Rumors and reality about Naruto and Hinata kids in Anime & Manga

Naruto and Hinata kids

Naruto and Hinata kids | How many were they?

After a successful marriage, Hinata and Naruto kad two kids: one son named Boruto Uzumaki and an infant daughter named Himawari Uzumaki.

Himawari Uzumaki

Himawari Uzumaki is a citizen of Konohagakure, a part of the Uzumaki clan, and a direct descendant of the Hyuga clan. She was the daughter of Naruto and Hinata.

Himawari is the second youngest child from Naruto, as well as Hinata Uzumaki. She was born two years before the birth of her older brother Boruto. On the day Naruto was scheduled to be inaugurated to become the seventh Hokage, Himawari planned to take her panda at the ceremony, but Boruto worried that he’d end in carrying it and attempted to remove it from her. The toy’s head was cut off during the fight. Himawari awakened her Byakugan and slapped Boruto in rage even though he professed his sincere apology. Naruto sensed her murder intention, rushed in and shielded Boruto, but the latter was knocked unconscious during the process. In fear of what an attack that would defeat his father could cause his family, Boruto ran away from Himawari and found her brother in the closet. Then the boy promised not ever again to annoy her.

Naruto and Hinata kids: Himawari Uzumaki
Naruto and Hinata kids: Himawari Uzumaki


Himawari is a friendly and kind girl. She loves her family and hopes to make her relative Neji happy by sending funeral flowers. She also takes care of her older brother and wants to play with him as often as is possible. Her caring nature extends to strangers, for instance, when she offered her Kurama toy for a child who believed he deserved more than she did. She also has an intense love for animals, being able to handle all wild animals with calmness and accept their presence. She also is considerate of the future. Although many believe she will become a shinobi due to her heritage, she has chosen to explore different careers to decide her personal goals.

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Boruto Uzumaki

He was the son of Naruto and Hinata. Boruto Uzumaki is one of the Shinobi of Konohagakure’s Uzumaki clan. He is directly descent of his father’s Hyuga lineage through his maternal grandmother. Though initially bitter about his father’s absence following his transition to Hokage, Boruto eventually comes to honor his father and obligations. However, he promises to become Shinobi as his teacher.

Boruto is the son born to Naruto as well as Hinata Uzumaki. He was blessed with an older sibling Himawari 2 years after. While his parents remained in touch with their children’s buddies through time, Boruto ended up getting to get to know his children of the parents well. 

Naruto and Hinata kids: Buroto
Naruto and Hinata kids: Buroto

On the day Naruto was formally named the seventh Hokage, his sister Himawari had planned to take her panda doll at the ceremony, but Boruto was afraid that he’d end in carrying it and attempted to remove it from her. The toy’s head was cut off during the battle. Himawari woke her Byakugan and slashed Boruto in anger and despite his profuse apology. Naruto was aware of her murder intention, rushed in and defended Boruto from being struck out because the attack landed upon one of the chakras. Afraid of the consequences of an attack that would knock out his father could cause for him, Boruto ran away from Himawari; however, she swiftly discovered him hidden in the closet. Then Boruto promised to never be a nuisance to her ever again.


Boruto is energetic, loud and determined, just like his father. He even has the verbal tic “dattebasa”, similar to Naruto’s “dattebayo” and his paternal grandmother’s “(da)ttebane”. In contrast to his father’s older age, Boruto is more refined and skilled, presumably knowing all the tricks and more mature in his understanding of how things work. The difference between the two is that Boruto is more humorous. In contrast to Naruto, Boruto doesn’t yell his feelings, and that’s the main difference. Despite his relaxed attitude, however, he’s very meticulous. However, his upbringing differs from the father’s. His family is always there to help him. He also has a lot of friends. His successes came naturally from the combination of his extraordinary talents and loving parents.

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Because of this, Boruto has a positive opinion of himself and is adamant about his skills. Yet, his arrogance led him to place no importance on his teamwork or fellow teammates and believe that he could accomplish everything independently. He saw success as the most important thing in everything. He even used untrue shortcuts to achieve it. For example, using a cheating program to beat a video game quickly or employing the Kote to make a fake by using advanced techniques to gain the right to become Sasuke’s apprentice and then using the same method to beat opponents when they appear to be in control. After observing how he was selfish and morally indecent, the actions he took by resorting to such a device gave him a renewed admiration for hard work. However, it also led to an unwavering dislike of people who depend on these advanced tools as he believed that people should be relying on only their abilities. After meeting Ao but Ao came to realize that all tools, no matter they are, no matter how advanced, are not necessarily good or bad they are just a tool to achieve a goal, which is dependent on the person using it. In addition, after seeing how these devices could be utilized even by small animals, He was able to admire the work of Katasuke Tonos.

Does Naruto and Hinata have an additional kid?

There are always rumors about Naruto and Hinata kids. Some say, there are 2. Others claim there are 3.  Haruto Uzumaki, aka Haruto, is chunnin-level Shinobi from Konohagakure as the child of Seventh Hokage and Hinata Hyuga. He is an active member of the team SaradaBorn The third son of Naruto and Hinata, his mother’s birth had been unusual. When he was born, some of his Nine Tails’ chakra had entered Hinata. And throughout her pregnancy, it increased along with the foetus. Naruto could not resist the urge to seal it in his son.

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Third child born to Naruto and Hinata, the birth of his mother was anything but normal. When he was being conceived, some of the Nine Tails’ chakra had entered Hinata. And throughout her pregnancy, it expanded with the foetus. At the time of his birth, the baby was taken unconscious by the umbilical cord, and the demon fox’s chakra encircled the baby and woke him up shortly after that. Naruto was aware of the issue and discovered how the sole way to get rid of the chakra that was not wanted was to break it away from him. By doing this, the chakra took the form of nine tails and began its run. Naruto was forced to seal it in his son. When Haruto grew up and became popular, people started looking at him the way they had done to Naruto. However, they never treated Haruto like that in fear they might be a nuisance to the Hokage. In contrast to his father’s, Haruto was able to have the security of a loving family to keep him content.


At first, there were only two kids, Boruto, along with Himawari Uzumaki. However, in the manga, it was reported that Naruto was a Kawaki. Thus, in the boruto manga, he has three children; however, in the anime of today, manga he has two.