Mikhail Fedosovsky — the founder of a company that has become a leader in the high-tech industry

Mikhail Fedosovsky — the founder of a company that has become a leader in the high-tech industry

Mikhail Fedosovsky

Mikhail Fedosovsky is the founder of the Diakont company, which has become a globally recognized leader in the high-technology market.


  • At the beginning of the career
  •   The founding of the Diakont company
  • Significant contracts and internal financing
  •   Beyond the radiation-resistant CCTV systems

At the beginning of the career

Mikhail Fedosovsky was born in Krasnogorsk (Tashkent Region, Uzbek SSR) on June 1, 1959. After finishing school, he entered a technological university and graduated with honors in 1982, receiving a degree in Plasma-Chemical Process Engineering.

Mikhail Fedosovsky began his career at a sizeable Soviet enterprise specializing in electronics manufacturing. In 1985, Mikhail returned to science — he began working as a lead engineer at a research institute. There he took an active part in designing photoelectronic devices that convert light into electrical signals. The cameras developed at the institute with the direct involvement of Mikhail Fedosovsky were widely used in various industries at the time. Mikhail Fedosovsky worked his way up to become chief designer at the research institute. The engineer might have continued to pursue science, but the events of the late 1980s in the Soviet Union changed his plans.

The founding of the Diakont company

With the beginning of Perestroika, it became clear that science and the country’s economy required significant reforms. During these years, many former managers and technical specialists, including Mikhail Fedosovsky began to look for new ways to move forward. In 1990, he became one of the founders and CEO of Diakont, an engineering and production company. Safety regulations in the energy industry were becoming increasingly stricter then, so the company started to develop products in this category. Under Mikhail Fedosovsky, Diakont launched the production of television monitoring devices for NPPs. In 1994, these systems started to be applied in high-radiation areas at dozens of power plants worldwide.

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Mikhail Fedosovsky at the production factory.
Mikhail Fedosovsky visits the production sites of the Diakont company regularly.

Significant contracts and internal financing

Diakont did not make a profit for a long time. It was kept afloat by its founder Mikhail Fedosovsky who used the funds from his other business activities. The situation changed in 1997 when CEO met Peter Schaub, the head of ABB TRC, a Swedish company that provided process control services for NPPs. Schaub was impressed by the CCTV and ultrasonic inspection systems developed by Diakont. Mikhail Fedosovsky’s company signed a major contract with ABB TRC to supply robotic inspection systems, and Diakont began receiving impressive funding. The company reached the break-even point and became profitable for the first time.

After getting on solid financial footing, Diakont continued its international activities and began to gain momentum. It found an American partner, Remote Ocean Systems, that became Diakont’s representative in the United States; the company also signed contracts for the supply of industrial television control systems, including radiation-resistant ones, with:

  • energy giant General Electric;
  • the Westinghouse company.

For a long time, the company conducted business in the United States through its partners. Still, in 2011, it opened the Diakont Advanced Technologies office in San Diego, which made it possible for the company to supply a greater variety of equipment and expand its customer base.

Mikhail Fedosovsky opened a representative office of Diakont Advanced Technologies in the USA
Mikhail Fedosovsky’s company Diakont has entered the US market.

Beyond the radiation-resistant CCTV systems

Under the management of Mikhail Fedosovsky, Diakont has launched the production of electromechanical actuators that are used to move objects with high precision. These actuators significantly surpass traditional pneumatic and hydraulic drives in terms of generated force, efficiency, speed, size, and environmental sustainability. For economic and technical reasons, the manufacturing facility was built in Italy. The main markets for electromechanical actuators are Europe, Asia, and the United States. These regions account for 95% of the company’s overall sales.

Today, Diakont is a full-cycle manufacturer considered one of the world’s leaders in producing high-tech equipment. As the founder and CEO of the company, Mikhail Fedosovsky is optimistic about the future. He sets ambitious goals: for example, he expects Diakont to occupy at least a fifth of the global electromechanical actuator market by 2025.

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