List of Blogs that accept guest posts in 2022 | Digital Marketing Strategy

List of Blogs that accept guest posts

Best Guest Blogging Services In 2022 | List of Blogs that accept guest posts

Guest posting is a powerful key to achieving targeted traffic and backlinks. It is crucial to build your authenticity and establish relationships with different leaders in the same niche. It helps gain exposure to a new audience. But it isn’t easy to get effective guest posting services. It would be best to look for the best guest posting services websites. However, some guest posting websites don’t have a good DA. So, they will not be able to get you powerful backlinks. However, if you are looking for the best guest posting services in 2022, this article will help you with your needs.

10 Best Guest Blogging Services

Your goals while doing guest posting will be getting healthy backlinks, building domain authority, and helping in creating new relationships with bloggers in the industry. Here are some guest posting services that will help you gain these benefits. 


Webnews21 has high D.R. and DA to attract substantial monthly traffic to your website. Hence this website allows you to generate revenue and increase your brands or business online leads and sales. However, they cover a wide range of niches with education, food, finance, technology, politics, and many more. 

  • They are submitting well-written and unique guest articles.
  • They have substantial, powerful traffic, which increases your website’s domain.

BloggerOutreach is one of the efficient guest posting services. Advertisers can get more than 40 niches for guest posting services on this website. However, you can get SEO-friendly backlinks from this website and blogs. 

  • You will approach high D.R., DA, and high authority websites so you can get traffic organically. 
  • On these authority websites, you will get a permanent backlink in content. 
  • Their guest posting services are hundred percent white-hat.
  • It will boost your websites’ SEO ranking and attracts more traffic.


Another good website for these services is Outreachmama. It will help you to generate revenue by securing links. Moreover, they will also mention you in prominent blogs, which allows you to attract more traffic. Their services include:

  • It will improve your ranking.
  • Increase the growth of your audience.
  • It will also build your brand awareness.
  • Improves your revenue by generating more traffic to your website.
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Another website you can choose is Uplers for your guest posting services in 2022. This website will offer you white-hat link-building strategies. However, here we mention some benefits you can get from this website. They provide you with high-quality backlinks.

  • You can build your SEO authority using this website.
  • You can achieve high-quality traffic.
  • It will increase your brand awareness.
  • Additionally, it can improve your SEO ranking. 

ESEO Solutions

ESEO solutions provide your website with premium visibility and guest post services. Here are listed some of their services.

  • They offer a manual outreach procedure.
  • It will give backlines.
  • It is a 100 percent actual website.
  • They have a highly experienced team of bloggers. 

Outreach Monks

Outreach provides you the opportunity to boost your backlinks which is more accessible with powerful-content links. It will give you premium guest posting services. In addition, they will provide their services to SEO agencies, online businesses, and affiliate marketers. By using Outreach Monks you can:

  • Improve your traffic.
  • Get high-backlinks.
  • Your links will follow high-quality outbound links. 
  • They have reasonable pricing.


Loganix will assure you of accurate results. It is a good guest posting service so you will earn more links. Hence, their services include content creation, prospecting, quality control, placement, and reporting. So, here is the list of services that these websites will give you:

  • This website will provide you with links from trusted websites.
  • They have well-written and relevant articles.
  • They have guaranteed placement; also, replacement is possible with better connections. 


They will give you white-hat in-content with the easy way. However, this website will aim to help you boost your content and ranking of the website to gain more traffic. Furthermore, you can avail of premium guest posting services at a reasonable range on this website. Some of the guest posting services they give are:

  • They will offer you outreach on the accurate ranking site on google.
  • This website will provide you with high-quality backlinks.
  • They will provide you with reseller-friendly white-label reports, which you can share with your clients. 
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If you search for a reliable source for gaining authoritative backlinks, then this website is the best option. As it offers a transparent work process, you will have total control over the quality of the backlinks. However, there are some reasons why bloggers choose this website:

  • They have well-researched and value-driven content.
  • You will gain backlinks from the relevant niche with 100 percent organic traffic.
  • They will give reseller packages at a discount for the agencies.
  • They will provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not satisfy with their services. 


This website is the leading All-in-one creators marketing platform. You can buy guest posts, press releases, and shoutouts from high-quality creators with this website. 

  • This website will find unique online influencers and publishers by putting them all in place. 
  • Their customers are the leading companies like WeWork, BuyWith, River, and many more.

How to select the best guest posting services?

It would be best to consider a few factors while choosing the guest posting service. 

Check their domain authority

It is most important to check the domain authority of the website. If the domain authority is high, there is more chance of ranking your website. However, you will always look for a website with a DA more elevated than 25. These websites will drive good traffic, and their reputation is high. There are also many free tools to compare the DA of different websites.

Furthermore, you have to enter the URL on the free tools. So, they will report you with DA used on their data. In this way, you can see how well the website is doing.

Check backlinks portfolio

Looking for the backlink portfolio will give you an idea about different websites quality. If the website receives too many backlinks from an excellent source, guest posting will do best. Moreover, there are so many paid and free tools available to compete the backlinks portfolio of several websites. Furthermore, suppose the website receives too many backlinks from the wrong source. In that case, you should not choose that website because it will affect your domain authority and ranking as well. 


Check the reader’s activeness

You can estimate if the website’s audience is active or not by checking out the quality and number of comments. If there are more good comments, people are actively reading the content and providing feedback, concerns, queries, and appreciations. However, you should always choose that platform to boost your heavy traffic and drive a good audience interested in reading. So, if you notice that the published post will not get enough likes and comments, then do not select that website. On the other flip, your effort will go to waste, and you will not get an active community of readers.

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Check the engagement of social media

Check if the website has an active audience over social media, or the post will share through social media or not. However, your post must be conveyed through different social media platforms and reach new people. Notice if there are several likes and comments on the social media pages, representing that people are interested in reading the posts.

Review the guidelines

Firstly, check the guest posting guidelines mentioned on the website. Ask the support team directly and get clear through any query. If you think you fully agree with the rules and everything seems suitable to your requirements, go for that website. So, make sure that the website is entirely free to use and does not charge any fee. Many websites will require payment for the guest posting, so don’t go for that. Always choose the free one. So these are points you should consider to find the right platform for you. After selecting your website for guest posting, convince them to publish your post. 

You can buy guest posts if you don’t have any resources for writing the guest post. Many guest posting services help you meet the requirement. However, write a good blog to reach a new audience and drive more traffic to your website. 



Nowadays, freelancers and specialists are hired for guest posting on behalf of businesses and influencers. The websites mentioned in this article will give you premium services about guest posting. However, in this article, we say the guest posting sites help bloggers in different niches. Guest posting is still an efficient tool to build authority links so that you can dominate your competition in SEO.