Why are University Students Obligated to Study Ancient History?

Why are University Students Obligated to Study Ancient History?

Reasons behind University Students Obligated to Study Ancient History

It is true that all of us live in the present and only plan for the future. However, we can’t understand what progress looks like, and we are going if we don’t understand where we are first coming from. History helps us understand the failures and successes from the past, which gives us the ability to anticipate the success of many solutions nowadays. Also, it provides us with knowledge about the countless countries that are hiring in the world and how they become the countries that we know now. The countries known for their richest History are Egypt, Italy, and Greece, although every country has its own specific History that they are known about. Basically, ancient history is a study of the past in all possible forms.

All of that makes ancient history the most valuable and respected academic subject among university education. Students are constantly given writing assignments in the form of essays or papers about this subject. And teachers from all around the world even implement the Philosophy of History. Which examines the theoretical foundations of the application, practice, and social consequences of history. So, don’t be surprised if you, as a student, need to cite a philosophy essay sample in history class. Some of the free essay samples that we find online about Philosophy of History utilize the best theories of philosophy like epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics. To address questions about the world in the past and how we come to know it now. However, at the end of the day, both History and Philosophy of History’s main focus is providing knowledge about the past. The only difference is that one is more focused on the unique and the other on the general.

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So, let’s see why there are so many literature books for students on this famous subject and why students are obligated to study it.

Contributions to Human Knowledge

So, you may wonder how ancient history can contribute to nowadays knowledge, progression, and future? Well, the common answer is it lets us recognize the mistakes that happened in the past, and in that way, it prevents us from making them again in the future. Studying it allows us to understand where we come from and why we are actually here by showing us the ancient’s attempts to shape the future. Also, knowing about the issues that ancient societies dealt with helps us recognize and prepares us to deal with the issues that are happening now and any future issues.

Intellectual Development

Besides avoiding the past, there are other reasons to learn history. Studying it also contributes to our intellectual development and cultural understanding. If we don’t know where we are coming from, how can we understand ourselves? Knowing about our own culture basically creates the person we are nowadays. History can help you define your own identity. It gives us a chance to understand our past and, in that way, we understand ourselves, which is vital for humanity’s progression.

Scientific Progress

History also contributes to the progress of science. If we get to understand the original issues, we can easily understand similar current ones. History intertwined with many areas such as medical knowledge, psychology, health and safety, linguistics, construction, social structure, sociology, forensic, etc. History provides the scientist with various pieces of evidence. This is a huge help because they would not be able to progress so easily without them.

A Moral Obligation

All in all, studying history is essential to the progression of the world and humanity. Understanding the past gives us comfort, mainly because we know that we are not the first to do many things. For example, traveling to the other side of the world is done without hesitation because the person doing it knows that many before him did the same thing. Or in other words, we constantly do things and see potential in things because other people achieved that in the past.

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Studying ancient history is a tradition, and it is a moral obligation to our ancestors. It helps the cultures continually grow by respecting their heritage. Most importantly, it provides us with a wiser and better comprehension of everything passed down to humanity.