How does Lay on hands 5e work for Paladin in dnd feats?

Sharpshooter 5e feat dnd

Lay on Hands 5e Paladin

Your blessed touch might heal wounds. You own a pool of healing strength that recharges when you take a 5e Long Rest. With that pool, you may restore an inclusive number of Hit Points that equal your Paladin level x 5. You can touch a creature as an action. And you draw power from the pool to recover several Hit Points to that creature, up to the highest amount remaining in your pool. The Lay of Hands 5e feature does not affect Undead and Constructs.

Again, you might disburse 5 Hit Points of your pool of healing to cure the target of one condition (disease) or neutralize one poison swaying it. You may cure multiple diseases and again neutralize multiple poisons with the help of a single use of Lay on Hands in 5e. Opt for expending Hit Points separately for each one.

Paladin Table

Level Proficiency Bonus Features
1st 2 Divine Sense 5e
1st 2 Lay on Hands 5e


So the question is whether you have anywhere between 1 or 5 uses of your healing? Or can you heal for 3hp and later for 2hp again without applying a long rest? And the answer is YES. For example, suppose you are a 4th level paladin. So you hold 20 HP lay on hands. You may heal someone for 10 HP, another for 7, though the last for three only because you drained your pool. You can recover for a total of 5*level HP per long rest. So at level one, you can heal for a total of 5. You may do that all five at once or one at a point over five uses, up to you.

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How many times can you use 5e lay on hands?

The rule for Lay on Hands states that every day, one can use this ability several times equal to 1/2 of the paladin level plus the Charisma modifier.

Does lay on hands 5e Paladin ability work on vampire bites in DnD?

The cure disease 5e and remove curse results in D&D are OP and can ruin a plot arc if rules eternally run them.

But in the event of the vampire’s bite effect, the 5e necrotic damage effect decreasing max HP is not a curse or a disease.

There are only specific cures listed.

When there are only particular remedies, other means to remove the Effect will not work.

Bite from Bat or Vampire Form Only: Melee Weapon Attack: +9 to hit, reach 5 ft., one willing monster, or a creature that the vampire grapples, Incapacitated, or Restrained. 

Hit: 7 (1d6 + 4) piercing damage plus 10 (3d6) necrotic damage. The target’s hit point maximum is decreased by an amount equal to the necrotic damage suffered. The vampire will regain Hit Points equal to that amount. The loss lasts until the target ends a Long Rest. The target dies if this Effect decreases its hit point maximum to 0. A Humanoid slain in that way and then immersed in the ground rises the subsequent night as a Vampire Spawn below the vampire’s control.

By RAW (the record of the bite effect), the only cure to the reduced HP max is a long rest.

Lay on hands 5e may produce the victim’s HP up to as high as the lowered HP max and no more. There is no way to eliminate the reduction to hit points before the long rest is achieved as written. That would introduce a paladin’s lay on hands. It indeed will heal the piercing damage.

Suppose you are in your campaign. The DM needed to make paladins more active against vampires. In that case, they can introduce a house rule to say that lay on hands does separate this reduction.

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Lay on hands 5e feat dnd
Lay on hands 5e feat dnd

Which feats require Lay of Hands?

Lay of hands Feat 5e Prerequisite Advantages
Angelic Protection 11th level May use lay on hands to give temporary hit points rather than actually healing the damage.
Devoted Paladin[DP:131] If utilized on an ally, it gives additional hit points equal to charisma modifier. +1 healing surge.
Enshrouding Touch[Dr384:60] The Targets of lay on hands or virtue’s touch gain concealment. It is until end of next turn.
Healing Hands[PH:195] It should be selected after Devoted Paladin. Lay on Hands in 5e gives additional hit points equal to Charisma modifier.
Infernal Touch of Warding[PHRT:26] Tiefling Lay on Hands will give fire resistance equal to 5 + one half your level . It is until end of encounter.
Lend Health[Dr388] Suppose you use a power that permits spending a healing surge or may regain hit points as if someone had spent a healing surge. The  ally may use your healing surge value to analyze the number of hit points gained.
Pious Champion[DP:142] 21st level It may heal two creatures equal to your surge value, however, spend only one surge.
Radiant Touch[Dr371:8] Gives Radiant Touch power, that inflicts damage equal to surge value at cost of Lay on Hands usages.
Strength of Stone[DP:136] Goliath The Lay on Hands gives resistance to all damage that is equal to strength modifier until end of your next turn.
Touch of Salvation[DP:140] 11th level, Cha 15 It permits making a saving throw with bonus equal to charisma modifier.
Untiring Virtue[DP:140] 11th level There are additional uses of lay on hands for each milestone.
Bolstering Touch[Dr385:68] Half-elf It is overshadowed by Lend Health. Suppose you use it on ally. In that case, the target may gain hit points that equals  your surge value rather than one’s surge value.