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Maya Jama
Maya Jama

Maya Jama

Presenter Maya Jama is Using a WHOPPER of a year. Either she’s not fronting different magazine covers and national advertising campaigns. Or she is hosting a Radio 1 Greatest Hits display and landing TV gigs left, right, and center.

Who is Maya Jama?

Maya Jama is a 25-year-old Bristolian presenter of Somali and Swedish descent. She was born on August 14, 1994. Reportedly, she was famous after civil-rights activist and celebrated poet Maya Angelou since her mother read the famous poem. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, during her pregnancy. She had been dating rapper Stormzy for quite a while. Please keep reading to learn more about her livelihood, net value, and projects.

Here is everything you want to learn about Stormzy’s girlfriend, Maya.

Later, she became the host of MTV Base show, The Wrap-Up, before moving on to sponsor MTV Essentials and MTV News. She has gained increasing popularity over the years, notably, if she hosted a travelogue named Copa 90’s Maya’s FIFA World Cup Cities during the 2014 World Cup.

Maya Jama net worth

Although her net worth required verification, the speculations estimated that the star’s net worth is around a whopping #1.5 million. Maya Jama hosted the Friday and Saturday 10 am-1 pm shows on BBC Radio 1 before leaving in May 2020. She was also observed in the very first series of Channel 4 The Circle along with Alice Levine and hosting for Channel 5 celebrity movie Swipe Right for Sex.

What is Maya Jama doing these days?

Reportedly, she’s combined former England footballer Peter Crouch on his Save Our Summer show. The new entertainment series is planning to give the audience a taste of the summer’s canceled events following the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from that, Maya has also become the face of several international brands, which might have filled her pockets.

Maya Jama’s relationship with Stormzy

The duo parted their ways in August 2019. It’s theorized that the two ended their four-year relationship to”focus on their livelihood.” An online report stated that she wants to focus on her TV and radio profession.

A jailed dad, a murdered boyfriend: the DJ turned TV presenter has had some hard knocks in her 25 decades. She speaks about her decision to overcome them.

Maya Jama speaks at double the speed of most individuals as if she’s on fast-forward as if her life moves faster than usual. It goes away, possibly, to describing, at age 25, she has crammed in a lot already: a stint on MTV, DJing on Rinse FM, a project on Radio 1 and, today, introducing Saturday-night TV. The unsettling and challenging year threw an obstacle into her course.

Maya Jama nude
Maya Jama

Maya Jama’s Face masks during Covid 19

She would be acting in her first film about now, too. Still, she has a brand of face masks to launch (the skincare type ), and yet another project she can’t talk about, which may be Strictly Come Dancing, is based on newspaper rumors. Lockdown has been a little enforced rest, though she has managed to buy her first house.

“This is probably the most time I had had off since I started working when I had been, like, 16,” she says. “And, yeah, it’s hard to adjust — you end up running around the home. We talk over Zoom, Jama, at one point getting up to roam around her property without breaking her conversational stride. However, she says, it has been”nice to chill out and work on me somewhat” — mainly learning how to cook.

It must have been infuriating when she had a career in her own right. “Yeah,” she states with a little laugh. “I understood at the moment. She was — she’s — massive from the public eye, and also a lot of people did not realize who I was. But now I do feel people know my name separately, and it will feel like I’m coming to my own.

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Her teenage story

Maya Jama says — much more so when she was younger. “When I was a teenager, I was so focussing on tunnel-vision. My upbringing was not quiet. I think, statistically, what happened to me personally, or the situation I was born into, I shouldn’t have been where I am now. However, I think it made me determined to prove everybody else wrong.”

Jama grew up in Bristol, and her dad was in and out of prison for much of her childhood. As a young kid, she says, she did not notice it being an issue,” since it was normal for me. My dad’s side of my family was super-supportive. 

They did everything in their power to create my brother and me, not feel as though we were missing out on anything. And that I did see my father in prison up before I was around 10.” Around that time, she says, “I realized I don’t need to devote my time to visiting somebody who doesn’t want to devote their time to remaining out of prison.”

In 2017, she left a documentary exploring how growing up with a father in prison had influenced her and other men and women. “I did not speak to him again then.”

At first school, it was not uncommon for her friends to have little contact with their dads. Still, at secondary school, she remembers visiting friends’ houses and discovering another family set-up. “As a young child, I would make a joke out of it, like ‘Oh well, my dad’s in prison’ Speaking like this in front of a few of my friend’s families, they’d be similar to ‘Maya, that is not ordinary.’

Defense Mechanism

 Those sorts of discussions began to make me believe, no, that is not how it should be. Still, regrettably, it is a reality for a lot of individuals.” Even now, she says, she grabs herself, making light of it. “That is a defense mechanism — you don’t want to make other men and women feel sorry for you, so you make a joke out of it.”

It was a trauma. Jama needed to take care of herself. In 2011, when she was 16, her boyfriend, Rico Gordon, died in a shooting. Jama, who had been on the telephone to him at the moment, seemed on Crimewatch, expecting to find his killers; in 2012, two men got convicted.

“That changed my life entirely,” she says. “Losing somebody near you as a teen, especially your first love, stones your whole world, and you see life differently. And you feel like life is too short. I don’t want to appear back rather than have done everything I wanted to do. He was an innocent guy who dropped his life instantly at 21, and that shocks you, and besides, it makes you snap like, no, I’m not wasting time anymore.”

Maya Jama moved to London.

She transferred to London soon afterward, working in stores and attending college while breaking into TV and radio. Acting had been Jama’s first dream, but she quickly and adequately realized that getting a presenter might suit her better. Her role models comprised Davina McCall, “finding out that she’s been through her struggles [with drug addiction] and made it out the other end.” ”’

It never occurred to Jama that she wouldn’t make it. Her mum has videos of Jama at the age of six or seven announcing she would be on TV one day. “I have felt some people didn’t take me seriously. Individuals downplay my success because of relationships or because of the way I look – but I know how much I’ve worked.”

Initial jobs of Maya Jama

She landed jobs as a runner and began creating videos for YouTube, which led to introducing a slot on an internet soccer station. Careers in music broadcasting followed, and she’s since presented documentaries, daytime TV, and gameshows.

Jama joined BBC Radio 1 in 2018 but chose not to renew her contract last month, which seemed a courageous move. “Radio 1 would be the best platform, but because I did two days a week and was juggling different commitments, I know that I wasn’t able to give 100% to the series,” she states. “With the stuff, I’m about to take on. I wouldn’t have managed to make the series the best that I’d want it.

 And, yeah, it is a threat, but I believe everything worth getting is something that you’ve got to drive for.”

Maya Jama on Save Our Summer

She’s now co-presenting the brand new Saturday-night BBC1 series Save Our Summer. It was a companion series to the BBC’s Euro 2020 policy, mixing soccer with songs and humor. When the Covid 19 postponed the tournament, she states, ‘Why don’t we try and bring a bit of positivity into the country.

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 And show the things that we’re missing out on during that time, such as soccer and music performances?’ So the goal is to attempt to bring joy, despite all the horrible things in the world.”

Negativity does not seem to be something Jama allows much space for in her life. However, does she have moments of self-doubt? “After we filmed the first installment of Save Our Summer since I had not done telly at this time, it felt like it was my first time.

 I recall feeling so nervous. I went into the bathroom, and I had to give myself a little debrief:’Maya, you’re meant to do this, you’re presumed to be here, feel convinced.’ I do still get anxious, and you may even sometimes get impostor syndrome. It’s only about depriving yourself that you’re there.”

Maya Jama on Racism

It’s incredible seeing what’s happening with people fighting against racism now and how much it is possible to use your platform for change. I think individual discussions would not be happening if it wasn’t for social networking. Still, at the same time, it’s a frightening place, full of bullying and abuse and insecurities that come from comparing yourself to other people.”

Maya Jama nude


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No, it is not “Maya Jama nude,” but she posted her bikini pics. How can she reconcile with the bikini pictures and attractive selfies she articles online? Does she worry about how her younger fans perceive that? “One hundred percent. I am merely looking for myself and young people to look at me. 

And connect to some of the things that I’ve been through in life. I’m aware that I’ll post pictures of me in bikinis, but I also will post images of me once I’ve just woken up and that I don’t have a hair and makeup group. I believe it’s about honesty. I do eat shit, and I do the exercise. I’m not trying to depict something fake.”

She has had to compete with a developing tabloid interest. Some newspapers like to shoot stills from her Instagram videos and freeze-frame the bits where more flesh is revealing. “It’d be like:’Maya jiggles boobs in the translucent top,’ and I am in a standard white T-shirt talking about something, and I may have achieved a dance move, and the whole focus is that I jiggled my tits.”


Maya Jama, who has Somali and Swedish heritage, has been utilizing her important Instagram platform to talk about the killing of George Floyd in the US and the problem of white privilege. “My black relatives and friends are crying and crying out:’This is not OK! ”’ she says. “I only hope that with this outcry, this is the point where the change starts for good.”

There have been times. She says, “in tasks or when I am doing particular things for work. I’ll be the only person of color there, and that sometimes can feel like ‘Oh, am I just ticking a box.’ It shouldn’t be me being the only person.

 And companies and brands and individuals in positions of power ought to create a conscious attempt to start changing what their business looks like behind the scenes as well.”

We talk before protesters took down the statue of the slave-dealer Edward Colston in Bristol, where Jama climbed up. However, she emails her ideas a couple of days later. Growing up in town, she wasn’t alert to the statue.

Maya Jama is still on a learning curve.

” Still, we’re on a learning curve. Having a public figure felt a very improper celebration of one of the harrowing and unjust actions in our country’s history. The question should be why there was a statue in the first place.” Its elimination, Maya writes, “felt overdue. It is not about removing or rewriting history. It is about making Britain and other nations confront their colonial past in a meaningful way.”

As a result of all of this, her new job in the BBC has been “bittersweet,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to perform a Saturday-night show. Then, at the same time, we are in the middle of a pandemic. And then there is everything that is occurring in America and here. I am very conflicted with my emotions. So I am celebrating, but I do not feel anything to celebrate. Nevertheless, this seems like a huge moment for me.”

At the time, many claimed the dress revealed much too much cleavage for prime time. However, the star slammed the suggestions, accusing critics of ‘hyper sexualizing’ her body.

Criticism of Maya Jama nude / exposing too much

She says the real criticism began when she gained weight. And she asserts that people have just started trying to tell her exactly what she can and cannot wear since she became full-figured.


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😭ANOTHER ONE 🥂😆❤️ very gassed about being on the cover of @wonderland ✨I’ve loved the mag for years and it was such a pleasure shooting with the whole team ✨✨ Wearing @omega and @bvlgari Photography by @smiggi Styling by @toniblaze Hair by @anastasiastylianou Makeup by @gracemacartneymakeup Nails by @edytabetka_nailpro Editorial Director @huwgwyther Words by @rosiebyers Fashion Assistant @ana.sta.sia Thanks to @themandrakehotel

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“I’ve been wearing the same outfits, the same cut shirts, my whole career, and there weren’t that many comments on it before I started putting on a little bit of weight,” she continued.

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Some claimed at the time the presenter’s ensemble was too showing.’

One girl said she was worried the presenters’ bosom would fall out’ on dwell TV., a comment prompted Maya to talk on Twitter at the time.

“Enjoy your concern. I’m capable and can dress how I please,” Maya Jama wrote in response.

“If you feel uncomfortable by my breasts sitting in my dress, that is on you, sis. We are all fighting for equality and equal treatment to our male counterparts.”

She went on to implore the girl to not let the side down.’

She says she prefers her body since it currently is and says she chooses to do what makes her happy.

What did Maya Jama say in response?

“It depends upon each individual. It’s subjective,” she clarified. “So I just do what makes me happy, and concerning my own body, I prefer myself as fuller.”

Maya isn’t the only UK presenter with copped criticism over her outfit choices.

How fans reacted to Maya Jama’s break up

The news stunned her fans. It was just a couple of days before Stormzy had attended Maya’s 25th birthday celebration at Night Tales pub in Hackney, East London.

The rapper had committed his song Birthday Girl to Maya on her 22nd birthday. Something that she stated was a”great gift because it is going to last forever.”

She’s made many cameos in some of his songs videos, including Big For Your Boots. The pair would regularly create red carpet appearances together.

Stormzy spoke on Sunday Mirror.

He told the Sunday Mirror: “I am still so young, but I wish to suggest, it is going to happen and I will do it right. Maya is so sick. She’s very best.”

The pair risked a potentially embarrassing run-in in the GQ Awards on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, just weeks after they called it quits.

On the other hand, they were both attending the same event and did not seem to bother either partied with TV presenter AJ Odudu.

What are the rumors about him cheating?

He appears to tackle the split in Lessons, a song from his latest album heavy is The Head.’Stormzy admits he had”done the dirt” during their postwar relationship. The lyrics also comprise”the greatest love I ever knew” and”it is too difficult to forgive.”

Stormzy, real name Michael Omari, stated: “It was a hot topic, and I am going on record now, and I’m apologizing.” “I’m trying to put it all bare and be quite truthful. I’m not trying to shy away from it.” “It turned out to be a public disrespect. It was a public disrespect that had a public apology.” 

Maya Jama and Ben

She was in constant touch with Ben a month after he submitted fire emojis. It was Beneath an Instagram image of her dressed as a sexy mermaid for Halloween. People spotted the presenter and version sitting with a number of his buddies as they watched Ben play an NBA game.

Friends of Kendall Jenner, who awakened with all the Australian in May after a year together, said:

” Pals state Kendall still has feelings for Ben, and although she’s looking for healthy, she can not help but look back to their connection through rose-tinted eyeglasses.”

“Ben’s interest in Maya may have left Kendall questioning whether she could endure to watch him with anybody else.”

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua was teaching Maya the way to box while shooting a new campaign with Lucozade. Afterward, the expert fighter featured on the 25-year-old’s Twitter page, and her supporters went wild. Maya shared a selfie with the father-of-one on the site, captioning the post:’Working with this one today @anthonyfjoshua.’

She shared some behind the scenes movies from the shoot on her Instagram Stories. Her fans were quick to comment on the article, with one writing: “We like to see it.”Another added: “The new power couple, early phases,” while a third remarked Maya”knows what she’s doing.”

What happened during the Celtic vs. Rangers match

TV presenter Maya Jama has kicked-off a Celtic vs. Rangers ‘war’ on social media after appearing in a light-hearted jersey. The popular BBC and Channel 4 host wore a Rangers shirt at a photograph that emerged on social networking, appearing to cement himself as an Ibrox supporter. And she even claimed they could function as a Scottish team’ in reaction to a fan sharing the snap.

However, it didn’t take long for her Twitter timeline to burst with supporters. They were of either side sharing their ideas on her allegiance – causing her to change her mind and claim she will stay neutral.