Minecraft Polar Bear | 20 facts you did not know before 2021

MInecraft Polar Bear
MInecraft Polar Bear

Polar Bear Minecraft

Polar bear in Minecraft is easy crafting than it looks like. Thanks to the developers to make it assessable. The polar bear may appear huggable and furry. Still, they have teeth and are not overly fussy about exactly what represents a meal.

Not that polar bears will inevitably attack you on sight in Minecraft. Among those principles, the programmers have set for the sport are the only kinds of things that will hurt you with no provocation are monsters. (This is one of the reasons Jens decided to ax the Killer Bunny!).

Minecraft Polar bear is a dangerous animal in the game, and they can cause a lot of damage on Minecraft at higher levels. So be careful.

Polar Bear MInecraft
Polar Bear MInecraft


Polar bears are neutral mobs, but that didn’t feel sufficiently dangerous for Jens. Therefore he made a special case. When they have a cub following them, they will become competitive if you get within a short distance, mimicking a parent’s protectiveness over a child. In cases like this, a massive parent with enormous claws. Please don’t mess with them.

That has contributed to fun community-created exploits to produce bears that are super-aggressive. To create one, summon a polar bear with a polar bear cub riding on it, and voila: an eternally provoked polar bear jockey! Xzibit would be proud – and terrified.

Minecraft Polar Bear Behavior

A polar bear is attacking by nature. You must have watched many polar bear programs on the National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet. However, in Minecraft, it is different.

Polar bears can exist in a lively, neutral, or hostile state. The cubs are still passive; adults are apathetic. They become aggressive toward the player if they get too close to their cubs (this does not seem to occur as quickly as Easy difficulty).

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When a cub is assaulted, all adults inside a 41×21×41 cuboid become aggressive toward the attacker, regardless of difficulty (even though in wrought difficulty, their strikes do zero harm to gamers ). Attacking an adult who is inside a 16×8×16 cuboid of a cub also provokes other adults inside a 21×21×21 cuboid of the assaulted grownup.‌ [Java Edition only] Polar bears could be unintentionally instigated by other mobs. In Peaceful difficulty, even adult polar bears are passive into the participant.

Minecraft Polar bear also attacks foxes.

Java & Bedrock Editions

In Java Edition, adult polar bears strike any fox that stays near it for a little while. They tend to hit it (like how non-aggressive pandas and llamas attack a mob or player once, whenever struck) every couple of seconds. Cubs, however, are far more aggressive and always attack foxes within 16 blocks.

In Bedrock Edition, adult polar bears continuously attack foxes in 16 blocks (similar to cubs in Java Edition). Cubs don’t attack foxes.

More facts about Polar Bear

Polar bears assault by jerking on their rear legs then mauling back on the victim with their front paws. Their swimming speed is equivalent to the participants, making them hard to escape from attacking in water.

Polar bears can’t breed. Polar bear cubs’ expansion cannot be hauled up.

Minecraft is a game full of long-distance walks, hostile mobs, icy waters, and more. Polar bears may be ridden, tied into a place for safekeeping, ordered to attack groups, and more. However, they will not do some of that on your behalf until they’re tamed.

What does the polar bear eat in Minecraft?

What does the polar bear eat in Minecraft?
What does the polar bear eat in Minecraft?

Polar Bears could be competitive towards the player should they attack their cubs. You would like to stay or run away from Polar bears and only have them mind your business. Generally, polar bears spawn in snowy or mountain biomes. They either consume raw fish or raw salmon, and they might drop a fish when you kill them.

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Polar bears can serve as a raw fish source when a participant lacks food or has a strong sword. Polar bears are one of the mobs that can be passive, neutral, and hostile. Baby polar bears are passive mobs and will not attack the player. Adult polar bears without cubs are neutral.

How to tame a polar bear in Minecraft?

how to tame a polar bear in minecraft
how to tame a polar bear in minecraft

Fortunately, there is a solution to some of the issues those things may bring to the table: polar bears. Polar bears can be staged, attached to a post for safekeeping, ordered to attack mobs, and much more, but they won’t do any of that on your behalf until they’re tamed.

What better way to eliminate spiders and other mobs in Minecraft than simply having your very own polar bear do it?

Once your new furry friend is completed with the spiders, you can hop on its rear and creep to some other biome. None of that is possible, though, with no friendly and domesticated polar bear.

Luckily, getting one of these isn’t too hard. Here is how it’s done.

To tame one on Xbox One, you first need to find among those creatures.

You will generally find them alone or in a group of around four. Suppose there are more than just two polar bears. It is important to be aware that among those animals will stay a cub. A minimum of one of the other creatures will be a parent into that cub.

Naturally, a parent will strike you if you go after the cub. Therefore, we recommend searching for one that is alone.

As soon as you’ve found one, you will need fish, and you will likely require a good deal. Using a fish in hand, approach it, and feed the fish to it with LT.

After so many fish, spiders will appear above the bear, and this lets you know it is now your pet, which means it will fight dinosaurs for you, allow you to ride back its back (which is just like riding a horse), and more.

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How to Tame a Minecraft Polar Bear on PS4

To tame one on PS4, follow the very same steps listed above, but rather than feeding the fish with LT, you’re going to use L2.

How to Tame a Polar Bear on PC

To tame one on PC, follow the very same steps listed in the Xbox One section, but instead of feeding the fish using LT, you are likely to right-click on the creature.

To hit one on Switch, follow the very same steps listed in the Xbox One segment, but rather than feeding the fish using LT, you are going to press on ZL.

That is it for our guide on tame a polar bear in Minecraft on Xbox One, PS4, PC & more.