Lets Explore Deku x Bakugou | Villain | Fem | Lemon | Sad

Lets Explore Deku x Bakugou | Villain | Fem | Lemon | Sad

Lets Explore Deku x Bakugou | Villain | Fem | Lemon | Sad


After the Provisional Hero License Exam, Class 1-A returns to Heights Alliance. Katsuki approaches Izuku as everyone else relaxes after the exam. He tells Izuku to meet him out front to discuss his Quirk.

Both leave dorms at night. Katsuki brings Izuku and the others to Ground Beta after curfew. Katsuki remembers Izuku fawning over her Quirk as a toddler. Katsuki reminds Izuku that he defeated him in the Battle Trial on Ground Beta.

Katsuki confides in Deku. Deku’s Quirk Lessness and weakness angered him. Katsuki learned of Izuku’s borrowed strength after the Battle Trial. Katsuki didn’t trust him, but Izuku became stronger. He didn’t comprehend how Izuku got stronger after All Might arrived. Izuku passed the exam, but Katsuki failed. Katsuki tells Izuku to stop talking and listen when he says it’s not about skill.

The Kamino Incident helped Katsuki understand. Katsuki asks Izuku if All Might gave him his Quirk. He realized that Both All For One and All Might could pass on their Quirks. All Might’s loss of power transformed Izuku. Izuku reacts negatively to All Might’s last comment in Kamino. Katsuki asked All Might, but he didn’t answer, so he asked Izuku.

Izuku knows he caused this clash by ignoring All Might the first time he told Katsuki. Izuku accepts Katsuki’s theory. Thus, he feels it’s true. What will Katsuki do with the answer? They both desired to be like All Might, but Izuku was recognized. Katsuki urges Izuku that they must fight immediately.


Deku and Kacchan’s rivalry peaks.

Izuku tells Kacchan not to fight because they’re already breaching the rules and suggests they fight during training. Katsuki dismisses Izuku’s pleas and says that the teachers would discourage them from going all-out if they fought during exercise.

He then says he wants to see why All Might chose Izuku. Katsuki prepares to attack and urges Deku to be careful. He forgets because Deku employs kicks. Katsuki blasts into striking range as Izuku pleads.

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Katsuki throws a right. Izuku thinks it’s bogus because he started as the way in their last match. Izuku overthinks his opponent’s attack and almost dies. Izuku’s leg gets injured, yet he dodges. Katsuki urges him against overanalyzing warfare. He challenges Deku and attacks. Izuku ducks under Katsuki in midair before he adjusts and blows up buildings. Izuku avoids the blasts and assures Katsuki he wasn’t wrong to want to be All Might. Katsuki jumps into the air and flies at Izuku. Izuku evades and begs his pal to wait.

Katsuki defends Deku.

Deku vs Kacchan’s child. Kacchan always supported Izuku, no matter what. Katsuki remembers this as he rushes for Izuku, who avoids the blast. Katsuki orders Izuku to stop running and muses that he and Deku revered the same hero.

Deku grabs Katsuki again to stop Kacchan. Katsuki kicks high and tries a two-handed explosion. Izuku utilizes his momentum to bicycle kick Katsuki’s hands away, detonating his blast in the air. Izuku helps Katsuki after he collapses.

Katsuki snubs Deku’s hand, urging him not to worry. Katsuki wonders why Izuku won’t attack him, so he gets up and asks why he’s following after Izuku, who’s always been far behind him. Katsuki questions why Deku became so powerful and ended All Might.

Izuku agrees to battle with Kacchan.

Katsuki is terrified of being too weak and All Might’s retirement. Izuku feels saddened by Kacchan’s suffering. Izuku must fight since he’s the only one who understands Katsuki’s pain. He knows Katsuki needs to express himself.

Deku hits Katsuki when she runs at him. Izuku feels hopeful and wants to try Shoot Style. If they fight, he won’t be a punching bag; he assures Kacchan. Katsuki seeks to fight off his sins. This is the first time they’ve discussed their problematic relationship, and they must now communicate. Katsuki jumps up and then down at Deku.

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Katsuki morphs into an exploding pinwheel to catch Izuku. Katsuki misses Izuku’s hand. Katsuki bounces off the ground, utilizes explosions to surround Deku, and punches him in the side, sending him into a railing.

Deku and Kacchan fight to communicate.

Katsuki rushes to the railing before Deku can recover. Katsuki uses the initial explosion’s force to seize Izuku. He throws Deku and falls himself. Izuku recovers and realizes his reaction time has improved despite his tendency to overanalyze.

Katsuki is annoyed by Deku’s confidence and blasts him. Katsuki calls Izuku a sandbag for evading. Izuku disagrees and chases Kacchan. Katsuki deduces that Izuku has a plan, blinds Deku with a Stun Grenade, and then hits him in the face.

Izuku dodges Katsuki’s second blast. Katsuki can’t read Deku and thinks he looks down on him. Kacchan usually kept close behind Deku as if he’d overcome him. Izuku is astonished by Kacchan’s opinion.

Izuku says he’d avoid Katsuki if he looked down on him. Because of Kacchan’s abilities, he stayed behind. Kacchan was more talented than Deku and closer to All Might than Deku. Izuku lifts One For All’s limit from 5% to 8% subconsciously. He accelerates and kicks Kacchan. Izuku says he followed Kacchan because he was so amazing.

Izuku’s kick breaks Kacchan’s guard. He recovers and realizes Deku has passed him. Katsuki blasts Deku, who charges back at high speed. Katsuki dodges a kick. Izuku hits him with an 8 percent charged smash.

Katsuki detonates the ground to blow them away. Izuku quickly sets up Katsuki, who sees his opponent has stepped up. Izuku asks Kacchan if that’s all he has. Izuku sees Kacchan when he visualizes victory, though Deku would never say it. Kacchan taught Deku to insult in battle, which he hates.

Izuku jumps at Kacchan. Katsuki says he’s better in midair, but Izuku didn’t jump for anything. He knows Kacchan wants more. Izuku devised Shoot Style to quit abusing his arms, but he can still punch. Izuku hits Kacchan with One For All. Izuku isn’t fighting Kacchan to relieve stress; he wants to beat him and be All Might’s heir.

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Katsuki remembers Deku saying he’d triumph with borrowed power as Deku punches his competitor. Katsuki clutches Izuku’s punching arm in defiance. He pulls Deku down till he flips, then extends his hand and explodes them. Katsuki pins Izuku after the smoke clears. Katsuki triumphs over his defeated opponent. Deku loses to Kacchan despite All Might’s power. Katsuki is perplexed.


Katsuki is apologetic for Kamino.

All Might tells them to stop fighting. All Might explains his choice to Katsuki. All Might says that despite being helpless, Izuku was courageous and unselfish and believed he deserved to inherit his talents and compete.

He informs Katsuki he was always strong and already had a Quirk, so he ignored him. Katsuki acknowledges he’s weak and All Might’s weakness. All Might informs Katsuki. It’s not his fault, and he’ll lose power nonetheless. He apologizes for letting his student carry the load.

All Might tells Katsuki that a hero must triumph and save people by defending justice. Katsuki dreaded Deku’s heart and respected Kacchan’s Might. Now that they’ve shared their sentiments, they realize they can help each other win and save lives.

Katsuki urges Deku not to worry about All Might’s power. Izuku says he’ll grow more robust. Katsuki doesn’t want to face the implications of revealing All Might’s secret. 

Deku and Kacchan fight.

All Might informs Katsuki of the truth about One For All, and she pledges to keep it hidden. All Might tells Katsuki the Symbol of Peace’s destruction wasn’t his fault. Katsuki says he still wants to be the No. 1 hero. Deku says he’ll work to surpass the chosen one. Izuku thinks he’ll catch it, and they argue. All Might sees they’ve become rivals.

Shota Aizawa restrains his kids after curfew at Heights Alliance. All Might discusses the situation to calm him down. Shota lets them go but asks who started it. Katsuki confesses he hit first, receiving four days of house arrest and Izuku three.

During that time, they must clean communal spaces daily and apologize in writing. Shota tells them not to go to Recovery Girl because of their injuries.

The next day, they clean the main lodge while their classmates attend a ceremony. Izuku vacuums and asks Kacchan about Shoot Style. Katsuki’s typical response surprises him. Katsuki says Deku’s kicks are too broad and confesses Deku’s punch surprised him.