11 amazing facts about Lord Beerus & Brother Champa | Dragon Ball z

Lord Beerus & Brother Champa

Did Lord Beerus even think about the fact that his soul brother Champa was erased from existence in Dragon ball z?

Lord Beerus is as intriguing as his power in Dragon Ball Z. While he’s tough on the exterior, he’s an uninterested, food-loving god. Be careful not to say this to his face. Beerus is very concerned about his brother, but he does not express his feelings for Champa. We’ve already seen that Beerus loved Champa in the Universe 7 and 6 arc. In the end, he hoped to bring back the life of Universe 6 instead of hoping to have something for himself.

In the most recent episode, we saw that Beerus was not as happy as he was when he saw Gohan and Piccolo fighting the remaining characters in Universe 6 even Whis sensed it was because Beerus was in a dilemma over whether to stand with his brother or his team and then at the end Beerus was sad that the entire universe was disappeared. Therefore, Beerus did care about his brother.

Why why didn’t Beerus weep at the time his sibling Champa was erased?

They were aware of the situation before when Universe 6 got erased. Champa did not cry as the eraser was removing him. Vados was split up when it occurred, but it was a good thing. It’s an anime. Silence speaks volumes. Beerus was calm and quiet, demonstrating the severity of the situation and that he was deeply in his emotions. The episode was a bit dark towards the conclusion. Even when Universe 2 going out like Champions, the show was quite sad. And I have to say that at the ending, I discovered that I enjoyed Universe 2 and Ribrianne. I was disgusted by her annoying attitude up to the point that they were ready to be removed. I believe the writers made that decision intentionally. However, U6 was the most awful. I’m hoping Vegeta is victorious and sends them a warm welcome back.

But Beerus won’t be crying. Goku and Vegeta won’t be crying when their loved ones die, regardless of dragon balls. That isn’t what Anime males do. Children and teens maybe, but not the battle-hardened men. Vegeta had indeed cried once before, but that was entirely off the character. Anyway, Beerus cared deeply for his brother, but he’s certainly not going to cry over his loss. The deep contemplative posture he took was significantly more effective.

Is Lord Beerus dead?

Future Shin dies at the hands of Goku Black (at the anime) or Future Babidi & Future Dabura (in the manga). Future Beerus was also killed, probably while still asleep. His soul got destroyed when Future Zeno erased every Universe from the timeline (in the manga) or Universe 7 (in the anime).

Beerus truly cares about his brother. one example is that he used Super Dragon Balls to return to Earth’s life on the sixth universe so that the brother Champa could enjoy all the delicious food humans usually eat, just like Bulma and the other earthlings. In the end, what happened between Champa and Beerus was extremely strong, in my opinion. I interpreted Champa’s response to Beerus as a means to avoid showing fear to his brother. Beerus did not feel guilty. I believe the proof of this is that Beerus himself was choked, could not speak to his brother, and said in his head, “say something,” but his emotions were so intense at that moment.

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In any event, Dragon Ball has a tradition of reviving characters. I’d be astonished to see them not bring back the universe six, its characters, and Champa. There are too many popular characters, such as Hit and Champa himself are back. Having them can also be a possibility of an arc focusing on Vegeta and Goku finally meeting the King from Planet Sadal (where Saiyans reside in-universe six). It may not be necessary to many, but in an interview recently, Akira Toriyama explained about the super saiyan’s transformation and the way being a good Saiyan can make this transformation much easier (explaining the reason why Kale, Caulifla, etc., were able to achieve such a simple transformation that required Goku, Gohan and Vegeta many hours to complete).

Is Beerus an evil God of Destruction?

Beerus is an evil god in the realm of Destruction. There’s a valid reason Universe 7 has the second-lowest Mortal Level out of the universe.

As far as I can discern, the criteria using which “Mortal Levels” is measured is dependent on the progress of the civilization. Peaceful and advanced societies elevate their respective Mortal Level of a universe while primitive, brutal, and violent societies lower it. To put it in perspective, it’s the duty of those who are the Gods of Creation — also known as the Kaioshin — as well as their Gods of Destruction to raise their universe’s Mortal Level. For more precise information, the Kaioshin is supposed to bring new life into the world and direct existing life in the proper direction. However, they are the Gods of Destruction. They are meant to destroy people and groups in trouble, particularly those who threaten the lives of already prosperous civilizations.

What is Lord Champa’s power level?

His power level in this form is about 1,480,000,000,000,000,000,000.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Beerus isn’t very good at his work. He’s a lazy prick that does nothing for years and delegates his duties to despots such as Freeza — who go about destroying civilizations that can be described as prosperous and peaceful even. When is he able to get up and do his work? The planets he destroys at will under his desires. It’s not exactly effective in terms of elevating the level of the universe’s Mortal Level.

Instead of eliminating ineffective species and planets across the universe, he takes them down by consuming food.

If Beerus was a good God of Destruction, then:

  • The Frieza Force might never exist, as he would have killed Frieza and Cold. The left survivors would be forced to join the Galactic Patrolman.
  • More minor planets would have been destroyed.
  • With criminals in the universe fearful of the wrath of the GOD, they would join the Galactic Patrol to save their life. Many Frieza Force members would also join.
  • People like Broly would be working to improve the universe.
  • The Dragon Balls will be utilized to stabilize the universe both politically and financially continuously.
  • Any menace to the universe would be eliminated.
  • With all the extra members and fewer enemies, the Galactic Patrol would likely start terraforming worlds.
  • The Kaioshin will help, and shortly, Universe 7 would have been the universe with the highest mortal levels.
  • For someone seeking Zeno Oh’s attention, Beerus isn’t even doing the most basic tasks he is given.

Was there a relationship between BEERUS and FRIEZA?

Frieza and Beerus are in an extraordinary relationship. You see, Beerus isn’t a fan of evil people, and his work requires that he cleanse the universe of them to keep the equilibrium. But, Beerus seems to have neglected his obligation and allowed Freiza to build his galactic empire and serve as his agent for Destruction, likely due to laziness on his part.

But that’s not all both seem to have mutual respect and their power. Freiza is sure to be wary of the destroyer since he’s God and requires consideration due to his power. Beerus also shows some gratitude for Frieza’s power when he’s shocked by the news of his defeat, an event that Whis says to him when he is researching Super Saiyan God.

Lord Beerus & Brother Champa | Dragon Ball z
Lord Beerus & Brother Champa | Dragon Ball z

Beerus’s relation to Frieza puts Beerus, God of devastation, at an exciting point in Saiyan time. When Vegeta saw his father being in the hands of the Lord Beerus is the outcome of the debate between the two after King Vegeta’s defeat. The Saiyans’ king failed to meet Beerus his request, even though he had sought out members of the warrior class to offer him the most comfortable pillow in the world.

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In the wake of this failure, no matter how small the demand seemed, Beerus was disappointed in the Saiyans. Their wicked ways did not make things any easier. Beerus was planning to kill the Saiyans, but he didn’t take on the task himself. He suggested to Frieza that Frieza be rid of the Saiyans. This notion was in keeping with Frieza’s anxiety about the race, implying that Beerus was in some way directly involved in the genocide of Goku and the people of Vegeta.

Could anyone take down Lord Beerus?

At present, the only ones who could threaten Beerus at the helm are Whis, the angels, Zeno(Technically not in control, but likely, but Zeno can erase Beerus in a flash) Grand priest. That is all there is.

Nobody, Mortal wise, can challenge Beerus; He is the best. Beerus is by far the best of the GoD’s. Beerus can beat them all by using a flawed interface. All Jiren level players or close to them, all at all times.

Is Champa Beerus brother?

Vados reveals to Goku and Vegeta that Champa is Beerus’ twin brother and also the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Champa orders Whis to wake up Beerus for a duel of food. Champa and Beerus trade foods and wonder where Beerus got his delectable from and was told he received it from Earth.

At the moment, nobody has. Even If Broly and Jiren joined forces, I doubt they’d prevail since the size of the gap( I’m talking about, they surely wouldn’t be able to beat Beerus as Beerus defeated all the other GoD’s using poor UI, which seems obvious given that that’s more impressive than his performance with Jiren or Broly). In the end, Beerus is at the highest level on the list of foods to eat. And I believe Beerus will stay there for the foreseeable time to be. I have even made my thoughts on Beerus becoming a villain once again for a final battle. It seems that things are headed in that direction. Some characters can beat Beerus. If he’s against different Gods of Destruction, Beerus can defeat the majority of all of the other gods. When he’s fighting Angels such as Whis, Vados, etc., he most likely has no chance of defeating them. the Grand Minister, the father of all Angels, is likely to be even more potent than the most powerful Angel and can easily take on Beerus. Then we have two Zenos, both from the present timeline and the other in the following timeline. Both of them can take over the universe, and Beerus will not stand a chance against them.

Does Frieza be God of Destruction’s successor, following the Lord Beerus?

Frieza could be the God of Destruction. In the power-play tournament, we witnessed the way he dealt with the energy of Destruction. The only thing blocking him is Vegeta, as she has already signed the deal with whis to teach him, but he will need to become the God of Destruction’s next creation. So he’s the second choice for us to be God of Destruction, after Vegeta.

Can Champa go ultra instinct?

Like Beerus, he’s pretty powerful and got training by a powerful attendant in Vados. Champa knows of the existence of Ultra Instinct. However, he doesn’t seem to understand how to use it. As Beerus already has a grasp on Ultra Instinct to an extent, Champa could accompany in his footsteps.

Do you think Lord Beerus a murderer of dinosaurs?

In Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super, Lord Beerus claimed that he destroyed our dinosaurs in the battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super. Still, they remain on through the Earth as part of the universe in Dragon Ball. When Beerus discovered that he could find a Super Saiyan God on Earth to fight, he thought of his visit to the planet previously. There, he told the story of how that he killed dinosaurs.

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However, the dinosaurs remain present, a contradiction that was eliminated in a Super edition of the film’s plot. There are theories about the cause of this error in continuity, one of which is based on Toriyama’s other show, Dr. Slump. Some ideas suggest that the dinosaurs returned through an evolution process, or Beerus was in the same place for so many years, just was not remembered. Still, the truth could be that the author did not think about dinosaurs in Dragon Ball.

Did there exist any rivalries between the sibling brothers of the Lord Beerus & Champa?

The brother of Beerus, Champa, is also a God of Destruction, a rare event within the Dragon Ball multiverse. These two aliens are twins who were born in the same universe. However, one of them is believed to have moved into a different universe to serve as its God of Destruction. The reasons for the matter aren’t obvious. Still, it makes exciting observations. They appear to be the only pair of twin gods of Destruction in the multiverse.

Beerus, as well as Champa, have shared a rivalry between their siblings that’s been going on for millennia and eventually led to a competition between players from both realms in Dragon Ball Super. However, despite their rivalry, they do appear to show some love for each other, as shown when Beerus utilized his super dragon ball, which was the prize of their competition, to bring back the world of Champa so that he could eat their meals.

When Beerus & Champa are brothers, why did they come from two different worlds?

In the first place, it’s not required to say that you or the God candidates for the role of Destruction be part of the universe in which he is.

In the final round of the universal tournament, when Zeno was introduced, he declared in front of Zeno, the God who is the destroyer, that “he should bring new God of destruction,” meaning that both were enlisted by the same person, Zeno Sama.

The beginning should be similar to when Zeno, along with the supreme priest, could not manage the entire multiverse. They were searching for people who could serve them. Then he began appointing universes to a most suitable person. To ensure they would not do anything wrong, they should have established the angels as their masters and their attendants and assistants to provide information on their activities.

I’m not sure if anyone is ever changed since they have lived an extended life.

Another thing that comes to mind is there were at least 18 universes before and after Zeno erased them. We aren’t sure what the reason but it must have been something that happened.

Beerus, as well as Champa, are twins. That means that they must be in training together when the great priest hired them and, judging by their similarities, they must be twins with different physiques, they should be appointed the God of the Destruction of the universes 6 7.


Dragon Ball: The year 2013 saw Dragon Ball Z: Battles of Gods was released in Japan and was released next calendar year for America. This film brought Lord Beerus’s role, the God of Destruction, into Dragon Ball’s world. Beerus also played a minor part in Ressurection F, the sequel to the Dragon Ball film. The storylines of these films later reworked into the initial two stories from Dragon Ball Super, and Beerus and his teacher/assistant, Whis, became canonical characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. While he is now one of the principal characters, there’s no information about Lord Beerus. Even the fans may not have a clue or even remember all revealed about the character.

For instance, did you have the knowledge that God didn’t create Beerus? In contrast to the Kai or the Supreme Kai, who was blessed with godly ki and were meant to become gods, Lord Beerus earned his position as an avenging force. Beerus showed his strength and received the ability to destroy to ensure the balance of the universe. That is only one of many fascinating facts to learn regarding the feline-looking God of Destruction.