How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman? Get followers & subscribers

How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman? Get followers & subscribers

How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman? promote content to get more followers and subscribers in 2022

In this article, we will discuss several ways you can make money on OnlyFans as a woman. Because of the various monetization features offered by OnlyFans to its users, everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and generate an income from their account. Therefore, we will discuss how you can make money on OnlyFans as a woman by using some tricks to give your profile an edge compared to others.


One of the most popular ways to make money on OnlyFans is to put your account behind a paywall (also known as the pay-per-view model). Putting your content behind a paywall or commonly called subscription can be beneficial to you as an OnlyFans creator because it:

  • Adds trust, exclusivity, and value to your content.
  • Allows you to earn consistent revenue daily, weekly, or monthly – enabling you to earn full or partial income from your creative projects and become financially stable.
  • Allows you to establish passive or active income in the upcoming time.
  • Generates particular interest in your content.
  • Encourages loyalty from your fans.
  • Makes content creation incredibly rewarding and lucrative for the creator as well as the user.

On OnlyFans, you can enable subscriptions so that you charge subscribers to view your content. Also, you can make use of the built-in feature of promotional campaigns on the platform to encourage people to subscribe and offer them a discount like a one-month free trial. 

Subscription bundles and discounts allow you to offer a percentage off your subscription price when your viewers commit on a long-term basis (e.g., a 3-month bundle subscription package) or a discount for new subscribers (from 5% to 70%) for a limited amount of time. This helps in adding a more loyal fanbase and increasing your monthly revenue. To set a subscription price or discount, go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Subscription price and bundles.’


Whether your OnlyFans account is free or paid, your subscribers can show their appreciation for your content by using the tipping function – as long as you have five posts or more on your page. Viewers can tip your profile, posts, direct messages, and live stream sessions by clicking on the ‘Tipping icon.’ There is a minimum $5 amount you can tip to the creator, but the user can tip more than $5 if they want.

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Produce high-quality content

Quality is a major key factor for success when it comes to content, especially when you want to stand out from your competitors. However, if you think investing in high-quality cameras or video equipment is the key to starting with OnlyFans?

You are WRONG!. You’d be surprised by the capabilities that your smartphone can pull off with high-quality content. But there’s an excellent way to acquire items that you need to keep creating content, even at better quality. 

How to increase followers on onlyfans
How to increase followers on onlyfans

Have a Niche

 It would help if you had a niche or kink as this niche will eventually become part of your brand & your persona or online personality. Every aspect of your content, like your clothes, props, how you talk, how you type, and how playful you act, should reflect your chosen online personality. This way, an audience of this specific niche feels attracted towards you because they feel that they are watching the content what it was like.

Some of the more popular OnlyFans niches or personas are:

  • Bratty
  • Adult content
  • Innocent at home
  • Kawaii/Anime/Cosplay
  • Findom
  • MILF 
  • Athletic 
  • Yoga 
  • Fitness Babe
  • College Slut
  • Dominatrix
  • Stoner
  • Squirter

You can look at successful creators to see how the brand and how they show their persona (and also where and what they post, for example – on Reddit). Then, you can influence your account by their strategy and try bringing more fans to your account. Try to link your “stage-name,” your online username, to your brand and persona. This is no doubt the best strategy for making money on OnlyFans as a woman.

Live Streaming

The best feature about the OnlyFans lives stream feature is that you can showcase your talents in real-time on a live video call, connect with your fans, and make money by receiving tips while live streaming. You can make money from live streaming on OnlyFans by viewers tipping you throughout the session, and you can set a tip goal if your target is to raise a certain amount of money. 

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If your account is free, you can set up a payment-gated stream. This means that viewers will have to pay a fee to watch the live video. This will make the user more curious to watch your live video and will end up paying.


At OnlyFans, we like to see random acts of kindness on the platform for the community. Therefore, if you’re looking to raise money for charitable causes and give back to society, then you can utilize the fundraising feature on OnlyFans. It is an excellent way if you are trying to spread awareness also. You can do this by clicking on ‘Compose new post,’ selecting ‘Your target,’ and setting your fundraising goal.

How to get subscribers in onlyfans as a woman
How to get subscribers in onlyfans as a woman?

Paid messages

Using paid messages on OnlyFans is a popular tool to help you make money on OnlyFans as a woman. It provides another level of uniqueness to your content and gives your content a premium element. On the other hand, with direct messages, you can send a variety of content to your fans, welcome new subscribers, and mass message your audience to maintain connection and communicate privately for a long time.

To make money from direct messages, you can also receive tips, and if you have a free page, you have the option to set up your account so that viewers can tip to message you. Also, you can put your messages behind a paywall so that viewers would need to pay to see the message’s contents.

Mass Messaging

The mass messaging feature on OnlyFans is fantastic and helps to grow your account a lot easier. To send a mass message, check ‘All Subscribers’ when creating a new message. Here’s one example of how it makes money:

Mass message all of your subscribers a photo or a message just to let them know that you’re thinking about them OR that you have this excellent new video and want to share it with them. After sending this, wait for their reply. Some people will reply, and some won’t. It is better to wait for their reply because some people don’t use OnlyFans regularly. After getting a reply, engage with them and have a short conversation with them. Direct the conversation toward selling something

These people may tip you or request custom pics and videos. You can also charge for it. In this way, you can have a good engagement with your subscribers, and people will eventually come back to interact too. 

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Be Consistent and share links in Social Media to get followers

In the beginning, you need to post every day. People browsing your profile and thinking of subscribing can see your total number of posts and other stats at the top of your profile. They need to see that you are posting content consistently. If they are going to subscribe in this way, it will grab their attention sooner or later. So getting that total number of posts up early is essential. Until you get into the hundreds of followers, you should hide your follower count so they cannot refuse to subscribe to you by seeing a low follower count.

Use routines to post your photos/videos consistently. For example, dedicate certain days of the week or hours of the day to producing content, posting content, and maybe even scheduling content.

Take Feedback from your Audience and existing subscribers

When you become an OnlyFans model, you are now a service provider. In a service business, they say that “the customer is always right.” This doesn’t mean to bend over backward for your customers or do anything you’re not comfortable with but treating them well and satisfying their desires is a key to making money on OnlyFans.

One way to get feedback is to pin a poll at the top of your feed asking what content people want to see from you. Here are some example options you could put in your poll:

  • Bikini try-on/Try on videos
  • Underwear/bra
  • Workout videos
  • B/G videos
  • Close shots
  • Feet pics

And add a comment saying, “Anything not listed let me know/DM me.” In this way, your subscribers will engage with you and have a higher chance of success.

Post Stories in Social Media and get more followers

OnlyFans stories have a feature that resembles Instagram stories. You can use this feature to post content throughout the day:

  • Crosspost your IG stories to OnlyFans
  • Teaser stories when you’re making content / in the shower
  • Anything that might let your audience get to know you better
  • Post selfies
How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman
How to make money on OnlyFans as a woman?


The critical factor to be successful and make money as a woman on OnlyFans is to be patient, consistent, and promote your account as much as possible. Be sure to create high-quality content and be consistent so you can attract new followers and subscribers and retain them for the long run.

As for the financial side of success, be sure to set your subscription price to what you think is best. Don’t forget; you can suggest tips and sell additional products to maximize your earning potential. It can all be done whether you have a small or large following.