My Travel Journey from Lisbon to Copenhagen & Tips to Spend Effectively 2022

My Travel Journey from Lisbon to Copenhagen & Tips to Spend Effectively

My Travel Journey from Lisbon to Copenhagen & Tips to Spend Effectively

Travelling in Europe can seem like a very expensive, lengthy and stressful thing to do, yet people are crazy to tour this small continent. Europe is a haven for travellers and pleasure seekers alike. It welcomes more than 50 million visitors from all over the world, throughout the year and never fails to amaze them.

Travelling in Europe, taking snaps with the historical and local monuments with high significance, cherishing time with loved ones and integrating into the European culture and society is a dream for everyone. Even Europeans travel to other European states in their vacations to enjoy time with their loved ones. And the best thing about travelling on this small continent is you can control your expenses as much as you want to. The trick is just to find the right travel agency in the UK, as they are mostly based there, and either a best holiday package suitable accommodation, and reasonably priced flights.

Travelling from Lisbon to Copenhagen

Europe is a small continent. However, it is full of landmarks and beautiful natural wonders which one doesn’t want to miss.  So, it can take some time to cover everything. But we suggest you take a route between countries that are across Europe. In this way, you can cover more countries, cities, landmarks, and places. And who doesn’t want a tattooed passport to boast about later?

Although there are different routes to take when travelling across this majestic continent, we suggest you start from Lisbon, Portugal, via Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and finally to Copenhagen, Denmark. The reason we back this route is so you can cover the most distance in less time, and visit multiple countries, cities. You can easily fly to Lisbon from anywhere in the world, or even fly to Copenhagen if you want to go anti-clockwise. We have mentioned some travelling details in order to guide you in your travelling along with multiple tips to spend your trip effectively. Hope you read it till the end and extract maximum travelling knowledge from it.

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Although there are multiple routes you can take to reach Copenhagen from Lisbon, or vice versa; with multiple travel modes, we suggest you be flexible and try to manage time between two cities by travelling at night. In this way, you can be more effective, and see more by spending less. You should also try to spend at least 20 to 25 days on this trip, as there is a lot to do and a lot to cover.

You can start from Lisbon and see all the significant places of interest. Then travel east to Spain and try to spend a few days exploring its beautiful cities, countryside, hills, and beaches. You can then move on to France from Barcelona by car. Take a week at least to visit amazing sites and experience the hospitality of French people. Afterwards, you can either take a flight to Italy, or a train to Belgium, depending on the time and budget.

If you opt for a flight to Italy, we suggest you spend a few days exploring the Roman ruins and history; and then heading to Germany via the Alps. But if you want to save time and money, take a train to Brussels, Belgium, and enjoy a more direct approach to Copenhagen, via Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark.

It is entirely up to you if you want to continue north, into Scandinavia, or fly out from Copenhagen to your home. We have shared a few tips, that can effectively help you to save your valuable money, and at the same time enabling you to cover more distance and see more exotic European places.

Reserving Accommodation with the help of a travel agency

When travelling on a specific route across a continent, it can be a bit time taking and expensive to keep in check all the hotel and travel costs. For this reason, we suggest you take the professional services of a renowned travel agency. Book every hotel, our accommodation in advance, so you may never have to stress over the bookings later in the trip.

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Travelling Apps

There are hundreds of mobile phone apps that you can download to enhance your road experience. These apps can tell you the travelling distance, fares, booking details, places and things to do in a certain city, weather, foreign exchange rate, and much more. You can also download different maps to navigate a completely unknown city.

Travel Aggregator

Just like a travel agency, you should be pre-booked with flexible flights, trains, and buses between countries and cities. It will ease your travelling in many ways, as there would be less to worry about and more to enjoy. You can also save a lot by using a travel aggregator, as it shows you the flight comparisons and rates.


When travelling in culturally and historically rich countries, you should try to meet new people and socialize with them. You should also try local cuisines, speak a bit of the local language with the help of Google.

Although there are many things to consider while travelling across Europe, these basic points should be covered and taken care of before hitting the road. We hope you visit Europe soon and maximize your travel experience.