Best Steak knives guide for your Tomahawk Steak 2021

Best Steak knives for Tomahawk Steak
Best Steak knives for Tomahawk Steak

The best Tomahawk steak is ready. Where are my steak knives?

I think of an original Tomahawk steak, cooked medium-rare. I am using the best steak knives to slice it and sipping a glass of Cabernet. It’s still tender and juicy but a bit too much to your standard dinner knife.

Best Steak knives
Best Steak knives

If you eat steak regularly, you need the best steak knives. They make short work of any Tomahawk steak and leaves you free to remove the juicy meat from the bone. However, you like it. There are two or three best components to settle on steak knives, though.

Choose your blade

Is your steak knife serrated or not? You will see both in many good kitchen stores. There is no ideal answer here as long as they are equally eloquent. Traditionally we use serrated blades. However, there is not any rule. Bluntly jagged edges can tear your tomahawk steak, so buy decent quality ones should you go like that.

What metal?

Carbon steel is more comfortable to sharpen and remains sharp for longer but is more costly. Stainless steel is more economical but will require regular pruning to maintain them preserved.


The tang is where the blade substance travels the length of the knife and wrapped in handle material. You should only ever buy full-tang steak knives as short, or half-tang won’t last anywhere near as long. The blade at half-tang is not as powerful.

Handle material

Handle substance is down to personal choice. So long as the blade goes all of the ways through to the finish, plastic, wood, or steel is good.

Don’t soak wooden handles, though, as they could rot. A lot of people I know purchase their steak knives to match their best dinner service. Be discerning about your stuff, and you will be OK.

They’re kept in a box the majority of the time and just brought out to cut your favorite Tomahawk steak. Remember to check the sharpness and hone them with kitchen steel regularly. A dull knife will rip, not cut, and no one wants that!

A fantastic quality steak knife is similar to any kitchen knife. It is an investment that will provide a return in convenience and ease of use. Buy quality, purchase once, and as long as you keep in mind the above points, you should be OK!

Tomahawk rib eye
Tomahawk steak

The best way to Sharpen Steak Knives

A serrated steak knife’s pointed teeth do most of the work.

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Less friction means the blade stays sharper longer.

The characteristics that maintain them sharper make serrated knives challenging to resharpen.

There’s no way its popular buddy, the steak knife could eliminate that.

How does the best steak knives work?

The best Serrated steak knives possess a unique design that helps them continue with the solemn duty of clipping through the Tomahawk steak. This kind of knife can accomplish something because it isn’t like any other knife you’ve got in the kitchen.

Its blade border works as a hand saw. The teeth grab and then rip through the meat’s semi-hard crust to achieve and slide smoothly through a warmer core inside. If you’ve best-serrated steak knives for more than a couple of years, it may not have an extremely sharp edge. It’s just deceptively efficient.

The serrated edge of the knife owes its slicing capability to more than just sharpness.

The high points of this serrations come into contact with what you are cutting first. These points use more significant pressure on the substance than the usual non-serrated blade. The high points can puncture the Tomahawk steak.

How long can a standard serrated steak knife move without sharpening?

When correctly used, they rarely require sharpening due to their construction. And these knives surely do not need the regular maintenance that the non-serrated blade of your chef’s knife requires. A serrated knife will work well for years. Particularly if you only end up using it for steaks. There is a proverb in professional kitchens. Use the right knife for the right purpose.

Best Steak knives
Best Steak knives for your Tomahawk Steak


Sharpening a serrated steak knife isn’t relatively as easy as returning the razor edge to a chef’s knife.

People unfamiliar with the way to sharpen them when it’s now time for a guide. It is far better to buy an affordable and low-quality serrated steak knives and toss them in the garbage when it isn’t doing the job anymore.

Sidestep this disposable strategy. Purchase a quality serrated steak knife made from high-carbon steel. It will reward you with better edge retention, and you will enjoy your Tomahawk steak even more. That means it will require sharpening less frequently than the cheap ones, which you’ll need to replace regularly. It’ll take even longer — years — until you’ll have to point the serrated blade.

For perspective, think of how often the edge of your chef’s knife matches up with the cutting board.

Always buy the best steak knives.

The recessed part of the serrations is chisel ground into the blade. That usually means that the blade’s backside is horizontal, and the serrations are earth at an angle. It is just like a chisel. As time passes, these chiseled edges will become dull, especially the high points that make the first contact.

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The steak knives will still give the best cut since the serrated edge can always grab and rip through the Tomahawk steak. Plus, the open gullets dull slower. However, you’ll need to press a good deal harder using a serrated steak knife that needs sharpening. You might not see the difference until you resharpen the blade.

A quality serrated steak knife will last to do after years of usage. But have you noticed that it’s not easy to get those beautifully symmetrical meat pieces? And now that you mention it, you will find far more difficulty slicing your Tomahawk steak than there used to be. All these are signs that it’s time to sharpen this essential steak knife to do a better job.

Sharpening your serrated steak knife will lessen the amount of pressure you put on the knife to find the teeth to catch and rip through the surface. Cut a couple of bits from a crusty loaf of bread with a dull serrated steak knife. Then sharpen the knife. You’ll see a dramatic reduction in crumbs. Hard crust baguette is the best bread to try sharpened knives.


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So how to sharpen them?

You can do it yourself using the right tools. It is not difficult if you have an excellent knife intent to become resharpened rather than lost.

Electric knife sharpeners might not work on serrated blades.

Many people prefer to have serrated knife sharpening performed by a specialist. But steak knives are not an expensive product. There is no point in hiring a specialist to do the job.

Why folks prefer to have somebody else ripped a serrated steak knife? It would be since the best method requires each serration to be sharpened separately. While choosing the best steak knives, go for 35-60 serrations.

The sharpeners

It might have a slot especially designated for serrated knives. But, lower-end sharpeners probably won’t feature this option. Some aerodynamic sharpeners will merely touch the tip of the serrations. They might also damage the bevel by massaging both sides of the blade with the internal grinding disks’ angle.

Deluxe electric sharpeners utilize sharpening surfaces mounted on spring-action bars that conform to a serrated blade’s shape and angle. Still, even a luxury electric knife sharpener may have difficulty reaching the entire surface of the open gullets. There is not any such thing as an automatic serrated knife sharpener. A manual approach will provide you better results.

So what is the right tool to sharpen my best steak knives

The right tool for manually sharpening your serrated knife would be a ceramic honing pole. We also can use a sharpening rod, and this result is not good. A ceramic honing bar is more challenging than a steel honing stick. Therefore the ceramic will get rid of some of this material from the blade’s edge, which has a sharpening effect. The form of the rod is designed to fit inside the serrations of this blade.

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Begin at the rear end of this knife. Place the ceramic sharpening rod from the darkened grove, which can be known as the gullet. Position the rod to fit the beveled angle of this sculpted cut you see in the gullet. Locating this angle is not difficult because a serrated steak knife’s gullets create the bevel a lot easier to see. If you maintain the threaded pole flush with the bevel, you will automatically have the correct angle.

Slide the rod through the gullet toward the edge of the blade that does the cutting. Do this for every gullet. It should just take a couple of passes for every and every one. Resharpening the gullets using a honing rod also helps reestablish thoughtful suggestions on the tooth. That’s vital because the teeth create the initial entry to the material and begin the cut.

Steak knives
Sharpening Steak knives

Continue the process

Once you’ve used the ceramic pole to sharpen every single gullet, it is time to turn over the knife for the previous step. Sharpening a knife eliminates minute quantities of steel. Sometimes these remain partially attached to the blade and also are called burrs.

You’ll be able to feel them should you gently run your finger across the backside of the blade. (Remember that on many serrated steak knives for your Tomahawk steak, this aspect is level.) You are sharpening it if you feel these burs.

You can easily remove these burrs by transferring the knife’s flat side across the surface of this fine-grit finishing stone of your sharpening stone set. There you go. You’ve sharpened among the handy and significant knives in your kitchen.

Sharpening a serrated knife is not hard, but you’ll want to put aside adequate time. Many home cooks opt for some help in this area and purchase a sharpening system.

The sharpening is done manually, but these devices hold a pair of ceramic rods in a 40-degree V form. All you have to do is maintain the knife stable as you move down the triangular pole. The ceramic rod will move between every gullet. It’s a manual sharpener with helpful guidance.


You need to pair your best Tomahawk steak with the best Cabernet wine and the best steak knives. Call it a steak knife or call it a serrated knife. Could you not get it un-sharpenable? You can sharpen quality serrated steak knives because it has robust steel and designed to be maintained rather than thrown away. And buy the best ones in the market as it is a one-time investment.