Multiple VPN connections at the same time from same IP Windows 10

Multiple VPN connections at the same time from same IP Windows 10

Multiple VPN connections at the same time from same IP Windows 10

Getting more secured isn’t a bad option. Everyone wants to protect their data from malicious users and hackers. You might have heard of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This article will discuss Multiple VPN connections at the same time from the same IP in Windows 10.

Why use Multiple VPN?

Many modern organizations have employees who work in the office and from home. Most companies will continue to use remote access for corporate technologies and services. The system administrators must consider optimizing resources available to distant users and in-office personnel.

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Suppose the client’s computer wants to access another resource provided by the company. The employee probably won’t be able to connect their system using the same VPN tunnel. Most VPN companies only allow only one connection at a time.

Installing a second instance of VPN software and a second network interface card is unlikely to operate since the VPN clients may overlap and interfere with one another. To stop the interference, you need Multiple VPN connections with the same IP address in Windows 10

However, to use multiple VPN connections, you need to understand how your computer sends data for each link to guarantee that the VPN connections do not overlap.

How to use Multiple VPN connections simultaneously from the same IP in Windows 10?

One method for using multiple VPNs is to run one VPN on the primary Operating system and the other on a Virtual machine that runs on the same device. You can run one VPN on Windows and preferably Linux or any OS you want to install.

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After installing the Virtual Machine, Install a good VPN such as NordVPN in the Virtual machine once installed. This method can help in building two VPN connections without crashing the server. Remember that the system’s IP address goes through the PC before reaching the VM. As different VPNs are introduced, this may impact processing and connection speeds. Now the company employee can access other resources easily, as it has connected two tunnels using the same IP address.

A double VPN employs several VPNs in a chain configuration by routing through two VPN servers. With double encryption, this technique increases the security of a VPN connection. It gives you access to other resources if you work in a different location and have problems accessing any website or document.

Pros and Cons of Double VPNs

As VPN doubles your security and gives you enhanced protection, there are some drawbacks. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Double VPNs:


  • Your data and internet traffic are encrypted twice (or more if you set up a VPN chain with many hops).
  • A dual VPN connection lessens your vulnerability to traffic correlation attacks (a correlation between the incoming and outgoing traffic on a VPN server). However, it is crucial to note that as a VPN user, such an assault is extremely unlikely to occur. Nonetheless, there is a benefit of utilizing two VPN connections.
  • Connections between servers can be configured to switch between TCP and UDP, providing you with a slightly higher level of online security.
  • An additional layer protects your actual IP address.


  • The primary and only concern with configuring a double VPN connection or a multi-hop VPN chain is reduced connection speeds.
  • To give you an idea, if you have a 100 Mbps connection, multiple VPN connections can decrease your download speed to around 20-30 Mbps.
  • Another common issue with using multiple VPNs is that their settings overlap. If you boot your device and one VPN tries to connect to your nearest server while the other puts on its kill switch, the effects will be catastrophic.
  • If both VPNs have their kill switches on by default, they could both be blocking all internet access until they reconnect.
  • A double or chain VPN connection is usually more expensive than a single VPN connection. Whether it’s a VPN service with built-in dual or chain VPN connections or just using many servers from different providers, you’ll wind up spending extra money.
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How to setup Multiple VPN

A Multiple VPN or Chain VPN connection can be established in various ways. These are the best and efficient solutions to setup Multiple VPN:

  • Double hop VPNs
  • Router Setup
  • Self-Configurable Multi-hop VPN Connections
  • Virtual Machine Setup
  • A VPN Chain with Different Providers

These are the ways to set up Multiple VPN chains on the same IP address. VPN systems are set to change your geo-locations, but double tunnels make it even better. We also explained a method to set up Multiple VPN set up with the help of a Virtual Machine (VM). 

Best VPN to use for Multiple VPN connections

NordVPN is my best pick due to extensive support, router compatibility, and 6 Multi VPN connections. A few VPN companies include multi-hop VPNs as part of their subscriptions—NordVPN, which operates several double-hop VPNs to different countries and servers. 

Nord VPN promises a no-logs policy, fast servers, live assistance, and robust encryption. The service is provided at a surprisingly low price by the provider. Nord VPN offers Multiple VPN in two ways: 

  1. It provides VPN connection to multiple devices
  2. It provides Multiple VPN connections to the same IP address


In this article, we discussed Multiple VPN connections in detail, how you can use them and which connection is the best to choose for multiple VPN connections. 

If you choose to use a multi-hop VPN, make sure the service offers a variety of encryption options. Some VPN companies provide a single layer of security, simply forwarding your traffic from one VPN server to the next without adding more levels. This security is of no use and doesn’t benefit you in any privacy enhancements.

As guaranteed by Nord VPN, the most significant benefit of a Multi-hop VPN is online anonymity. As a result, you should only work with a reputable provider who has a proven track record of protecting your privacy, as indicated in the preceding list. 

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