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D&D 5e Masterwork Armor/ Shield

Just as with weapons, you can purchase or craft masterwork 5e versions of armor or shields. A well-made item function like the standard version, except its armor check penalty, is lessened by 1. A masterwork suit of armor or shield costs an extra 150 gp over and above the average cost for that type of armor or shield. The masterwork 5e quality of a suit of armor or shield never provides a bonus on attack or damage rolls, even if the armor or shield is a weapon. All magic armors and shields are automatically considered to be of masterwork quality. You can’t add the masterwork quality to armor or a shield after it is created. It must be crafted as a masterwork item.

Craft (Int)

Craft, like Knowledge, Perform, or Profession, is a collection of skills. Each rank can be purchased separately as a Craft skill.

A Craft skill is a skill that is focused on creating something. If the endeavor creates nothing, it probably falls under the heading of a Profession skill.

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It is possible to practice your trade while earning a decent living. You are familiar with the tools and techniques of your trade. You also know how to manage untrained workers. Untrained assistants and laborers earn on average one silver piece per working day.

However, the essential function of the Craft skill is to enable you to create an appropriate item. The DC depends on the complexity of the item to be created. The DC, your check results, and the item’s price determine how long it takes to make a particular item. The final price of an item also affects the cost of raw materials.

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Sometimes, you can use the fabricate spell to obtain the results of a Craft test without actually having to do any actual checks. If you use the spell to create articles that require a high level of craftsmanship, however, you will need to perform a Craft check.

You can make wood items with the same strength as steel by passing a Craft check on woodworking and casting the ironwood curse.

Craft check

To cast the minor spell creation, you must pass a Craft check to create a complex item.

All crafts require artisan tools to give the best chance of success. The check will be returned with a penalty of -2 for improvised tools. Masterwork artisan tools offer a +2 circumstance bonus to the check.

What is masterwork 5e weapon in dnd?

Masterwork weapons are finely crafted versions of a standard weapon. It grants an additional +1 bonus to attack rolls when it is held. It is not possible to add the masterwork quality to weapons after they are created. Masterwork weapons have +1 hit and damage, and they are non-magical. It applies when the master crafts it from scratch.

What is the price of masterwork 5e armor and weapon?

Masterwork 5e weapon and armor costs 300 gp more than a standard weapon, or six gp more than a single ammunition unit. The masterwork quality adds 600 gp to the cost of a double weapon.

Masterwork 5e damage

  • Masterwork ammunition can be damaged or effectively destroyed when it is used. Masterwork ammunition’s enhancement bonus does not stack with the projectile weapon that fired it.
  • All magic weapons are automatically deemed to be masterwork quality. The masterwork quality enhancement bonus doesn’t stack well with the weapon’s magical enhancement bonus.
  • Although some types of shields and armor can be used as weapons, you cannot create a masterwork version that grants an enhancement bonus to attack rolls. Masterwork armor and shields are less likely to be subject to armor check penalties.
  • Suppose you’re wearing Masterwork Armor, and an attacker hits you with a weapon attack or a weapon. In that case, they must re-roll any damage dice that reach their maximum result.
  • You can re-roll damage dice that land on an outcome of 1 when you hit an enemy using a Masterwork Weapon.
  • 5e Masterwork Armor and Weapons are considered a rare rarity.
  • Masterwork weapons can be classified into three types: Flawless, Perfectly Balancing, or Honed Edge.
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Types of Masterclass

Honed Edge:

Masterwork weapons are designed to cause pain. These weapons provide half the wielder’s proficiency bonus, round down, to damage rolls. The average price of a weapon with Honed Edge is 100 times that of the type it replaces. These weapons are rare.

Perfectly balanced:

Masterwork 5e weapons are carefully balanced to create a weapon that is almost effortless to use. These weapons provide an additional bonus of half the wielder’s proficiency (round down) to allow them to make attack rolls with that weapon. The price of a Perfectly Balanced weapon is 100 times that of the average weapon of its kind. These rare items are highly sought-after.


Masterwork weapons are the pinnacle in craftsmanship and are often considered a weapon smith’s most excellent opus. These weapons provide half the proficiency bonus (round down) to attack and damage rolls. A Flawless weapon is 300 times more expensive than a standard weapon of the same type. These weapons are rare.

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Enchanted masterwork items 5e & balance mechanism

Enchanted masterwork items can be used as magical weapons. This is possible. The magic bonuses to damage and attack rolls can be combined with any masterwork bonuses. Only the bonus to hit and damage that is higher applies. You may get different bonuses for damage and attack. A 9th-level character could wield a +1 magic Perfectly Balanced masterwork weapon to increase their hit rate (half of the character’s +4 proficiency bonus) and deal damage (from the enchantment).

My understanding of the balance mechanic is the same bonus as a standard magical weapon that scales with level. It is a +1 for levels 1-8 and +2 for levels 9-16 and +3 for 17+. These are all appropriate levels for weapons with this bonus. Masterwork armor is okay with a flat +1 AC because the AC bonus from armor does not scale with a 5e level.

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If you begin using enchanted masterwork weaponry, the biggest threat to game equilibrium is breaking bounded precision. My instinctive reaction was to say that magical masterwork weapons are not allowed. Still, there is no compelling narrative reason to do so. A weapon with +4 or more to hit could break 5e’s combat design.