Joint Replacement Surgery Cost in 2022

Joint Replacement Surgery Cost in 2022

Joint Replacement Surgery Cost in 2022

Excessive physical activity, injuries, and degenerative processes negatively affect our joints. The joints wear out, pain arises and quality of life deteriorates. In such cases, modern technology and joint replacement surgery come to the rescue.

The cost of joint replacement surgery

The joint replacement surgery cost includes the cost of the surgery itself, the duration of stay in the hospital, the medications prescribed, the services of medical staff, and the cost of the prosthesis. The first two components are connected, making the duration of hospital stay one of the key factors in the price formation. And another significant part of the price is the cost of the artificial joint.

The price policy can also be influenced by the cost of diagnostic procedures, qualifications of the surgeon, and the type of endoprosthesis and method of its fixation.

Here’s a list of the prices for the most common replacement surgeries:

  • The cost of hip replacement surgery starts at 9,509 EUR
  • The cost of knee replacement surgery starts at 11,801 EUR
  • The cost of shoulder replacement surgery starts at 11,887 EUR
  • The cost of elbow replacement surgery starts at 10,079 EUR

If you need more information about the joint replacement surgery cost, visit the Booking Health website.

Do you need joint replacement surgery?

The urgency of surgery plays a major role in price formation. At the early stages of joint diseases, conservative treatment is sufficient. If medication therapy fails, joint replacement surgery is needed.

Joint replacement surgery is indicated in:

  • Various types of arthritis and arthrosis
  • Fractures and traumas
  • Bechterew’s disease
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Intraarticular fractures
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Generally, the procedure is necessary when the articular tissue is destroyed and it limits mobility. Patients experience severe pain even at rest and are unable to perform routine activities, such as sitting or raising their arms.

The most common types of joint replacement surgery

The type of surgery also influences the price. Whether it’s a hip joint replacement, knee joint replacement, ankle joint replacement, or shoulder joint replacement, the cost of surgery will vary.

If you know you have such a diagnosis, consider consulting with a specialist to discuss the option of surgery. The doctors at the best hospitals abroad resort to total replacement only in the most severe cases. If the condition of the tissues allows, only a part of the joint will be replaced.

Rehabilitation after surgery

Most patients require rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery and are not advised to skip it. However, the rehabilitative measures will, of course, increase the cost of the whole treatment program.

Rehabilitation after joint replacement often begins on the next day after surgery. Healthcare professionals teach patients how to stand, walk, and move correctly after joint replacement. Under the control of a specialist, patients do special exercises for improving function of the operated limb. After discharge from a hospital (in 10-14 days), the rehabilitation therapists prepare for patients recommendations and a set of exercises to be performed at home.

Joint replacement surgery abroad during a lockdown

Many patients are frightened of undergoing joint replacement surgery. These fears are mostly unfounded, because joint replacement surgery has long been standard practice in orthopedic surgery. You can feel much calmer knowing that you entrust your health into the hands of the world-known specialists, many of which are working abroad.

You can actually go abroad for surgery during the lockdown, and Booking Health can help you with that. Booking Health makes treatment organization stress-free for you, reducing the additional stress associated with the lockdown restrictions. The company will help you to get a visa, prepare and translate the necessary medical documents, provide you with an interpreter for the time of your treatment, book flight tickets, and help you with anything else. Your personal medical coordinator will be in touch with you 24/7.

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Feel free to leave a request on the Booking Health website for any information and assistance you need.