List of Best Turkish drama series WhatsApp group Links to watch in 2022

List of Best Turkish drama series WhatsApp group Links to watch in 2022

List of Best Turkish drama series WhatsApp group Links to watch in 2022

The media is vital for cultural communication, export, empowerment, and international public relations. More recently, Turkey has adopted a multifaceted method of public diplomacy, as in the ultimate two a long time, Turkish media exports have emerged as a device of public and business cultural diplomacy. Turkish TV channels are no longer the most effective thru nearby TV networks and reach many worldwide audiences.

Impact of Turkish dramas on the exceptional class of human beings:

The theater is an effective device for disseminating many of the great attitudes, ideologies, and cultures in society. At the same time, it is the best manner of educating, informing, and enjoyable for the public. A device to influence and alternate audience behavior. As we see in ordinary lifestyles, humans comply with and undertake different phrases, actions, feelings, and life of their favorite actors displaying unrelated dramas. Many private TV channels broadcast foreign material to draw visitors’ attention and audience. It is the reason that teens are too enthusiastic about these dramas.

Why Turkish drama seems so popular?

One of the most diagnosed reasons for this is the manufacturing fee. Each episode of the Turkish drama is filmed uniquely, even though the production is obliged to accumulate two and a half hours of an episode every week; that is, every week, the Turkish collection ought to compose a film, a protracted episode.

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Developing success price for Turkish drama series:

Turkish soap operas have come to be a whole; however, a booming growth all over the international. There are many Turkish serials except serials. It features multiple genres – drama, comedy, tragedy, detective, dark, thriller, or romance – now and then combined within the identical motion and nearly continually approached in an easy and global perspective that can connect. 

List of top popular Turkish drama collections:

So, this Turkish drama collection list includes a few Turkish romance series, well-known Turkish dramas, ancient Turkish collections, etc.

Resurrection: Ertugrul

Storyline: This story shows the rise of the top-notch Turkish warrior Ertuğrul in the 13th century.

Year: 2014 – 2019

Genre: Action, Historical, Adventure.


Storyline: To avenge her mother and father’s deaths, Miran becomes part of her own family liable for this.

Year: 2019-2020

Genre: romance, drama

The Magnificent Century

Storyline: The adventures of Solomon the Great and his brilliant conquests.

Year: 2011

Genre: records, drama, biography

The Club

Storyline: Matilda is an ex-con, determined to satisfy her daughter Russell and build a relationship with her.

Year: 2021

Genre: drama, history


Storyline: A killer faces the most significant and most tough assassination of his life.

Year: 2017

Genre: thriller, action


Storyline: Agha, a 65-yr-old Alzheimer-affected person, comes up with an evil plan to apply his infection to escape bloodless-blooded homicide.

Year: 2018

Genre: mystery, crime, drama

Faziliet Hanim Ve Kizlari

Storyline: The family drama revolves around a greedy mother, Fadila, and her two daughters, Ace and Hazan. Hazan selected his career as one of a kind from what his mom expected. On the other hand, Ace has become a function version that his mom considers a rewarding profession.

Year: 2017

Genre: Love, Drama


Memnu, aka Ishq-e-Mamnu, is a Turkish drama collection this is broadcast on Urdu 1. These smash records in their home and in Turkey

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Storyline:  A easy woman stuck between a prosecutor and a prosecutor who seeks revenge after an accident.

Year: 2017-18

Genre: drama


Storyline: Kuzgun turned eight years old while his father was accused of bribery. Twenty years later, Kuzgun is ultimately equipped to take revenge on his father.

Year: 2019

Genre: Romance, drama, motion

Game of Silence  

Storyline: He faced the tragedy of Ecevit’s adolescence in a manner that shook his international.

Year: 2012

Genre: Drama, crime, motion.

Her Yerde Sen

Storyline: The boy and the woman come to be in equal residence and are compelled to live together. Then eventually fall in love collectively.

Year: 2019

Genre: Romance, amusement

Tatli Initkam

Storyline: It is a love story of two humans

Year: 2016

Genre: Romance, comedian opera


Storyline: Omer Ucar stances as Ezel get revenge on his proper pals and the female he idolized.

Year: 2009-2011

Genre: Thriller, drama, crime

Kara Sevda

Storyline: An artist who feels the want to sacrifice has a love for his own family and his dark secrets.

Year: 2015-2017

Genre: Romance, drama

Kiralik Ask

Storyline: Defne is a negative lady who works with Omar. She has to love him earlier than it is too late.

Year: 2015-2017

Genre: Romance, comedy

Kavak Yelleri

Storyline: This is a story about four pals and the time they had collectively.

Year: 2007-2011

Genre: Romance, comedy

Kuzey Guney

Storyline: Kuzey and Guney are versatile brothers, and their nature is entirely contrary to each different.

Year: 2011-2013

Genre: drama

Forbidden Love

Storyline: Adnan committed his complete life to his daughter Nihal and son Bulent after the death of his wife.

Year: 2008-2010

Genre: romance, drama

Where can I watch the Turkish Series with subtitles?

Watch preferred Turkish indicates with English subtitles if their specifications are consistent with your needs:

  1. ExpressDizi — Latest Turkish Series Online Free with English Subtitles
  2. Dailymotion — Best Site to Watch Turkish Series with Eng Subs on Smartphones
  3. Promix TV — Watch Turkish Series with English & Spanish Subtitles
  4. Turkfans
  5. AR Dirilis Ertugrul — Best Site to Watch Turkish Historical Series
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Turkish Drama Series WhatsApp Group Link:


Turkish drama is the best source of relaxation and entertainment for people, especially young people. Western taste in Turkish culture attracts a lot of attention worldwide. The Turkish drama wave has spread to 130 countries, and because of these influencers, WhatsApp users have created groups to share Turkish drama series links and update each other.