Will I be Charged For Academic Misconduct for Plagiarized an Assignment?

Will I be Charged For Academic Misconduct for Plagiarized an Assignment?

I Accidentally Plagiarized an Assignment – Will I be Charged For Academic Misconduct?

A medical student is expected to maintain good conduct throughout his educational career so that it does not impact his journey to a potential job. Unfortunately, if he does perform academic misconduct somehow, it can instantly create an impact and cause complications in his conduct. 

In such cases, even accidental plagiarism may occur where a student might create exclusive content for their project or assignment. However, it might have been done by another student already, resulting in plagiarism unintentionally. Although it is common, it cannot be considered a student’s authentic work since another student has the same content.

Hence, a typical student would have no idea where to seek legal help, so reach out to a medical student defense lawyer who can build a solid defense and resolve the case.

Circumstances that result in accidental plagiarism:

  • Copy and paste from the internet

An assignment is given to a student to create a study and do their research in finding relevant information to the allotted keyword, but that does not mean that the student can copy and paste the already reviewed content, which is readily available on the internet. A student is expected to take the information from the internet and create their study. Such practices can result in academic conduct if the respective professor finds out about it.

  • Failure to paraphrase

Although there can be case studies that other people already do, the assignment might call for a student’s spin on the case studies. In such cases, the student should paraphrase and draft content that supports the case study or the existing information to show that the student did the project and it is not plagiarized from elsewhere.

  • Failure to change the meaning

Similar to paraphrasing, in some cases, some quotations are known facts, but the meaning delivery differs from each person’s thoughts and perspectives. Hence, a student is expected to write their perspective from the quotation for the assignment and not something that is already mentioned or tagged with the quotation. Failing to do so can be called out as accidental plagiarism, and the student might have to face the consequences.

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Therefore, a student should religiously ensure that no project or assignment they are doing results in accidental plagiarism, even if it was unintentional. Although a student might not want to perform a plagiarized act voluntarily, it can occur accidentally.

A criminal record can disqualify you from getting federal student aid, ruin your chances of landing a reliable job after graduation and get you expelled from your school. This is the reason you must hire an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

School Policy vs Criminal Law

Before you hire a defense attorney, you must know the difference between a school policy violation and a crime commission. If you violate a school policy, the disciplinary system of your school will determine the consequences. If you commit a crime, a judge or jury will determine the consequences. 

Should there be an overlap between the two, your college and the police will conduct separate investigations. Remember that even if you will be cleared by your college, you can still be convicted of criminal charges in court. Similarly, you can be expelled from your school even if a judge or jury found you not guilty of a crime. 

Your school’s standard of proof may be lower than a court of law. Thus, your school may issue repercussions without needing much evidence. For instance, if you are a college athlete accused of crimes, you can be suspended from your team until the charges you are facing are dropped or when you are found not guilty. A reliable attorney can guarantee the best outcome for you. 

The Vulnerability of College Students

Being in college may mean you have to be away from your parents, making you vulnerable when you face charges for college campus crimes or violations. Your separation from your support systems may make it difficult for you to afford a lawyer to build a strong defense. And your situation can become even more complicated if you are attending college in a different state. Laws tend to vary by state and you find it hard to get your parent’s support in this situation. 

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How a Criminal Record Can Affect Your Career Choices

If you are pursuing a degree in health care, you must hire an attorney to avoid a permanent criminal record. A conviction will make it impossible for you to pursue careers in such fields. If you will be found guilty of drunk driving, you could lose your driver’s license on which you depend to drive to school, jobs, or internships.