is a sauce that has many hardcore fans, as a result of its distinctive taste and smooth feel which stand out of Western-style mayonnaise. The way of preparation is with more egg yolk compared to Western-style mayo. And no egg whites that provide Japanese mayo with a more rich and creamy taste that is balanced with a sweet mix of spices and a touch of MSG to get a pinch of umami taste.


As they steep in water, it generates an umami-rich dashi broth. You can even use it as a garnish for an assortment of dishes, such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and ohitashi (cold spinach salad). The paper-thin fish aromas respond to heat, which creates the illusion they are living and moving when they’re added to hot food.


Furikake is a salty Japanese condiment that combines various seasonings that match nicely with rice. It was made throughout the post-war period for a food ration which may be added to enhance the nutrient value of almost any meal.


It adds a delectably tangy flavor to grilled ” Wagyu Steak and Yakitori”. 

After eliminating the pit, Japanese mash umeboshi to a paste. Use it as a condiment for consumption yakitori, as a topping for ochazuke and okayu or cold noodles, or as an ingredient in salad dressings. Ume is a favourite summer ingredient since it is thought to be great for combating heat fatigue.

Sansho pepper is a sort of spice that is frequently utilized to season grilled foods such as eel and yakitori. It is produced from a tiny green peppercorn which has a sharp tingly spiciness with a citrusy taste.


Wasabi is Japanese horseradish. It is a root that is freshly ground to a hot gel used to season all sorts of dishes. You can use it for grilled beef and poultry, cold noodle dishes. Also ochazuke (a dish of sausage and rice with hot broth or tea poured on it). You will find wasabi not only in Japanese grocery store, but any Asian store.

While out of Japan, wasabi is famous chiefly as a condiment for sushi and sashimi, the wasabi that is provided is generally imitation wasabi created from Western horseradish and food colouring.

It is a superb choice to dipping sauce for tempura, which permits you to enjoy the crisp feel of tempura with no sogginess.


Tsuyu is a concentrated canning sauce used for tempura or to get soba, udon, and tsukemen noodles in which it is often known as “mentsuyu”. It is made with a soy sauce base, combined using a tasty dashi broth of bonito fish broth and kelp.

Once you end sipping your noodles, at a few restaurants, it is possible to request”soup-wari” to pour to the focused mentsuyu to generate a yummy soup for ingesting.


Karashi is Japanese mustard very similar to hot English mustard, also packs a punch on precisely the same amount as wasabi. Where wasabi includes a freshness, karashi is especially savoury and promotes the umami tastes of meals, in addition to cutting through the abundance of beef dishes. It can be purchased in both powder and paste form.

Tare sauce is a soy sauce-based sauce widely used for fried foods.

You need to shop once from your Japanese grocery store and keep them in your kitchen. Please ensure that all the sauces and condiments have a long shelf life. Try to keep them refrigerated once you open the bottles or jars.

Japanese food in the USA

Japanese food is becoming increasingly popular across the USA. Korean-oriented markets also take a good deal of Japanese food provides. (Chinese store don’t have Japanese grocery, even though they might have some products.)

Pick the right soy sauce from your Japanese grocery store

If you have ever cooked Asian foods and had the effect go wrong, you are likely to blame your pick of soy sauce. However, a little understanding goes a very long way.

One arose as a fish sauce along with another, soy sauce. From there they diverged radically based on civilization, religion, demography and geography. The Buddhists, using their vegetarian clinic, took soy sauce into East Asia. The Chinese merchants, who went on to market their wares at the south, took both fish sauce and soy sauce together because they can, and thus they did.

Soy sauce

That is a simplistic explanation of the way underwater Asian cuisine was dominated by using fish sauce. Soy sauce became commonly utilized in naturalized variations of Chinese-influenced dishes.  For example, five-spice stewed pork, known as adobo, pah lo, tau yew bak, babi kecap and thįt Kho tàu.

From the east, soy sauce turned into another thing completely. The creation of soy-based goods is unique to every geographical place. Such as miso in Japan and doenjang in Korea.

If you call it shōyu or even sii ew or simply old loyal soy sauce, then we’re speaking to some soybean-based condiment. And that’s where the similarity ends.

How frequently do you find a recipe which requires soy sauce and reach to your Kikkoman — probably koikuchi, the darker variation? It is clear if you do it is perhaps the most readily accessible soy sauce manufacturer globally. But bear in mind that soy sauces aren’t the same. If you use the incorrect one, you are going to get a dish that is something completely different from what is intended from the recipe.

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The manufacting process varies

The factors include the manufacturing process (natural fermentation or from hydrolysis?).

  •  Aspergillus mould it had been inoculated with (A. oryzae, A. sojae, A. tamari and A. wentii would be the most frequent ).
  •  The existence of wheat or different grain. 
  • The ageing process; the proportion of these ingredients; and also the existence of different compounds.

I have an entire section in my cupboard that’s only for soy sauce. Occasionally when I am feeling loose, I mix this up and constantly inevitably kick myself in the final result. If I am cooking a Japanese-inspired dish such as Goma-ae and utilize a mild Chinese soy sauce, then it is off, and vice versa.

It is not about credibility; I’m more worried about flavour. That is the reason you have to know where the geographic and ethnic inspiration of a dish comes out of the kitchen. As an example, if you’re making pad see ew, then you have to get a Thai-style black, sweet carrot. No two ways about it, you can’t make this dish Kikkoman.

Japanese shōyu

Koikuchi: the dark beverage many commonly utilized in cooking.

Tamari: the crema of miso manufacturing, it’s the liquid byproduct of miso manufacturing and possibly the closest in flavour and method into the initial soy sauce of China, chiefly wheat-free, used for cooking and chopping.

Usukuichi: this one includes a shorter brew interval which causes a milder and saltier brew favoured from the Kansai area; frequently amazake is included.

My chef buddy  patiently explained to me the differences are more to do with all the kinds of fish which were common to every area. Tokyo Bay used to harbour more grim fish species like mackerel, sardines and tuna, therefore required a darker soy sauce such as koikuchi. However, the common fish at the Kyoto region tended to become white fish like sea bream, tilefish and pike conger — thus a milder brew arose. However if you shop from online or Japanese grocery store, better to have few vareities of say sauce.

Chinese soy sauces

Light soy: somewhat thinner, lighter fashion. The principal components are wheat and soy that’s steamed, inoculated with A. oryzae and left to ferment in a wet brine. That is most frequently used for seasoning and dipping. There are varying levels of mild soy because there is varying quality of olive oils. The first media is called superior soy sauce.

Dark soy sauce: yìn yóu, currently produced mostly in Taiwan, is the only called for in crimson cooking dishes (a slow braising method that provides a red/brown colour to the last dish). The distinction here is that the addition of rock salt and a longer fermentation period.

Blended soy/dark candy soy/thick soy: might have inclusions of molasses, starches, colour, MSG, mushrooms and even dry spices; employed for more cooking procedures and a part to dipping sauces.

South-east Asian soy noodles

A lot of south-west Asian cuisine, which uses soy sauce, is dependent on its counterparts. The creation of soy sauces in such areas has become a massive industry, largely handed down by the Chinese diaspora.

 A favourite brand for mild soy sauce is Golden Mountain, which is a lot lighter than the Chinese edition. It’s a lot more additive inclusions and can be a noodle that is omnipresent that takes pride of place near fish sauce at most pantries.

The difference between black soy sauce is that the usage of hands sugar molasses, instead of cane, as the sweetening agent. However, those old traditions are presently being dropped, as glucose is a more affordable commodity. Now it’s coming back full circle, and now dark sweet soy is just differentiated by the levels of additives and sweetness.

As a side note, whilst seasoning sauce such as Maggi enjoys worldwide fame, it isn’t thought to be a soy sauce since it does not contain additives.

While Looking to buy soy sauces, from Japanese or Chinese grocery store, my hints are:

Search for sauces in glass bottles: there’s an assortment of reasons for it, but the most important one is no form of compounds to your meals.

Pick smaller dimensions: soy sauce oxidizes in the minute that you start it, so if you don’t go through heaps, purchase smaller or keep it in the refrigerator upon launching.

Where to Purchase Japanese grocery store Online in the USA

The Factors When Choosing Online Seller

Location: In case you’re in the U.S., then you’ll almost certainly wish to purchase as locally as possible to lessen the delivery price and turnaround times to get your product(s).

Transportation Details: it can help to find low-cost or free shipping as who wants to invest $25 on transport a $4 bag of chips from Japan.

Specialized Online Retailer: There is a range of websites where online sales are still an afterthought, so turnaround times, problems with your purchase, or the simplicity of being able to put trade and also the processing of your purchase can vary significantly.

Product Focus: a few online sellers might sell everything under sunlight, while others will concentrate on a particular market of merchandise. It pays to understand which internet marketplaces specialize by which goods to find the best deal, choice, and support.

Amazon: there are several things you need to check Amazon for because of Amazon’s reliability and speedy turnaround times that may be as quickly as same day or the following day.

Japanese Grocery store
Japanese Grocery store

Location: Amazon has centers all around the U.S. (that’s the idle answer because I am not planning to look this up since they’re generally fast).

Transportation Details: if you’re not comfortable or have purchased anything off Amazon, then you ought to be new to internet shopping. If that’s you, Amazon is continually working on ways to better their processing and fulfillment times, which means that you can get products the same day, to this very next moment.

MTC Kitchen

if you’re in the restaurant business, you may understand who this business is because they’re a dominant competitor.

Shipping Details: They have a fast turnaround within 24 hours. I picked a 3-Day pick, and I received my order on the next Tuesday. The very best part is that they notify you along the way of where your package is.

Japanese grocery store near me

List of Japanese Grocery store in the USA


Lee Lee’s International Marketplace in Chandler
Fry’s Market in Maricopa
Asiana in Mesa
AZ International Market in Mesa
Mekong Plaza in Mesa
Lee Lee International Supermarket in Peoria
Asiana in Phoenix
New Toyko Food Market in Phoenix
Ranch Market in Phoenix
Traders Joes in Phoenix
Fujiya Market in Tempe
Lee Lee International Supermarket in Tucson
Sandy Oriental Market in Tucson

California — Northern

Yaoya-san in Albany
Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley
Berkeley Bowl West in Berkeley
Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley
Marina Food in Cupertino
Marukai in Cupertino
99 Ranch Market in Cupertino
Pacific Super in Daly City
99 Ranch Market in Daly City
Daiso in Daly City
Kim’s Mart Davis
99 Ranch Market in El Cerrito
Yaoya-san in El Cerrito
99 Ranch Market in Dublin
Little Japan in Eureka
99 Ranch Market in Folsom
The 99 Ranch Market in Foster City
99 Ranch Market in Fremont
Marina Food in Fremont
Central Fish Company in Fresno
RN Market in Fresno
Nijiya Market in Mountain View
Koreana Plaza Asian Market (KP Asian Market) in Oakland
99 Ranch Market in Pleasant Hill
99 Ranch Market in Pleasanton
Koreana in Rancho Cordova
99 Ranch Market in Sacramento
Oto’s Marketplace in Sacramento
Vinh Phat Market in Sacramento
Mira in San Francisco
Nijiya in San Francisco
Pacific Ranch in San Lorenzo
H Marts in San Jose (2 locations)
Lion Supermarket in San Jose
Mitsuwa Market in San Jose
Nijiya in San Jose
Santo Market in San Jose
Marina Food in San Mateo
Nijiya in San Mateo
Suzuki Supermarket in San Mateo
Takahashi Market in San Mateo
Asian Market in San Rafael
99 Ranch Market in Santa Clara
Super Kyo-Po Plaza in Santa Clara
Asia MartSanta Rosa
Sari-Sari Market in Roseville
Pacific Supermarket in South San Francisco
Grass Roots in South Lake Tahoe
Sakura in Stockton
Hancock Supermarket in Sunnyvale
Marina Food in Union City
Diablo Oriental Foods in Walnut Creek
Pajaro Valley Fish Market (Yamashita Market) in Watsonville
County Square Market in Vacaville

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California — Southern

Nijiya Market in City of Industry
99 Ranch in Corona
Mitsuwa Market in Costa Mesa
Seiwa Market in Costa Mesa
Tokyo Central in Costa Mesa
Ebisu Market in Fountain Valley
Marukai (Tokyo Central & Main) in Gardena
Nikka Japanese Market in Goleta
Nijiya Market in Hacienda Heights
Mitsuwa in Irvine
Zion Market in Irvine
Marukai in Los Angeles
Mitsuwa in Los Angeles
Kyoto Gift and Food in Oceanside
Asahi Market in Oxnard
Korean Market and BBQ in Ridgecrest
Orient Outlet in Ridgecrest
Kim’s Oriental Market in Seaside
99 Ranch markets in San Diego (few locations)
H Mart San Diego
Marukai in San Diego
Mitsuwa in San Diego
Nijiya in San Diego
Zion Market in San Diego
H Mart Torrance
Nijiya in Torrance
Marukai in Torrance
Mitsuwa in Torrance
Seiwa Market in Torrance
Tokyo Central in West Covina
Marukai in West Los Angeles
Nijiya in West Los Angeles


H Mart In Aurora
Asian Food Market in Boulder
Asian Pacific Market in Colorado Springs
Seoul Oriental Grocery Market in Colorado Springs
Pacific Mercantile in Denver
Pacific Ocean Marketplace in Denver
H Mart in Westminster


Japanese grocery store near me

Cho Mien Nam in Bridgeport
Food Bazaar in Bridgeport
Fuji Mart in Greenwich
Asian Supermarket in Milford
Lin Asian Food Market in Milford
Sharon Farm Market in Sharon
Maruichi in West Hartford


Brandon Oriental Market in Brandon
Sasaya Japanese Market in Fort Lauderdale
Leaf Asian Market in Fort Myers
Circle Japan in Jacksonville
New World Food Market and Restaurant in Jacksonville
GiGi’s Oriental Market in Lakeland
Beijing Mart in Miami
Japanese Market in North Bay Village
Yamada-ya Oriental Food in Ocala
1st Oriental Asian Supermarket in Orlando
1st Spring Supermarket in Orlando
Dong-A Imports in Orlando
Lotte Plaza Market in Orlando
Mia Supermarket in Orlando
Super Oriental Market in Orlando
MD Oriental Market in Pinellas Park
Saigon Oriental Market and Deli in Pensacola
Bien Dong Oriental Market in Pensacola
Tony’s Asian Market in Pensacola
Richard’s Health Food Store in Port Charlotte
PJ’s Asian Market in St. Augustine
The International Asian Market in South Daytona
Lynn’s Oriental Market in Tallahassee
Kotobuki Oriental Market in Tampa
MD Oriental Market in Tampa


A dong in Clarkston
Buford Highway Farmer’s Market (an International Grocery) in Atlanta
The first oriental market in Decatur
Your Dekalb farmers market in Decatur
H Mart in Doraville
H Mart in Duluth
Numsok oriental market in Clarkston
Nam Dae Mun in Lawrenceville
Oriental Market Place in Newman
Tomato 2 Japanese Grocery Store in Norcross
J Mart in Peachtree City
H Mart in Riverdale
Tomato Japanese Grocery Store in Smyrna


KTA Superstores in Kailua-Kona
Foodland in Kailua
KTA Superstores in Kamuela
Tamura’s Market in Maui
Kilauea Market in Hilo
KTA Superstores in Hilo
Don Quixote in Honolulu
J-Shop in Honolulu
Marukai in Honolulu
Nijiya Market in Honolulu
Times Supermarket in Honolulu
Tamura’s Market in Oahu
Don Quixote in Pearl City
Mitsuwa Marketplace in Waikiki
TJ’s Warehouse in Wailuku


Orient Market in Boise


Japanese grocery store near me
Mitsuwa Market in Arlington Heights
Fresh International Market in Champaign
AM-KO Oriental Foods & Gifts in Champaign
H Mart in Chicago
Joong Boo in Chicago
Tensuke Market in Elk Grove Village
Assi Plaza in Niles
Asian Market in Peoria


Iwataya in Evansville
Asia Mart in Indianapolis
One World Market in Indianapolis
Saraga International Market in Indianapolis
Hungry Asian Market in Kokomo
Asia Oriental Market in West Lafayette


Saigon Market in Des Moines
C Fresh Market in Des Moines
Yenchay Market in Mt. Pleasant
Wang’s Asian Market in Urbandale


Japanese Grocery store near me
Japanese Grocery store near me

Hyundai Market in Leavenworth
Yi’s Market in Manhattan
888 International Market in Overland Park
Oriental Supermarket in Overland Park
Pan Asia Market in Overland Park
Asian Market in Wichita
Asian Groceries in Witchita
Dong Huong Gourmet Asian Market in Witchita
Grace Market in Wichita
KC’s Oriental Market in Wichita
Kim Son Asian Food Market in Wichita
Thai Binh in Wichita
WholeFoods in Wichita


Ayame Japanese & Gourmet grocery store and Market in Lexington
Kaede Market in Lexington
Choi’s Asian Food Market in Louisville
Dixie oriental in Louisville
Viet Hoa in Louisville
Oriental Supermarkets in Louisville
Soel Oriental Food Store in Oak Grove


Hong Kong Food Market in New Orleans
Oriental Market in New Orleans


Hong Kong Market in Portland
Haknuman Meanchey in Portland
Serey Pheap Market in Portland
Sun Oriental Market in Portland
Veranda Asian Market in Portland
Vientiane Market in Portland
Tran’s Market in Biddeford


Japanese grocery store near me

Bayanihan Food Market in Aberdeen
LA Mart in Baltimore
Hinata in Bethesda
H Mart in Catonsville
Lotte Market in Catonsville
H Mart in Ellicott City
Lotte Market in Ellicott City
H Mart in Frederick
H Mart in Gaithersburg
Lotte Market in Gaithersburg
Lotte Market in Germantown
GW Supermarket in Rockville
Lotte Plaza in Rockville
Maruichi Grocery in Rockville
Asian Food Center (Japanese Outlet — Mitsukawa) in Salisbury
H Mart in Silver Spring
Lotte Market in Silver Spring
H Mart in Wheaton


Hong Kong Market in Allston
Mom’s House in Amherst
H Mart in Burlington
Maruichi in Brookline
H Mart in Cambridge
Big Y in Greenfield
Stop & Shop in Greenfield
TransWorld Food Market in Hadley
Ebisuya Market in Medford,
Kam Man in Quincy
Reliable Market in Somerville


Maruichi in Rockville
back to top
Galleria Asian Market in Ann Arbor
Tsai Grocery in Ann Arbor
Noble Fish in Clawson
Asian Delight Marketplace in Kentwood
168 Asia Mart in Madison Heights
One World Market in Novi
Pacific Rim Foods in Portage
H Mart in Troy


United Noodles in Minneapolis
Ha Tian Grocery Store in St. Paul
Shanghai Market in St. Paul
Kim’s Oriental Market in St. Paul


Lee’s Grocery in Biloxi
Oriental Market


Walmart in Carthage
Walmart in Joplin
Chinatown Food Market in Kansas City
Yoki in Kansas City
Global Foods in Kirkwood
Pan-Asia Supermarket in Manchester
Seoul Oriental Market in Springfield
East Oriental Grocery Store in St. Louis
Jay’s International Market in St. Louis
Walmart in Webb City


Japanese grocery store near me

World Market in Missoula
Vientiane Oriental Market in Grand Island
88 Oriental Market in Grand Island
Oriental Market in Grand Island
Asian Market in Omaha
Omaha Oriental Food & Gifts in Omaha
Walmart in Omaha


Japan Creek Market in Henderson
Greenland Market in Las Vegas
Nakata Market of Japan in Las vegas
International Marketplace in Las Vegas
Japan Creek Market in Las Vegas


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New Hampshire

Lanna Asian Market in Nashua
Katmandu Bazaar
Walmart in Somersworth
Saigon Market at 476 Union Street, Manchester
Yipes Asian Market at 55 Main St., West Lebanon
Bangkok Asian Market and Cafe at 70 Hanover St. #2, Lebanon
Asian Super Store ON THE MALL, 24 Hanover St # 4, Lebanon

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New Mexico

Aiko’s Oriental Food in Alamogordo
999 Seafood in Albuquerque
A1 Oriental Market in Albuquerque
Talin Market in Albuquerque

New Jersey

Wegmans in Bridgewater
H-Mart in Cherry Hill
Mitsuwa Market in Edgewater
Kam Man Foods in Edison
H Mart in Edison
99 Ranch Market in Hackensack
Asian Food Market in Marlboro
H-Mart in Paramus
Asian Food Markets in Plainsboro
Asia Supermarket in Pleasantville
Wegmans in Princeton
J Mart in Ridgewood
Wegmans in many locations in NJ

New York

Asian Supermarket in Albany
Family Market in Astoria
Midoriya in Brooklyn
Sunrise Mart in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
H Mart in Flushing
Sakura-Ya in Forest Hills
Nijiya Market in Hartsdale
Asia Food Market in Henrietta
Asia Market in Henrietta
H Mart in Hicksville
Ithaca Tofu Market in Ithaca
H Mart in Jericho
Dainobu in NYC
H Mart in NYC Koreatown
Katagiri in NYC
Monroe Farms (small Japanse grocery store but it has All of the basics)
New York Mart in NYC Chinatown
Sunrise Mart in NYC
Tominaga Shouten in Port Washington
Purple Rice in Potsdam
Shin Nippon Do in Roslyn Heights
Fuji Mart in Scarsdale
Taiyo Foods in Sunnyside
The Far East & Asian Groceries in Syracuse
Asian Market in Watertown
Daido Market in White Plains

North Carolina

Japanese and Chinese grocery store near me

WAKUWAKU Eatery in Asheville
H-Mart in Cary
Toyo Shokuhin & Gift Shop in Cary
Overseas Asian Grocer in Charlotte
Super G Mart International Foods in Charlotte
Sun Asian Supermarket in Fayetteville
Super G Mart International Foods in Greensboro
Asian Imports in Havelock
Matsuya in Hubert
Hatoya Japanese Grocery in Pineville
Grand Asia Market in Raleigh
Grand Asia Market in Stallings
North Dakota
Asian Gourmet Market in Bismarck


CAM Asia Market in Cincinnati
Tokyo Oriental Food Market in Cincinnati
CAM International Market in Columbus
Four Seas Asian Food in Columbus
J.Avenue Japanese Collection in Columbus (not a grocery store, but a gift shop carrying gifts, dining ware, kitchenware/gadgets)
Park 2 Shop in Columbus
Tensuke Market in Columbus
Sunrise Asian Supermarket in Columbus
Sunrise International Market in Columbus
Yao Lee Oriental Supermarket in Columbus
Far East Center in Dayton
Dong Yong Oriental Food in Fairborn
Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield
Oriental Market in Mayfield Heights
CAM Asia Market in North Randall
Market District in Strongsville


Chinatown Supermarket in Oklahoma City
Super Cao Nguyen in Oklahoma City
NAM-HAI oriental market in Tulsa
Asian market in Tulsa


Japanese grocery store

Uwajimaya in Beaverton (near Portland)
99 Ranch Market in Beaverton (near Portland)
H Mart in Corvallis
Rice and Spice in Corvallis
Sunrise Asian Market in Eugene
Red Apple in Ontario
A-Dong Market in Salem
Wing Wa Oriental Market in Salem
Fubonn Supermarket in Portland
H Mart in Portland
Uwahimata in Portland
H Mart in Tigard


Maido! in Ardmore
Mei Ya Asian Market in Bloomsburg
Yu Grocery in Downingtown
H Mart Elkins Park in Philadelphia
H Mart Upper Darby in H Mart Upper Darby
Gong’s Market in Malvern
J Mart in Montgomeryville
Tokyo Japanese Store (Tokyo Shoten) in Pittsburgh
East Asian Market in State College
Far Corners Asian Market in State College
Ser-Mart in Sunbury

Rhode Island

Chinese American Mini Market in Cranston
Asian Food Market in East Providence
New Asian Market in Providence

South Carolina

H & L Asian Market in Charleston
His & Her Asian Mart in Goose Creek
Saigon Supermarket in South Charleston
Tanpopo in Greenville
Sachi’s in Sumter


Asian Market in Kingsport
Oriental Super Mart in Knoxville
Sunrise Supermarket in Knoxville
CCN International Market in Nashville
Fresh & Fresh International Market in Nashville
InterAsian Market and Deli in Nashville
International Market and Restaurant in Nashville
K & S World Markets in Nashville
Sono Bana Japanese Restaurant & Grocery in Nashville


Japanese grocery store near me

Cho Saigon in Arlington
Hiep Thai in Arlington
May Hao Market in Arlington
Asahi Imports in Austin
Central Market in Austin
H Mart in Cedar Park/ Austin (opening soon in 2008)
Hana World Market in Austin
MT Supermarket in Austin
H Mart in Carrollton
99 Ranch Market in Carrollton
Central Market in Dallas
Kazy’s Gourmet Shop in Dallas
Central Market in Ft. Worth
Hong Kong Market in Grand Prairie
H Mart in Houston
Hong Kong Food Market in Houston
Nippon Daido in Houston
Seiwa Market in Houston
The O’mart in Killeen
Pa Wady Asian Grocery Store in Nacogdoches
Minna no Japanese Grocery in San Antonio
Tokyo Martin San Antonio
Walmart in Paris
Central Market in Plano
H Mart in Plano
Jusgo Supermarket in Plano
Mitsuwa Marketplace in Plano
Minaya in Plano
99 Ranch in Plano
Yun Loy Asian Market in Spring


Asian Market in Provo
Japan-Sage Market in Salt Lake City
Kim Long Supermarket in Salt Lake City
Oriental Food Market in Salt Lake City
Salt Lake Chinatown in Salt Lake City
Ocean Mart in Sandy
Ocean Mart in Roy


H Mart in Annandale
Lotte Market in Annandale
All Whole Foods in Arlington
Lotte Plaza in Ashburn
Oasis World Market in Blacksburg
H Mart in Fairfax
H Mart in Falls Church
New Grand Mart in Falls Church
Safeway in Great Falls
All Whole Foods in Reston
Tokyo Market in Newport News
Farm Fresh in Newport News
New Grand Supermarkets in Richmond (Two locations. Please check addresses on the web )
Tan-A Supermarket at Richmond
Tokyo Market at Richmond
Coco Food International Market at Sterling
All Whole Foods in Vienna
Farmers International Foods at Virginia Beach
Grand Mart in Virginia Beach
Ichiban Japanese Food Store at Virginia Beach
J Mart Japanese Grocery at Virginia Beach
Wegmans (many places ) at Northern Virginia


Japanese grocery store near me

Asian Food Center at Bellevue
H-Mart at Bellevue
Uwajimaya at Bellevue
Asia Oriental marketplace in Bellingham
West Coast Asian Grocer at Bellingham
Saars at Bremerton
Boo Han Oriental Industry in Edmonds
Evergreen Asian Market at Everett
Savanxiy Grocery at Everett
H Mart at Federal Way
99 Ranch Market at Kent
Golden Dragon Asian Market at Kennewick
Pal-Do Earth n Lakewood
99 Ranch Market at Lynnwood
G-Mart at Lynnwood
H-Mart at Lynnwood
JD’s Marketplace in Lynnwood
Central Market at Mill Creek
Saars Marketplace at Oak Harbor
Columbia Oriental Industry in Pasco
Central Market in Poulsbo
McPhee’s at Port Angeles
Uwajimaya at Renton
Viet Wah at Renton
Leyte Asian Shop in Richland
Asian Food Center at Seattle
H Mart at Seattle
HT Oaktree Market at Seattle
Kai Market at Seattle
Lam’s Seafood Market in Seattle
Maruta Shoten at Seattle
Uwajimaya in Seattle
Viet Wah at Seattle
Central Market in Shoreline
Fil-Am Food & Gifts Inc. at Shoreline
Asian Planet in Spokane
Seafood City at Tukwila

Washington DC

Hana Japanese Market


Asian Foods at Madison
Asian Shop at Madison
Outpost Natural Foods at Mequon
Outpost Natural Foods at Milwaukee
Union Market at Sheboygan