Facts that were hidden about Monkey Titan and Cart Titan in AOT

Monkey Titan and Cart Titan in AOT

Let us reveal the hidden facts about Monkey Titan and Cart Titan in Attack On Titan.

Do you know who Monkey Titan is in Attack on Titans? One of the Nine Titans is the Beast Titan. It is slightly larger than other Titans and has an ape-like appearance. It currently resides in Zeke Jaeger, and it first appeared during the invasion by Wall Rose.

What kind of monkey is the Beast Titan?

It is not a monkey. It does have a torso that looks like a gorilla. And arms and legs that look similar to a monkey. It is most similar to an ape, with its unique proportions. Although it is not known what determines the animal of a Beast Titans, I believe that the animal most closely represents the owner of the Beast Titan. Indirectly, the Manga explains how the beast titan’s animal is chosen.

That was Zeke’s last normal childhood. Zeke then goes to warrior training. Zeke holds a soft toy monkey or orangutan in his hand. It was likely Zeke’s last childhood memory before he underwent the brutal training. That is how his beast titan turned into a giant monkey, and we call him The MONKEY TITAN.

How do the Beast Titans look?

 I will briefly describe all the Beast Titans that we have seen in the Manga. As you may already know, the Beast Titan is an animal-like creature. However, it’s not clear what animal determines which beast Titans animal. 

Zeke (Monkey Beast Titan)

Zeke’s beast is essentially a monkey titan, which is not surprising considering Zeke’s favorite animal at the time. This Titan stands at 17m tall and is second only to The colossus Titan (60m). His extraordinary length allows him to throw with incredible strength. After inhaling his spinal fluid gas, he can turn Eldians into Pure titans by letting out a scream.

Tom Ksaver ( Goat titan )

Ksaver was the beast giant before Zeke, and he was both a titan researcher and a warrior for the beast titan. The most striking feature of this Titan would have to be his enormous curved horns, which he may have used to ram enemies with. It would have bare skin, just like other pure titans.

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Minotaur Beast Titan

This Titan is often associated with the Minotaur. This ancient Greek monster eats humans and has a head like a bull, and it’s the same thing. The only difference here is the height. The chest area, however, is completely bare.

Snake Beast Titan

The fascinating beast titan and the only one we know of is a reptile. This beast titan is quite intriguing. Although this beast titan’s body looks like a regular snake, it has the same shape as most titans. However, we did not see his lower body, so we only speculate that he might have had a lower half with no legs and more scales. This theory supports that the Titan we saw was the hanging upside.

Deer Beast Titan

This beast titan is the first to walk on all fours. The beast titan’s body is covered with fur, and it can also be seen that its antlers can be toughened during combat. I think it is better to be a beast titan on four legs, as the deer can gain tremendous momentum before they ram their opponents.

Rabbit Beast Titan

This one is a Lmao. A beast Titan is shown with a buff body, but only a bunny head can be seen on the top. That is my favorite Beast titan, lmao.

Falcos Jaw+Beast Titan

Falco could see Zeke’s memory, so we got a hybridized jaw and beast Titan. Falco’s beast titan can fly now. It was revealed in the most recent chapters of the Manga. Considering its wing color and other features, the animal would look like an eagle.

Crocodile Jaw+Beast Titan

This Titan is perhaps the most controversial. This Titan has the face of a gator, but it has shard teeth that make me believe this could be Falcos. I’m not particular about this one, so I’m not going to talk much about it.

That is the part I’m going to bring up. However, you might have seen many sea creatures behind the sasageyo open if you were paying attention. Incredibly, there could be a Whale titan. None of the titans can do naval warfare well, but with a Whale Beast Titan, the odds would be much better, and the drip would be too great. 

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Who Is the Cart Titan in Attack on Titan, the Crawling Shifter?

Attack On Titan’s fourth and final season is currently on air. Questions about the Nine Titans have been answered. The identities of all Shifter Titans and their human counterparts have been revealed. The Cart Titan is one of the most obscure Titans in Attack On Titan anime, and it was first seen in Season 3’s Episode 16, “Perfect Game.” Although not much information has been released about the Titan and its holder, here are some facts about it.

The Cart Titan is physically distinct from the standard Titan, Pure, or Shifter, as revealed in Season 3. It is quadrupedal, which allows it to use all four limbs of its body for movement. It has two significant advantages: it can transport things on its back and is very agile. Season 4 Episode 1, “The Other Side of the Sea,” shows the Cart Titan fully militarized, serving as a mobile machine gun in a conflict between Marley and the Mid-East Allies.

It is also very versatile. The Cart Titan can be used for support or defense, but it is also instrumental. It can transport many supplies and carry the weight more efficiently than standing Titans. Its ability to move on four legs gives it a speed advantage, and it can travel almost as fast as Jaw Titan, which is quite impressive. It is an excellent asset to Marley and their military.

The Cart Titan is also highly durable. It can endure long journeys and battles for many months without stopping in Titan form. It can keep its Titan form longer than other Shifter Titans and isn’t easily fatigued. These perks have a downside: the Cart Titan does not have the same regenerative speed as the other Titans. It will be eliminated from battle if it is dealt a severe blow.

Pieck Finger, an Eldian Warrior Marley, holds Cart Titan. Pieck Finger seems to be gentle and level-headed, judging by what has been revealed about her character in Attack on Titan anime. Pieck is often seen smiling, which gives her an approachable look. She is interesting because of the contrast between her Titan and human forms, making her the perfect choice to hold the Cart Titan, undoubtedly the most bizarre Titan.

One side effect of Titan’s quadrupedal appearance is that the Titan holder can no longer walk as expected for a long time in Titan form. Pieck, who claims it feels more natural than walking on her own in her human-like form, is an excellent example of this, and she can be seen standing when she has to use a crutch. Although the Titan form’s effects are temporary, they can still be felt by the holder of the Titan form after the transition to human.

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There are only a few episodes left in the final season of Attack On Titan, so we will soon learn more about the Pieck finger and her Cart Titan. We’ll hopefully be able to understand Attack On Titan before it ends.

Are all Cart Titans alike in history?

The first appearance of the cart titan in season 3 is a quadruple-titan. It can be used for many months, unlike other titans. The first cart titan that we see is

Pieck Cart Titan

It is the first of the series’ cart titans, and the ace-like ace gives it an ape-like appearance. This Titan is mainly used in the Paradis operation as a scout. At the same time, the marleyan wars titan is equipped with a decent 3-man weapon system that has proven quite helpful as a tank.

Okapi Cart Titan

This Cart’s animal head is an Okapi. The Okapi is a relative to the Giraffe, and only 35000 of them live in the wild. The Okapi titan has a long tongue, much like the real-life version, and it uses it to groom its ears.

First Cart Titan

It is the first of the cart giants. It has horse-like features. It shows that cart titans have had animalistic features on their titans since the beginning.

Wolf Cart Titan

These titans must be related, just like the Galliard brothers. They have striking similarities, which Marcel and Porco also display. This Cart was a wolf, so we can infer that it had greater biting power than other titans of carts, but not more than any other titans.

Croc Cart+Jaw+Beast Titan

Due to its controversial design, which suggests the possibility of a hybrid jaw, beast titan, and Cart, this Titan has been a frequent answer in my other answers. It is a well-known fact that Ymir passed her titan powers to her three daughters. If you do the math, 9/3 = 3. Therefore, I believe this Titan could have been one of Ymir’s daughters who received her powers that were threefold. Although I am not 100% certain about this theory, it is probably the best explanation I can come up with.

That is all about Cart Titan and Monkey Titan in Attack on Titan.