Modern Love, Modern Solutions: 6 Effective Emojis You Can Send To Your Crush

Modern Love, Modern Solutions: 6 Effective Emojis You Can Send To Your Crush

Modern Love, Modern Solutions: 6 Effective Emojis You Can Send To Your Crush

You’ve been texting with your crush for almost three weeks now. As you noticed, there was no improvement throughout those weeks. Almost every day, you receive messages like ‘Good morning’ ‘Good night. Sweet dreams’ ‘Have you had your lunch?’ and other simple messages that make your heart beat faster. But, it just stays there. 

You are expecting something from that daily, but dull conversation. What if, in the end, you will have no messages received from him? Will you allow that? Of course, no, as you are too attached to the person you just met through one of your social media accounts. Maybe, it’s time for some new moves. 

Make your messages more fun while assuring that all of those messages will never get dull. How? By adding some cute emojis in your words to show your sincere love, admiration, and concern. Check out these emojis you can start sending to your crush. 

1. Devil Emoji 👿

This is different from all those heart-filled emojis, which can be used if you are too comfortable with the person. If you want to appear naughty to your crush, send him some of this emoji. A devil emoji will always work if you’re going to act like you are annoyed with his hilarious jokes or pissed off after saying something mean. In reality, while typing those messages, you are acting cute. 

2. Heart Eyes 😍

Your crush will surely be delighted after you send this Heart-Eyes emoji. It’s a clear denotation of love and affection towards him. It would be best if you always considered initiating a conversation. When he sends you some of his cute baby photos, reply to him full of adoration and some Heart Eyes emojis to show how much you are moved. It is a hint that you are too interested in him and a subtle way to ask him for more adorable photos. 

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3. Kissy Missy 💋

Don’t be too rushed in sending messages with Kissy Missy emojis, though. Maybe, you can play hard to get sometimes. But, when you are too closed and want to make it to the next level, send him some of these emojis. An emoji blowing a kiss suggests love and care. Not just for your crush, but it can also be used for your family and dearest friends. 

4. Love Overload ❤️

Expressing your overloaded feelings to your crush can be hard sometimes. How about showing it through this emoji? With no words attached, it will be easier. Rest assured that in the next following days, you can win your crush’s heart. You can send it along with flirty conversations and wait for his reply. After a few seconds, there will surely be a genuine smile curve on your lips. 

5. Tongue Out 👅

When you are starting to get close to him, and have sent you some hilarious jokes about yourself, a Tongue Out emoji is a great way to tell that you are getting comfortable with him. Everyone wants a person with a great sense of humor. You can quickly get their comfort when you keep joking around, but make sure that you don’t hurt his ego. When he teases you, tease him back with Tongue Out emoji to keep the conversation flowing. 

6. Winky 😜

This will be your closest friend when you want to ask your crush for a date. As they say, we only live once. Thus, do not be embarrassed. Make a move. Give yourself a chance to know your crush better. A Winky emoji can be your weapon to show that you are interested in taking your relationship to the next level. 


Using emojis for daily conversation becomes a trend nowadays. Emojis are now considered our universal language. Maybe, we should thank them for offering us ways how to win over our crush. Indeed, modern love needs modern solutions. 

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