Shall you build a War Domain Cleric 5e in dnd?

War Domain Cleric 5e Build

War Domain Cleric 5e Build

Are you thinking of a war domain Cleric 5e build? Congratulations! You are now the most dangerous and deadly figure on the battlefield. Your at-will DPS is very high, as well as the ability to absorb damage. To make up for the slight loss, you can access the cleric classes’ full, unlimited power and abilities, which is more than fair.

The extra HP per level isn’t worth it. The decision you make will be based on casting-based or strength-based. While you may want to cast based, strength-based clerics for war domain 5e can be built and very effective. It’s important to note that both builds can be accomplished from your current starting position. Even better, 5E is so structured that the two can be combined easily. You can play caster with a melee-based build if that’s your preference or vice versa. Bounded accuracy is fantastic that way.

You’ll need to be aware of your actions economy if you have a strength-based war domain cleric 5e build. While you may occasionally throw a blessing, the mainstay of your spellcasting will be long-duration buffs or bonus action spells. Shield of Faith and Sanctuary are excellent spells. As you gain experience, you will access long-lasting buffs such as Aid and Death Ward. Although your offensive spell usage may be affected, a 16 wisdom will allow you to use your spells still offensively even if they’re top-notch. I use guardian bolts to draw attention to bad guys at close range.

Warcaster 5e

Did you try guided strike to it hurt to inflict wounds to cause some damage. Divine strike makes melee weapon damage comparable to cantrip-based damage. Magic weapons make this even better. That works well with Healing Word. You can use your healing spell to heal a fallen comrade, then follow it up with a Warhammer attack upside the Person’s head who brought them down. This build allows you to maximize strength first, then Resilient(Con), and finally warcaster. There may be the time in the end to improve your wisdom. You can also get Resilient(Con), Warcaster 5e. Then you will be able to use concentration spells even when you are in melee.

In many ways, the caster-based build is more traditional. Spells such as bless will be your bread and butter, helping to keep the party going. Interestingly, Sanctuary, Aid, Death Ward are still some of the most potent spells you often use. You’ll want to begin your ASI progress with Resilient(Con) and Warcaster. While you won’t be the primary source of damage, you can draw attention to yourself by shining with divine power and buffing your party with spells such as Bless and direct strikes (at a higher level) with channel divinity. Wisdom is not as important as making sure spells stick. So, you might want to start with Resilient(Con), Warcaster, and maybe even Con. This build is affected more by a person going down than strength. Healing Word limits your ability to cast cantrips with your main action. It’s OK to throw cantrips when your main spells have ended, but it is worth remembering.

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How to progress with warcaster?

Warcaster 5e and Resilient(Con) are not very impressive at lower levels. You get a +2 bonus to your con saves. But as you progress, Resilient shines. It’s possible to add +9 to your Con save if you invest in your Con score. That is a magical number. With +9 in your Con save, you cannot fail to make a DC 10 concentration save even on natural 1. The enemy must do at least 22 damage per strike before you can roll. You’ll make your saves unless the enemy does an incredibly high amount of damage. As you level up, it is possible to achieve that magical number all on your own without the help of a paladin.

How to build a War domain Cleric 5e?

Build War domain Cleric 5e wisely. You should check your point purchase stats. They are incorrect. 16 Str, 9 Dex, 15 Con, and 10 Int are the closest you can get through point buy. 16 Wisdom, 16 Wisdom, 10 Cha. It almost seems like you started with a variant person instead of a standard human. (Remember, variant humans, trade the +2 to all stats for +1 or 2 stats, a feat, and an additional skill. It might be worth switching to gain Resilient(Con).


In fact, this is a challenging role to fill in in 5E. (Except for Life Cleric) You don’t have to fix every problem. The Healing Word spell is the most common until you reach a high level. Mass Healing Word might also be advantageous but is rare, and you will use it to help someone proud of their feat. It is called ‘pre-emptive heal.’ This term comes from the following math. Enemy Orc does 1D12 +3 Damage per Hit, and you heal 1D8 +3 per cure wounds. The orc does more significant damage than you can heal. You’re not trading an action to counter his. Instead, you are trading a minimal resource (spell slots) not wholly to negate the action. That is a losing equation! Instead, it would be best if you focused on preventing damage. Shield of Faith, Hold Person, or just wrack on the head of an orc to get him out.

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So how good can be a war cleric domain?

The War Cleric 5e domain 5e is as straightforward as it gets and as effective as many combat-oriented subclasses of 5e. The subclass’s most potent ability is Channel Divinity. However, this means that the clerics themselves are a little lacking in standard domain buffs. Despite this, domain spells are excellent, War Priest ability is OK, and permanent Stoneskin, one of the most potent capstones for a domain, is still a great option. That is an excellent place to start if you are looking for offensive-leaning support build options. The Player’s Handbook has a lot to offer for cleric 5e. The War Domain is undoubtedly the most powerful. War Clerics can be essential to any city under siege or any militia that requires divine intervention. They can also serve as mercenaries being guided by their god. They can gain tremendous strength magically to become a threat on the battlefield. The War Cleric is powerful support, with many tools that can make the threats. We’ve created this video to celebrate this domain. War Cleric 5E

Build a war cleric domain 5e with ease

There are many forms of war. It can make ordinary people heroes. It can be a terrible and desperate situation, with acts of cowardice and cruelty eclipsing examples of courage and excellence. The gods of war are there to reward warriors for their heroic deeds. These gods’ clerics are skilled in combat, encouraging others to join the fight or offering violence as prayers. The gods are also known for their champions of honor. Also, they are good at chivalry (such a Torm, Heironeous, and Kiri-Jolith). Let us also think about the gods that destroy and pillage (such as Erythnul and the Fury, Gruumsh, and Ares) as well gods of conquest, domination (such a Bane, Hextor and Maglubiyet). Other war gods include Ni, Tempus, and Ni. Nuada and Ke) adopt a neutral stance and support warriors in every circumstance.

Bonus Proficiency

You can gain proficiency with heavy armor and martial weapons at the 1st level.

War Priest

Your god will send you inspiration while you are fighting. As a bonus action, the Attack action allows you to make one weapon attack.

This feature can be used a maximum of once, but not more than your Wisdom modifier. When you end a long rest, all your expended uses are refunded.

Guided Strike to Channel Divinity

Your Channel Divinity can be used to strike with superhuman accuracy starting at level 2. You can use your Channel Divinity for a +10 bonus on an attack roll. This decision is made after seeing the roll but before the DM announces whether the attack hit or missed.

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Channel Divinity: War God’s Blessing

You can use your Channel Divinity to grant a +10 bonus to an attack roll made by a creature within 30 yards of you at 6th level. This decision is made after seeing the roll but before the DM has said whether the attack hit or missed.

Divine Strike

You can infuse weapon strikes with divine energy at the 8th level. You can make the weapon attack deal 1d8 more damage to the target creature each time you hit it with a weapon attack. The extra damage you do increases to 2d8 when you reach 14th-level.

Avatar of Battle

You gain resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing damage with nonmagical weapons at the 17th level.


War Cleric 5e is an excellent domain. Your Domain spells will allow you to dominate combat with your best skills without spending money on the most potent cleric spells. You also get sweet, sweet, heavy armor and a variety of martial weapons. There is only good stuff.

You may argue that the abilities a little lackluster in comparison to other domains. However, an extra attack as a bonus action is just OK. Still, it is not strong enough to compete with a spiritual weapon 5e.

Although War god’s blessings are incredible, it only allows for 1 per level (6!). If you share your blessing, you can support your pally friend at level 6. Your capstone is fantastic, but it’s not important right now. Without a Wizard, Druid, or Bard, encounters could feel harder because they lack this support. War Clerics play a vital role in battlefield control. Nature & Trickery offer some options. Spirit Guardians are all you need. Although it is a powerful spell, it doesn’t do much to control. While it helps slow down damage and speed, it is not a substitute for paralyzing, incapacitating, or restraining. When you have only two 2nd-level slots and a low save DC, Hold Person and Blindness/Deafness can both be gambled at level 3.

So what did you decide? Are you going to build a War Cleric 5e domain? It can be an aggressive choice in party composition. There’s nothing wrong with this. After you have burned all your extra attacks, it is a good idea to bless and use a spiritual weapon. In case of an emergency, keep a copy of Healing Word on hand. There is not much more to say. There are two half-casters available, one of which can do some healing. So, don’t be afraid to help with damage. There are many ways you can do this, and they increase as the rounds progress. You can later use the guided strike to help your Rogue achieve sneak attacks more often.