Major cold email writing tips: reveal no issues through email spam test!

Major cold email writing tips: reveal no issues through email spam test

Introducing cold emailing: getting favored by spam tester 

When a marketer runs another email spam test, he hopes to find out that his cold emailing is doing just fine! Why do b2b marketers rely on cold e-letters? Very simple: this method of digital marketing has proved the most effective when running a cold b2b email campaign. 

However, considering that thousands of b2b marketers deal in cold emailing, writing an effective cold email may prove extremely hard. To get it to pass an email spam test successfully, a lot of work, effective strategies and dedication are required. Every cold e-message is meant to do several things:

-successfully land in the recipient’s inbox;

-appeal to the prospect and lure him into your sales funnel. 

If an email reaches your customer’s inbox but gets deleted or marked as spam, it’s definitely not good. To make the message be favored by the customer’s spam tester, it needs to understand what cold emailing is. 

In case with cold e-messages, through them a marketer kind of preaches to potential customers. Through cold emailing you try to persuade prospects to start doing business with you. The idea is to provide content capable of attracting a prospect’s attention and helping you both to connect. A cold email shouldn’t be intrusive and annoy the potential buyer. Successful cold emailing requires being gentle and patient. 

Email spam check to help understand nowadays’ cold emailing approach 

Using a spam tester without understanding modern cold emailing approaches can’t be effective. Over the years of the existence of cold email a lot has been said about it. Thus it’s undoubtedly necessary to be aware of the most effective cold email strategies. Besides, there’s nothing difficult about it either. In the old days a marketer could write one email, maybe spam check it, then send the same message to anyone. The idea was to simply let people know about your company. 

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No personalization or segmentation was in demand back in the day. But surely everything has changed since then. As people got to loathe spam more and more, it became obvious that just to annoy people wasn’t the way to go. 

Cold emailing has evolved into the art of writing individualized and appealing yet non-intrusive e-letters. If you can do it, then every test of an email for spam issues will only show positive results. 

Spam tester plus the best marketing tactics: why bother about cold email strategies in 2022? 

Folderly (a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins) has been really helpful to tons of businesses over the years. The company’s specialists possess knowledge in various fields. And what can be more important for a marketer than having a solid cold email strategy? Let’s answer the main question: why is it so necessary?

When an email passes through a spam checker, you find out about what issues there may be. The next step is using this information for benefit. But success can only be achieved when the marketer’s strategy is personalized. Customers have to see that it’s them who the marketer wants.

What are the advantages of having a properly developed personal cold email strategy?

-Customers feel that their lives are less intruded into. Thus, they get more favorable toward the marketer and are ready to talk business. 

-Emails are more personalized. Your clients see that you know and care about who they are and what they want. 

-There is an enhancement in generating ROI. With a successful and individual cold email template in use, it’s possible to reach out to each of your customers! And of course don’t forget about applying a reliable email spam issue test tool

Enjoy great spam tester results through knowing when to send cold emails

No marketer runs an email-and-spam-issue deliverability test everyday, right? It’s necessary for some time to pass; only then you should try to find out whether something has changed. Further are the cases when cold emailing can definitely turn the tide. 

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1) Generating leads. Underestimating cold leads is a fatal mistake. Otherwise, how can prospects find out about your business? Assert yourself and let customers know about what you offer in the first place. 

2) Finding partners. This is not a thing to bail on if you are thinking about bringing the business advertising to a new level. 

3) Building links. To find a potential customer is one thing. It needs to make sure that you understand his needs and aspirations. 

4) Finding people to recruit. With properly arranged cold emailing the marketer can reach out to the potential candidates and persuade them to consider getting hired by you.  understand his aspirations,  ambitions and needs. 

4) Recruiting  new employees. Cold emails are great not just to find customers,  but new workers as well. A properly written cold e-message is such one which can make prospects consider working for you. 

5) Public advertisements. Those who have underestimated what the press can do for you up to now,  should change their mind. Share some exciting story with journalists and it will only do you good. 

6) Getting to know prospects’ pain points. One should never underestimate the importance of knowing what to influence clients with. Cold emailing is a tool which is to be used for collecting such data. Stay ahead of the competitors!

More great strategies besides email spam check: what follows a cold email? 

Suppose you’ve written a great cold email, run a check to find email deliverability issues and clicked “Send”. No desired effect somehow? Well, this happens, unfortunately. What is needed here is coming up with a great follow-up approach. 

The thing is, it’s quite common when a prospect simply forgets to answer a business message. You shouldn’t consider it a sign to stop interacting with such a guy! What is required is further working on your follow-up campaign. If you haven’t thought about it this way, then we’d like to advise you on the matter. It’s just a fact that at least one of the marketer’s cold emails has to be a follow-up one. Yet, many businessmen come to use 3+ sales emails featuring a cold incline. 

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Let us give you a piece of advice. Don’t make your follow-up emails the exact replicas of the previous e-messages! It’s important that each next cold e-letter is embedded with additional value. Thus, the best approach will be like this: make sure that you don’t send 3 or more identical messages! Each next email has to complement the previous one through additional bits of information. 

Before you run spam tester: what’s the optimal length of a cold email? 

One of the problems faced while writing a cold email is how long it should be. In brief, a cold e-message has to combine two features: informativity and conciseness. Before running a test to reveal potential email deliverability issues, the marketer has to double check every part of each of his cold emails. Probably the most basic tool here is a word counter. According to many professionals, one shouldn’t write a cold email longer than 200 words. You think it’s not enough? We would still call thinking so a mistake. It’s enough to properly write up to 5 sentences to ensure the recipient’s being interested in the contents of the email. You’d better not expect a person to read an extremely long email from someone he doesn’t know. There is barely a top brand which doesn’t care how much time it will take its clients to read their emails. 

Final words on proper cold emailing: keep all your email deliverability tools ready for action! 

A lot of things have to be done right for successful cold emailing. Using great email spam-and-deliverability-check tools, having a good sender reputation and remembering the guidelines for writing a proper cold email. In the guide we’ve mentioned those guidelines, let’s revise the most important moments together:

1) Don’t forget about personalization and segmentation! The recipient should see that the email was meant to be received by him. Who will be pleased having realized that it’s a copy of a letter written for someone else?

2) Remember the reasons for cold emailing and situations in which it must be applied. No good comes out of doing some without realizing its purpose.

3) Don’t make a cold email too long! See to it that the message is informative and concise, that’s the key to success.